Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tomorrow Marks A New Beginning For Fright Rags!


When you ask any given horror fan the question of which Friday The 13th is their favorite, the answer you rarely hear back is Part 5, which has almost universally become known as "the one Jason wasn't in".

Much like Halloween 3, many fans hate on Friday 5 simply because of the fact that the killer in it is not Jason Voorhees.  My personal thoughts on that matter are that if you can look past the fact that he's not in it, it's a pretty cool horror movie, which is actually the same way I feel about Halloween 3. Unfortunately, most simply cannot and will not look past that fact.

My whole way of seeing the film is that I essentially pretend the killer is Jason himself the whole time, disregarding the fact that we find out at the end that it's not.  I mean really, though we don't see under the mask until the final moments of the film, for all intents and purposes the killer throughout the movie is Jason Voorhees, killing in ways that Jason Voorhees kills, so does it really even matter that at the end we're told that the person killing wayward teens for the past hour and a half was not actually Jason, but rather an ambulance driver?  Honestly doesn't make a lick of difference to me.  When you watch the movie, you're watching Jason kill teens like he always does.  Case closed.

Bottom line being that A New Beginning is as fun of a film as the other installments in the Friday franchise.  It may not be the best, and it's certainly not my favorite, but I always have a blast hanging out with Reggie The Reckless, Violet and the gang.

Clearly, the folks over at Fright Rags do too.  

Check out their Limited Edition New Beginning tribute shirt, which fittingly drops tomorrow ... on FRIDAY THE 13TH!!

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As with all Limited Edition shirts from Fright Rags, this one will be available only for a limited time, between midnight EST on the 13th and midnight on Monday, the 16th.  After that, the link to buy the shirts will no longer be active and they will be gone FOREVER.

Shirts are $25.95 and hoodies are $45.95.  Get them starting tomorrow, only over at Fright Rags!

*Part 5 Fun Fact : The original idea was to have Corey Feldman reprise the role of Tommy Jarvis in the film.  Unfortunately, he was too busy filming The Goonies at the time.  The flashback scenes of him at the start of the film were shot in the backyard of a friend's house, so Corey didn't have to actually come to the set.  His scenes were then edited to make it look like he was in the woods, watching Jason return to life!

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