Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Need Another Reason To Go Region Free? Check Out Elektrocity's Upcoming C.H.U.D 1 & 2 DVD Set!

As I've said to you many times in the past, your DVD collection simply isn't at its full potential until you've gone Region Free, allowing you the freedom to watch DVD releases from all over the world, rather than just the ones released inside your home country.  I always like to show off kickass pieces of evidence to support this claim, and that's what I'm once again gonna do here tonight. 

Tonight's evidence?  An upcoming C.H.U.D DVD set which hails from Germany!

*CLICK HERE to see the full art, including the back cover*

 Featuring cover art by one of my faves, "Ghoulish" Gary Pullin, this is a super limited edition Hardbox release, which from what I gather is sort of German's version of the Digibooks we get here in the states (see : The Exorcist Blu-ray).  This particular Hardbox is a two disc affair, limited to only 200 pieces, and being sold exclusively through German DVD shop Elektrocity.  The cost?  29.90 Swiss francs, which translates to roughly $32.50.  Not bad for such a limited release.

In addition to the awesome artwork, and both movies finally coming packaged together, the set also comes with a booklet (featuring an interview with Pullin) as well as postcards and even a poster.

Though the set won't begin shipping until May 10th, you can right now pre-order it over at Elektrocity!

... but of course, if you don't have a Region Free player, owning this will do you no good other than spruce up your DVD shelf with some serious eye candy.  What good is it if you can't watch the movies though?



Anonymous said...

Be careful ordering from them. I got fucked over on 2 orders from them and lost $157.

Johnny said...

Really? What exactly happened?

Anonymous said...

I made 3 orders over the course of about 2-3 weeks and I live in the US so i figured shipping would take a while so I was patient but I did ask for the tracking numbers because they said they would send them to me but they never did so I kept asking and they kept making excuses. I recieved the third package 3 weeks after I ordered but still haven't gotten the first 2. I asked several more times for the tracking numbers and they finally sent me one of them which turned out to be fake. I messaged them on facebook saying the tracking number didn't work and they just ignored me. I opened a claim on paypal and they're saying that I'm lying. Another guy on facebook said he never ordered from them because of the 50/50 chance of getting your stuff. My odds are even worse than that.

K-Fleet said...

Also, check out the UK steelbook of Return of the Living Dead, which has the documentary More Brains! on it.

Anonymous said...

Never had problems with the shop. they are amazing and i love the coverart of this box.. cant wait to receive it !