Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So ... About That Paranormal Activity VHS ...

Over a year ago, I read something pretty strange on Wikipedia that I simply had to make a post about.  I was reading up on the history of the VHS tape, and I stumbled upon the following bit of information, which was news to me ...

"After a petition on the website, Paranormal Activity had a very limited VHS release in the United States[34] and the Netherlands."

 Prior to reading that I had never heard anything about the film being put out on VHS, so I made a post about the topic in the hopes that someone, at some point, would know something and would comment with further information.  For over a year, no information came to light.  In fact, so hard is it to find information about this apparent VHS release that a Google search looking for such info turns up only one site that even mentions it ... yep, THIS site!

Well I'm happy to say that finally, back in July, I received a comment on the post with all the information I was looking for ...


sjorsvdg said..

I just stumbled upon this blog. It's a late reaction, but hopefully you will read this.

I'm from the Netherlands and Paranormal Activity indeed received a VHS release in this country. I think there were only up to 300 copies of it. It was sold exclusively through the Dutch website I have one copy. On this website you'll find the Dutch press release about the VHS:

In case you'll find a Dutch copy, you're lucky, because we subtitle foreign language films here.

 At long last, the case is closed on this one.  Paranormal Activity was indeed released on VHS.  And that, my friends, is totally awesome.

The only reason I didn't post about this sooner was because I've spent the past several weeks trying to get in contact with sjorsvdg, hoping I could get him to send me pictures of the actual tape, but to no avail.  So sjorsvdg, if you ever end up reading this, drop me an e-mail at MORTIS45@AOL.COM with some pictures!  And thank you for finally solving this mystery for me!!

**UPDATE : Sjors van der Giessen (sjorsvdg) e-mailed me over some pictures of the actual tape that he owns!  Check 'em out!!**





Jonny Metro said...

Wow, that's pretty damn cool. On a similar note, I saw THIS the other day, and thought the packaging was badass: PA3 German Steelbook edition packaged in a fake VHS tape. It doesn't seem to be available in the states, unfortunately, and I'm not really looking to drop nearly $100 on a Blu-Ray. Too bad...


Johnny said...

That is really awesome, hadn't seen that before. Why the hell couldn't we get that case here in the states?!