Monday, April 9, 2012

New Trailer Of The Week : A Fantastic Fear Of Everything

Whole lot of whacky zombie action in the trailer park this week, everything from Nazi zombies to zombies that want boobies instead of brains to shit covered zombies that live inside toilets.  But more on all that in second.

My favorite trailer from last week has no zombies in it, though it does star a guy who knows a thing or two about them.  Check out the first look at Simon Pegg's latest, A Fantastic Fear Of Everything!

Though I'm a big time fan of pretty much everything Simon Pegg touches, I admit that I hadn't heard a single peep about this movie until the trailer dropped on Easter.  No pun intended on the whole peeps/Easter thing, by the way.  Though that was pretty clever, even if I didn't realize what I had done until after I had done it.  Mmm, Peeps.

Where was I?  Oh ya.  I absolutely love Simon Pegg, both as a writer and as an actor, a love affair that started for me at around the same time it did for most of us; after seeing Shaun of the Dead for the first time.  Though it's mostly been stuff that Simon has both written and starred in that I've really fallen in love with (including Hot Fuzz & Paul), Pegg had nothing to do with the writing of Fantastic Fear.  Nevertheless, him being in it is enough for me to be excited about it.  Looks like a delightful mix of children's fairytale, true crime detective story and Pegg's unique sense of humor.  I don't know about you, but that sounds good to me.  Consider my ticket to the launderette ... err ... cinema ... already bought!

Not sure when we'll be seeing this one hit here in the states, but I'll keep you posted!

Quick thoughts on some other trailers released last week ...

Outpost 2 : Never saw Outpost 1, and this trailer is in German, but Nazi zombies are pretty much a universal language that translates to awesomeness in all parts of the world, so does any of that really matter?  I thought not!

 REC 3 :  We've seen several different trailers for REC 3 in the last couple months, and this is the 'Easter Trailer' that hit over the weekend.  It's short but it's pretty damn gory and sweet, further confirmation of the fact that REC 3 is gonna be tits.  Not balls.  Tits.  Balls are bad.  Tits are good.  Holliston references aside, I'm incredibly excited about this one and I'm so glad that the franchise is going in a different direction from the previous two installments.  I'm a big fan of REC and though I liked REC 2, I felt it was a little too similar to what we'd already seen.  A chainsaw wielding sexy bride slicing zombies in two?  That's more like it!!

Zombie Ass: Toilet Of The Dead : That crazy sumbitch who gave us Machine Girl & RoboGeisha is at it again, this time telling the tale of schoolgirls who fart, shit and discover that shitty zombies are living in their toilets.  God bless you, Japanese filmmakers.

Zomboobies! : Annnnnd finally, it's more Japanese zombie insanity in this teaser for Zomboobies!, which is seemingly about sex crazed zombies with a taste only for human breasts.  Zombies?  Na, they sound more like horny dudes to me!

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