Thursday, May 3, 2012

Behind The Scenes Footage From The Maniac Remake!

As I've said several times in the past, I leave the news to the news sites.  But seeing as how all I've seen on those sites about the remake of Maniac is a couple photos from the set, I wanted to share this little snippet of behind the scenes footage that came to my attention this morning, which is from a French broadcast of some kind.  Though it's mostly in French, it features an interview with star Elijah Wood (in English!) as well as several minutes of behind the scenes footage, providing us the most extensive look at the film that we've gotten thus far.

Dig on the footage below!

Not much is yet known about this remake, other than that it is written/produced by Alexandre Aja (High Tension/Hills Have Eyes remake), stars Elijah Wood and will be shot nearly entirely from the point of view of Wood's character.  Since that's all we've had to go on for a couple months now, the majority of the hate that's been thrust towards this remake is in regards to Elijah Wood, who many are criticizing for looking nothing like the original Maniac, Joe Spinell.  If you ask me that's a bit like bashing The Fly remake because Jeff Goldblum doesn't look like Vincent Price, which is a bit silly when you put it that way, is it not?  It's a remake guys, a totally new and different version of the events from the original ... why must the two leads look the same?  I suppose people would be bitching if they cast a lookalike too, criticizing the movie for being a carbon copy, so you really can't win in that department, short of resurrecting Spinell and casting him again in the role.

Regardless, the fact that we're never gonna see Wood's face, aside from reflections here and there, pretty much makes that point of contention moot anyway.  In shooting it that way, they're literally giving the haters a means to just pretend they're watching Joe Spinell scalping chicks again, so everyone should be happy here.

I for one have high hopes for this film, mostly because it's being brought to us by the reigning king of the horror remake, Alex Aja.  I absolutely love his takes on both Hills and Piranha, and see no reason to not get excited about another that he's closely involved in.  So count me in.

Maniac will premiere at this year's Cannes Film Festival, in just a couple weeks!


Marc said...

I don't wanna be the annoying guy who has to spoil it for everyone, but it's not being directed by Alex Aja. I believe he's a writer/producer on this one. Ya, ya.... I was disappointed too.

Johnny said...

Shit, you're right. Thanks for clarifying that, Marc. I knew that but somehow totally forgot and was thinking he had directed it. Thanks again!