Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What's The Only Thing Better Than A Big Box VHS Tape? A Big Box Of VHS Tapes, Of Course!!

I worked a loooong day today, from 8:30 in the morning to 7:00 at night.  Obviously, it sucked.  But when I came home, I was greeted with two packages on the table; one which contained my Amazon order of The Cabin In The Woods Visual Companion (I barely was able to tear myself away from it to write this post!) and another box, from reader Jeremy Logsdon.

Jeremy sent me a message on Facebook a couple weeks back, where he told me he was clearing out his house, getting ready for the arrival of a baby, and stumbled upon a whole bunch of horror VHS tapes.  He graciously offered to send the tapes my way, being that he didn't have the room for them and knew that my home, which is about as VHS friendly as it gets, would be a good home for them.  Obviously, I happily excepted this incredibly kind offer.

So before we even crack into the box, I just want to say thank you so much for sending these my way, Jeremy.  I know it's not easy to part with memories like these, but I can assure you that they will be well taken care of; both displayed and watched for years to come in my home.  I hope you take comfort in that!

Let's get this bad boy opened up and see what's inside!!

 Blondes Have More Guns, Test Tube Teens From The Year 2000, Freezer & Night Of The Comet

Leprechaun, Hellraiser 3, Slumber Party Massacre & Slumber Party Massacre 2

Cut, The Devonsville Terror, Psychomania & Creepozoids

The Curse, Night Angel, Alice Sweet Alice & The Boogeyman

April Fool's Day, Quicksilver Highway, Cutting Class & Martin

 A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 : The Making Of

Lot of cool stuff in this lot, both movies I've seen and love, but don't own on VHS (Martin & Leprechaun) as well as a whole bunch I haven't seen (Slumber Party Massacre & Night Of The Comet), and even several movies I had until I opened this box never even heard of (Freezer & The Devonsville Terror).

But the holy grail here is most definitely the Making Of Dream Master tape, which I have never before come across in my lifelong travels around Elm Street.  It's a 50 minute tape detailing the behind the scenes filming of the movie, with what looks to be a big time focus on the makeup effects.  This was a TV special that aired on Halloween in 1989, and has never been made available as a DVD extra on any of the various Elm Street releases we've seen over the years.  Jeremy actually included a nice little note with the package, where he said I was free to do whatever I want with the tapes, except for this one, which "needs a safe place to live forever."  Don't you worry Jeremy, this one isn't going anywhere!

Thanks again man and congratulations to you and Tina on the baby.  I owe ya one!


Cat said...

Holy shit. That VHS making of tape? I think I just peed a little. WANT.

Aaron said...

WHOA that rules. Youve never seen "Night Of The Comet" do yourself a faovr and pop that bad boy in asap

Brooksder said...

Loads of jealousy over NoES 4 making of. You lucky piece. Night of the Comet is a HUGE fav of mine. It's awesome.

Mike said...

Surprised to read you've never seen "Night of the Comet." Hopefully you'll post a review once you get a chance to check it out. That was a horror movie I liked as a kid before I even liked horror movies. LOL!!

Johnny said...

Night of the Comet is definitely one that I am surprised has slipped past me all these years. Will be giving it a long awaited watch very soon!

Jeremy Logsdon said...

I am thrilled they have found a new home where they will be appreciated. I actually borrowed a VCR from a friend to rip the making of anoes4 tape to my computer before I mailed them out. I'll have to post it somewhere and share the link. I got that tape off of eBay, but i've never seen it before or since. I think it may have come from a parallel universe where Makings Of are more popular than the actual film.

Anonymous said...

The ANOES 4 making of is awesome! I remember watching it as a kid and used to re-watch the recorded tape forever. It was actually on the ANOES 4 lazerdisc if you can find a player and the movie. I never could find the soundtrack anywhere at a decent price. This stuff makes the kid in me smile.