Thursday, June 21, 2012

Awesome Art : Yours Truly As Freddy Krueger!


My buddy Patrick Carson Sparrow tends to doodle on the packages he sends my way, and this is the drawing I found on a box I just received from him yesterday.  Yep, that's my bearded ass as Freddy Krueger.  I may be a little biased here, but is this not one of the coolest drawings ever?!  Love it.  So much.

Now go check out more of Pat's amazing art over in his Etsy shop, where he currently has up for grabs a They Live playset, including a mask, black sunglasses and even a few pieces of bubble gum ... everything you need to spot alien invaders, become one yourself and/or chew bubble gum when you're all done kicking some serious ass!  The likelihood of Pat supplying one of these bad boys for an upcoming giveaway here on Freddy In Space is pretty good, so keep those eyes peeled!

It's time ... it's time ... it's INVADER TIME!!


Alex said...

+1 for the Vader reference

MJ said...

make that +2.