Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cool Shit On Etsy : Killer Klowns Bottle Cozy!

One of my favorite pieces of imagery from any horror film is that of the cotton candy cocoons from Killer Klowns From Outer Space, which the Klowns encase their human victims in, and then proceed to drink their blood through a straw.  So in love with that imagery am I, that I even painted an egg to look like one of the cocoons, last Easter!

So you can imagine the sheer delight I experienced when I logged onto Etsy the other night, did a random search for Killer Klowns goodies, and stumbled upon one of the most amazing things these eyes have ever stumbled upon.  Behold ...



Words cannot even express how brilliant this is.  And how much I absolutely need it.  Crocheted and stitched by hand, the cozy was made by an Etsy company called Crochet Cozies, and is selling for 35 bucks.  The price may seem a bit steep, but I think the joy of drinking from a cotton candy cocoon, just like the Klowns do, is an experience that is simply priceless.  In fact, I don't think it, I know it.

You can get your very own over at Crochet Cozies on Etsy, where you'll also find all sorts of other awesome cozies, inspired by everything from Rocky Horror to Labyrinth, Ren & Stimpy to Mario Bros.  Ah what the hell, while we're here, check out another one of my personal favorites ...

And with that, you've completely won my heart, Crochet Cozies!!


customcozies said...

Gina here @ Custom Cozies - I just want to say thank you for featuring my work! I am absolutely honored that you found my cozies to be worthy of their own blog entry - I know my prices are a bit steep, but I do put a full work day (8 hours or more!) into designing and creating each of my more complex pieces, I think they're worth it (but I'm biased, of course). Cheers to a fellow Killer Klowns fan!

Johnny said...

Hey Gina! My pleasure, love your stuff. And you're right, your prices are totally fair, given all the work that goes into them. Keep it up! =)