Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vintage Print Advertisements : Reebok's Alien Fighter Shoes

Remember those badass shoes Ripley wore in Aliens?  Well they were made by Reebok, who actually released limited quantities of replica pairs to the public back in 1986, in conjunction with the release of the film.  Above is the original print ad promoting the futuristic kicks!


Touted as "Aliens Fighter Shoes" back then, the shoes have since been renamed Alien Stompers, and Reebok has throughout the years re-released them on the market, in various different colorways.  I don't know about you, but to me, blue and black versions just aint the same.

The closest you can get these days to screen accuracy are with these, which have a gray and red color scheme, as opposed to the white, gray and red Ripley kicked ass in all those years ago (or should I say, all those years in the future).  Aside from tracking down an actual pair from 1986 (good luck with that!), I'm afraid that's the best you're gonna be able to do.


Doug said...

I actually have a pair of these in my closet. And I have that ad from rolling stone magazine. Let me tell you it took me a good six months or more of looking forthese at stores back in 1986. They never really came out to the mass market like other shoes it seems. I am sorry to say I wore them and beat them to shit. BUT I did hang on to them and had Lance Henrikson sign them at a convention a few years back. Even he was surprised to see them.

Johnny said...

That is so awesome!!! Insanely jealous, man. Hold on to those for dear life!