Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hot Human On Monster Action, Courtesy Of LEGO!


I generally return from my monthly trip to Toys R Us with a new product in hand, which I excitedly hop onto the blog to share my thoughts on.  My latest trip to the land where kids never grow up, just this past weekend, was a little bit different.  While I made a pretty awesome discovery of a new line of toys, I didn't actually purchase any of the toys to review.  LEGO's are pretty damn expensive these days and being that I never was hardcore into collecting/building them, I figured it'd be better to save my money and just make a post about all the different products available in this line, from the safe and cheap distance of not having to actually buy any of them for myself.

It's not that I'm against LEGO's or anything, but they're just one of those toys that I for whatever reason never quite got into.  The reason for that though is quite possibly because they didn't put out shit like this when I was a kid.  Who knows, maybe this is just what I needed to finally, at nearly 26 years of age, start constructing my own colorful little worlds.  Thinking back, I always was mildly jealous of the friends of mine who had elaborate LEGO setups in their rooms.

Anyways.  Check out the full line of LEGO's new Monster Fighters, eight different sets which pit average every day human beings against infamous monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein and The Mummy, in epic battles to the death.  The idea here is that kids actually get to become monster fighters, and save the world from evil creatures, but I think we all know that all the cool kids are gonna play as the monsters, and destroy the lame boring humans.  I mean come on, who would you rather be; a yellow version of yourself or a badass hairy motherfucking lycanthrope with giant Freddy Krueger claws?  That's what I thought.





The other four sets (Vampyre Castle, Crazy Scientist & His Monster, Vampyre Hearse and The Zombies) can be seen over at, along with better pictures of the ones above.  Only reason I didn't post pictures of the others here is because the packages are far too big for me to condense into the small sizes required to fit here on the blog.  Hate when that shit happens.

The sets vary in price, of course according to how many pieces they contain.  For example the Swamp Creature set is under $10 while the giant vampire mansion is nearly $100.  I'd tell you to pick them up over on Amazon, since I get a few bucks sent my way when you buy stuff from links I provide over to there, but the truth of the matter is that all these can be purchased at the lowest prices from the official online LEGO shop.  So head over there and start building your monstrous monstery environments!

I'm no soothsayer or anything, but something tells me I'll be headed back to Toys R Us fairly soon to pick up some of these...


Caffeinated Joe said...

Hot damn, these are cool! When I was a kid, I would have been saving all my pennies for these suckers. Ah well.

MJ said...

I already have 1 Lego Werewolf fella in front of my TV. I think it's time he now became part of a tag team with this new one.

Katherine said...

I bought Creature. He was so cheap! Now, when it comes it'll be interesting to see if I can actually put it together. I can't even transform a transformer...

Shit Movie Fest said...

I need that Swamp Creature Set!