Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Amazon Deals : The Cabin In The Woods Visual Companion


Did you know that there is a book out called The Cabin In The Woods: The Official Visual Companion, which is chock full of nearly two hundred pages of images and behind the scenes stories and interviews that also includes the film's entire screenplay?  I know, amazing, right? 
Well the second I realized this, I placed my order on Amazon, and have spent the past several days making my way through the beautiful shiny book, which is without question an absolute MUST OWN for any and all fans of the film.  As in, if there's one thing Cabin In The Woods related that all Cabin In The Woods fans need in their collection, it's the Cabin In The Woods Visual Companion.  It's jam packed with literally everything you need and want to know about the film, and even some stuff you didn't even know you wanted to know.  How did the movie come to be?  Who the hell is Kevin?  It's all here.

Now I haven't finished the book, and will likely post some sort of review once I do, but from what I've read thus far I am already in love with this thing.  If only every movie I love was given this same treatment, I would be a much less angry person.  And my bathroom breaks would be a whole lot more enjoyable.


The book is currently on sale over at Amazon at the absolute steal of a price of only $13.44, which is honestly a downright criminally low cost.  When I say this book is worth AT LEAST double that price, I mean it from the bottom of my Cabin In The Woods lovin' heart.  In fact, I almost felt guilty paying so little for it. 
I encourage you to come feel guilty with me, and take advantage of this offer before the price goes up.  Get your copy TODAY from Amazon for a cost so slow, even a poor ass motherfucker like myself couldn't resist!

You need this in your life.  Trust me.

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Frank Browning said...

Oh man! I definitely need this in my life. Maybe I'll ask Santa for it...