Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cool Shit On eBay : Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Video Store Display!


Some of the coolest pieces of swag in my eyes are vintage video store promo displays, the kind of stuff you'd see in your favorite mom and pop video shop when a new release was about to drop.  Because of the fact that most of those displays were getting thrown into the nearest dumpster after the videos came out, all that sort of stuff is very rare and valuable these days.

This particular piece that's on eBay at the moment is one I've never actually seen before, sent out to video shops to promote the 1986 home video release of Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2, put out by distribution company Media Home Entertainment.  The three dimensional store display sign measures 18 inches by 14 inches and this one looks to be in remarkably good condition for its age.  That said, I found a similar one of these online that's housed inside of a light box of sorts, which actually lights the display from within.  So this auction appears to only be for the piece that was put inside the actual light box, making it a bit incomplete.  Regardless though, it's a pretty damn awesome display piece whether it lights up or not.  Besides, I'm sure a light box can be purchased to put it in.

The only downside?  Well, remember how I mentioned that shit like this is pretty hard to come by nowadays?  The Buy It Now price on this auction is a whopping $275, with a $15 shipping charge.  If I'm doing my math correctly, then this bad boy is gonna run you a grand total of $290.  Or, something like that.  I don't know.  I've never been very good at math.

Eek.  I personally can't afford that, but perhaps you can.  If you indeed can, and you can't go another day of your life without it, then hurry up ... the auction ends in 3 days!!


Gotta give props to whoever designed the box this thing came housed in, by the way.  That bit of instruction gave me a serious chuckle.


Del Camino said...

Coincidentally, I posted the ad for these in my Tumblr yesterday. That is, the old print ad which Cannon ran in magazines like Fangoria to hawk TCM 2 merchandise.

That's not my clipping but I have one like it around here somewhere. Sadly, I never ordered any of the offered items. Especially considering the paltry sum they were going for at that time.

Johnny said...

Oh wow, that's awesome. I figured these were just sent out to video shops to promote the movie. Didn't realize they could actually be bought by fans back in the day. And for only $4.95!!

Anonymous said...

I've got a complete one for sale if anybody is interested. Contact me at