Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Few Quick Thank You's ...

So Sequels I've Never Seen Week has come to a close, leaving me with finally having seen several movies I have for years meant to sit down and watch, but somehow just never managed to.  I had a blast going back and discovering these movies for the very first time and I can with 100% confidence say that there will be many more of those theme weeks to come.  Hell, I've still got a solid list of sequels I still haven't seen, everything from Candyman 2 to Blair Witch 2, Fright Night 2 to Phantasm 3.  So yea, expect more of that in the future!

Just want to offer up a few quick thank you's here today for those who went out of their way to create header banners for the week.  But first, in the event that you didn't want to bother reading my long winded reviews all week, here are quick snippets of thoughts on each of the sequels I visited for the first time this week.  Click each link for the full review!

THE GATE 2 - 'It may star the same badass uber geek and may be made by the same guys, but without a host of minions, cool stop motion effects or any sense of coherent or entertaining plot, this Gate is better left unopened.'

PUMPKINHEAD 2: BLOOD WINGS - 'It's such a shame because Pumpkinhead is such a cool monster and the whole idea of that creature is so interesting, seemingly fertile ground for some really cool shit.  Blood Wings just feels like such a waste of that creature and that universe.  It's a totally lifeless sequel that saves any semblance of excitement, gore or coolness for the final 10 minutes, and by that time it's just a tad bit too late.'

PET SEMATARY TWO - 'Sematary Two is just plain fun, a batshit crazy gore-fest that's jam packed with strange ill fitting music and all kinds of wild imagery, including ER's Anthony Edwards having sex with a dog, more animal cruelty than a Michael Vick/Ruggero Deodato block party, horror movie homages and references aplenty (everything from Phantasm to The Thing, Happy Birthday To Me to The Shining), and even a kickass Halloween night sequence which features Edward Furlong dressed up as Jason Voorhees from Friday Part 3 (worth the price of admission alone!).'

PSYCHO 2 - 'Full of fun twists and turns and rife with an air of suspense that'd make the Hitch himself proud, Psycho 2 manages to do what would seem to be the impossible; be a worthy follow-up to the original Psycho.'

PIRANHA 2: THE SPAWNING - 'Piranha 2 is a godawful film, and not in any kind of fun way either.  To lump it alongside films like Troll 2 and one of my personal faves, Ice Cream Man, in the 'so bad it's good' category would quite frankly be giving it way too much credit, because there's really nothing about it that provides any kind of fun or entertainment.'




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Now that I'm done quoting myself (kinda made me feel douchey, I must say), I would like to offer up big time public thank you's to Lockheed Lee & Frank Browning, the artists who whipped up the Sequels I've Never Seen Week banners that I used at the top of each post throughout the week. Lockheed made the top one, while Frank made the following three.  Thank you both so much, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you guys going out of your way to do that for me.  It's the little things like header banners that make stuff like this stand out as being special!

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Finally just want to also publicly thank artist Tommy Lombardozzi for making the incredibly awesome Freddy In Space Facebook page cover photo, which I absolutely love.  It's been up there for over a month now but I just realized I never thanked Tommy on here, so now seemed like a good time.  Thanks again Tommy!

And of course, thank you all for reading and supporting the blog.  Without you folks, I'd just be a weirdo who spends way too much time sitting in his bedroom talking to himself!!


Frank Browning said...

T'was my pleasure dude! Us Horror Geeks gotta stick together, LOL...

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the next set of sequels, especially Phantasm 3...

Tommy said...

My pleasure, man! Glad you like it!