Monday, June 18, 2012

Vintage Video Of The Week : Dead Alive VHS Promo!

Back in the days of the VHS tape, screening copies of films were sent out not only for review, as they are now, but also for stock consideration at video rental shops.  A VHS screening copy often contained the film in question and also a little video pitch of sorts, to try and convince video shop owners to carry the film on their shelves. The screener copy of Vidmark's 1993 VHS release of Peter Jackson's gore classic Dead Alive is where this week's Vintage Video hails from!
In it you will see Vidmark's pitch to video shop owners, which contains snippets of vintage reviews, both from reputable sources as well as from super excited fans who appear to have just been fed happy pills and shown the movie (or, are those two things one in the same?), rare footage from a Dead Alive parade/party that took place in New York City to celebrate the release, and an added bonus of a Dead Alive screaming candy display, which was included with each purchase of three rental copies of the film.  Ah, the good old days, when companies actually cared about their releases!
Enjoy this blast from the past, from the glorious era of the VHS tape!

Man, to have been at that Dead Alive 'zombie party', eh?


White Goodman said...

P.O.P. - wow, haven't heard that in a long time. Ha ha. What a great little video.

nate555 said...

That video contained almost every second of the move that DID NOT contain blood and gore!

Anonymous said...

I still think the last 35 or 40 minutes of Peter Jacksons "Dead Alive" is THE most astonishing piece of film-making i`ve EVER witnessed, in my opinion it may NEVER be surpassed (literally). I got tired of watching the "Lord of the Rings" adaptations long ago, but i never tire of the last 40 minutes of "Dead Alive" ! ! !. By the way, "The Frighteners" (1996) is a ludicrously under-rated masterpiece as well.