Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wanted : Information Leading To Me Finding Out What The Hell A 'Ric Flair Boglin' Is!!

After finally acquiring my very first Boglin at a yard sale this past weekend, I set out to find out everything I could about the loveable little rubber monster puppets from the 80's.  Naturally, my first stop was Wikipedia, where every different type of Boglin ever released is listed and briefly described.  Amongst the Bash 'Em Boglins (they had detachable body parts) and Baby Squirt Boglins (they squirted water), I saw something that kinda blew my mind.  And peaked my interest like only an utterly bizarre fusion of monsters and pro wrestling can.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  And I in fact still can't.  But there it was.  My eyes were not deceiving me ...
Could it be?  Is this Ric Flair the same Ric Flair that is known as The Nature Boy to wrestling fans like myself?   The spelling is exactly the same, and the brief description of this particular varietal of Boglin seems to indicate that this was in fact a line of two Boglins inspired by wrestling superstar Ric Flair.  They're described as variants of two previously released Boglins that had colored hair on their heads, only in this line they were given white hair.  Ric Flair, as any fellow wrestling fans know, is known for his long flowing white locks.  And saying 'Woo' a lot.

So what the hell is the deal here?  Are there actually Boglins out there that were intentionally made to look like Ric Flair?  And how the hell did such an odd pairing come about?  Flair was pretty popular back in the late 80's, when the Boglins were being produced, so I suppose it's possible that the two somehow ended up working together.  I guess.  I'm not even sure.  It's totally weird.  And I don't understand.
Surprisingly, an hour long search around the internet has uncovered nothing aside from this picture of a white haired Boglin, which isn't described as being a 'Ric Flair Boglin' on the site I found it on ...


Were Boglins fans the ones who named these 'Ric Flair Boglins' because of the white hair?  Or did the packaging actually refer to them as such?  Or is this not even the Boglin known as a Ric Flair Boglin?  I can't seem to find out the answers to these questions, which is why I'm turning to you guys tonight for help.
If anyone knows absolutely anything about the Ric Flair Boglins, please do contact me either on here or through e-mail (MORTIS45@AOL.COM).  Such information will be rewarded handsomely!!


Halloweenman666 said...

After and hour or two of internet hunting I'm convinced this was just a cultish style namesake that everyone just kind of ran with for two of the Boglins. The reason this came to be is because unlike every other Boglin these two had grey/white hair. Thats my take after researching for a while.

Johnny said...

Definitely what I'm suspecting here. But even still, it's very odd that the connection was ever made by anyone between a goddamn Boglin and Ric Flair. Appreciate the research man! =)

The Captain said...

DUDE! I like challenges like this, but I cant find shit about a Ric Flair Boglin. I even went through pages of Ric Flair toys trying to find it that way. I only see handful of references to its existence. They seem to still be a big deal across the pond. The minis are very popular, and there are tons of them.

This is the best explanation of it that I could find "Ric Flair Boglins were the two Hairy Plunk and Flurp Boglins with grey rather than colored hair on their heads".

I couldn't find any images of Hairy Plunk and Flurp with gray hair, only with the red hair.

My best guess would be that maybe the "Ric Flair" name is something collectors have attached to the gray haired variants of Hairy Plunk and Flurp.

I tried

Darby Williams said...

There was never a Ric Flair Boglin made. That Wikipedia "fact" is not true.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about this "boglins" nonsense. That little fella in the picture is Buraco no less. You see, "buraco" is a slang word in spanish for "hole". Buraco was a creature that lived in a hole in the desk of the host of the kid's TV show "El Agujerito sin Fin" (The endless little hole) in Argentina. A very cool and non-pro-stupidity kinda show.