Monday, April 23, 2012

Quick Thoughts On Last Week's New Trailers : Area 407, Jersey Shore Shark Attack & More!

Zombies, ghosts, monsters, sharks and home invaders ... last week's new trailers had it all.  Here are some quick thoughts on the ones that I've got some quick thoughts to share about!

AREA 407

Beyond bored with found footage but I can't help but dig the plot of this one, which sees a plane crashing in a government testing zone and the survivors encountering weird ass eggs and some sort of strange monster ... or monsters.  I don't know what the fuck that dinosaur looking thing at 1:27 is, but I'm totally sold if the villains here are old school rubber suit monsters, as they appear to be.  Hope hope.


If this were a funnier faux trailer starring the real cast of The Jersey Shore, I have to say it'd be kinda awesome.  But given this is a real movie, with a bunch of actors pretending they're the cast of the Jersey Shore, I think this just might represent a new low for the film medium.  And for humanity in general.  In other words, I can't wait to watch it.  And yes, I hate myself.


This is the second trailer we've seen for this one, with the first one featuring only an audio score laid over some visuals from the film.  This one's got dialogue and gives you a better idea of what to expect from it.  Love me some home invasion, love me some Derek Mears and I love me some Kevin McAllister style home defense, so I'm totally on board with this one.  Super excited about the director, Steven C. Miller, directing the Silent Night, Deadly Night remake, which just began filming today!


Literally everything about this movie screams 'rehashing of tired old ideas' to me, from the "something's behind you!!!" webcam scene at the opening of this trailer to the poster art, which features imagery ripped straight out of Nightmare On Elm Street.  No thank you.


About as tired of zombie flicks as I am found footage, but this one actually looks like it has the potential to be something worth watching.  I sure as hell hope so, if only because I want so badly for Bill Moseley to be in a good movie again.  If The Dead taught me anything it's that zombie movies can still be fresh and exciting, so we shall we.

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Norman B said...

Jersey Shore Shark Attack has already been made. It was called Jaws.

Well sort of. It was based on the 1916 Jersey Shore shark attacks, which would probably make a far better movie than this crap. Or a half decent version of the USS Indianapolis attacks.

But hey, gotta go with what sells.