Sunday, May 6, 2012

We May All Scream For Him, But Nobody Screams Louder Than I!

If I have any single claim to fame here in the horror community, it's that I am the self proclaimed president of the Ice Cream Man fan club, a claim that I don't think anyone can dispute.  The Clint Howard star vehicle from 1995 is one of my absolute favorite horror films of all time, one of those rare gems that is bad in a conventional sense and yet so deliciously goddamn good in every other sense.  If I need to prove my rank as the president of the film's fan club, I need only remind you of a couple points ...


1) I own a one of a kind art piece depicting the poster art for the film, hand carved and painted into/onto a wooden seat by my good friend Zach Shildwachter.  It currently hangs above my fireplace, where it has hung since I received it.  Fitting because it's totally one of the few items in the house I'd immediately grab in the event of a horrific house fire.

2) I spent nearly an hour on the phone with Clint Howard last year, talking mostly about Ice Cream Man.  It was one of the highlights of my horror fandom, though the magazine piece I conducted the interview for still hasn't seen the light of day.  If it still hasn't by the time this summer rolls around, I will likely just post it here on the blog.


3) My love for the film is so strong and infectious that even my family has gotten in on it.  That up there is my brother, who dressed up as Gregory Tudor himself for a Halloween party at my place a couple years back.

This past weekend, a number 4 was added to this list, which is why I'm here tonight.

Knowing my love for the film, and loving me just as much, Kristy Jett met Clint Howard over the weekend at Texas Frightmare, and had him sign a VHS copy of the movie personally to me, which she picked up on eBay.  She also snapped a picture of Clint holding the tape, which he signed, 'John, Wish you were here.'


 That image fills me with downright criminal levels of happiness.  Thank you so much, Kristy.  I love you and I hope that someday I can return the favors of awesomeness you always seem to bestow upon me.  I know you'll text me after reading this and blab on about how I'm the reason you've become a journalist in the horror community and such, but you've truly gone above and beyond when it comes to being my friend and I can't thank you enough for that.  I can only hope that you feel I've been as good of a friend to you.

I now go to bed with a huge smile on my face, dreaming of ice cream cones topped with bloody eyeballs!

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