Thursday, August 16, 2012

Trick Or Treat Studios' Michael Myers Mask Comes Home!!

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Some of the best news I have heard this year was the announcement that mask company Trick Or Treat Studios had linked up with Universal Studios, a pairing that would result in the creation of something the horror world has desperately needed for years now; an affordable, high quality Michael Myers mask.  I have personally wanted to add a quality Myers mask to my collection for as long as I can remember, but with mass produced ones looking like pure and utter crap and high quality independently made ones that actually look good selling for upwards of a few hundred bucks, such a mask has remained out of my grasp.  So when I heard that Trick Or Treat and Universal were working on a line of Myers masks that would blend the two that I've been used to seeing, the affordable ones and the screen accurate ones, I couldn't have possibly been any happier.

The two Halloween 2 inspired masks, a regular version and a 'blood tears' version, went up for sale on Trick Or Treat's website this past March, with a price tag of $59.99 and a shipping date scheduled for July.  I of course immediately snatched one up for myself, and even bought another out of my own pocket for a giveaway.  Five long months of waiting later and the masks have finally begun shipping as of a couple weeks ago.  I know this because a big ole box from Trick Or Treat Studios arrived on my doorstep this afternoon!

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I'm not even gonna yap anymore, because I am far too excited to do anything but open this box up and at long last put my very own Michael Myers mask on.  So let's crack this box open, shall we?!

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Ha.  Would you believe that this is the first thing I saw upon opening the box; my ugly mug, posing as the Wolfman on a Fright Rags promo postcard?  Guess you've gotta get through me before you can get to your mask!  Sorry, got a serious kick out of that and had to share.  Back to business though!!

Alright, here's the deal.  I've heard a couple people express some disappointment over this mask, based on pictures of it they've seen their friends post.  And I just found out the reason for that first hand.  After spending a solid half hour trying to take a picture of the mask that actually reflects how fucking awesome it looks in person, I haven't gotten a single shot that I'm really happy with.  Being that its a wearable mask rather than a bust, it obviously looks better with some human eyes nestled inside of it, so here are a couple of shots of me wearing it, which do it about as much justice as I can possibly do while holding my arm out and taking pictures of myself while I'm wearing it.  If you've ever wondered what Michael Myers' self taken Facebook default photo would look like, you're about to find out!

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One thing I want to address right off the bat is the fleshy color of the neck, which I've seen many fans sounding off about.  That coloring is no mistake on the part of Trick Or Treat Studios, but rather that is precisely the way the mask looked in Halloween 2.  You might not have ever even noticed that, but since the mask used in Part 2 was the very same one used in the first film, and had been sitting under a bed exposed to cigarette smoke for several years between filming, it was pretty beat up and faded, leaving the neck piece mostly flesh colored.

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There's a screenshot from the film which confirms that.  Gotta love the attention to detail!

Attention to detail is what this mask is all about.  Justin Mabry's sculpt is absolutely picture perfect, about as screen accurate as a Myers mask could possibly be.  It's literally an identical replica of the mask used in the film and is chock full of small details like dirt, discoloration and even the knitting needle neck wound Myers suffered in the first film, which really make it pop.  Though I must again reiterate that the pictures don't 100% capture the beauty of this mask, trust me when I say that looking at myself in the mirror while wearing it makes me feel like I'm actually looking at Michael Myers himself.  It's both creepy and pretty damn awesome!

Aside from how it looks, the mask is also a pleasure to wear, like so few Halloween masks are.  You can breathe well under it and the eye holes are big enough that they don't obstruct your vision in any way.  In fact, I'm wearing it right now as I type this, and it's not hindering my typing in the least.  I've been waiting for a Myers mask this awesome and this affordable for so long now, so don't mind me if I find myself unable to take it off!

I can't tell you how happy it makes me that there now exists a Michael Myers mask that is made with the incredible care and craftsmanship of expensive independently made masks, and yet is totally affordable, mass produced and officially licensed.  I can't get over how cool that is.  And this mask is without a doubt the absolute best Myers mask you can get for the money, perhaps even the best mass produced horror movie villain mask ever made.  If only the rest of the horror villains could get this incredible treatment.  Simply put, there's not a horror fan on this planet who has any right not owning this mask!!

The mask is again available both clean and with bloody tears, and can be purchased right now from Trick Or Treat Studios.  Be sure to use the coupon code TOTSPC, which is still active and will take 10% off your order.  After you order your mask, head over to the Trick Or Treat Studios Facebook page to see more pictures of both masks, including extensive pictorial documentation of the creation of them!


Morphine said...

Is it wrong how much I love their logo sticker? lol.
It's great that they've finally released a mask worth wearing around, my friend has a Myers mask and it's god awful

Johnny said...

Just stuck the sticker on my bedroom door! =)

billy polard said...

I couldn't peel the friggin thing. I came to the conclusion it wasn't a sticker. . . Guess I will have to try again. That fuckin thing is going right on my scooter helmet!

Michael Tatlock said...

The mask looks great and the price is perfect. This post prompted me to buy both versions (Normal & Blood Tears).

Thanks for letting us know about it.

Dr. Theda said...

Cool Don Post "Captain Kirk" mask....
Dr. Theda here and you have an enjoyable blog here.... I think We will join...And fell free to drop by the "Crypt"... and check out our past posts... If you like Horror and or Villains... Theda's Crypt is a place to drop by.....