Friday, October 19, 2012

8-Bit Zombie's Second Limited Edition Lunchbox : On Sale Tomorrow!!


Over the summer, super badass clothing company 8-Bit Zombie released their very first 'Kids Club Package', a release that perfectly captured the retro 80's vibe that their shirts and hats always do a fantastic job of paying homage to.  In addition to a member tee and patch, amongst other little goodies, the real highlight of the package was a vintage style lunchbox, with incredible new Masters of the Universe style artwork from Matthew Skiff, which featured on it 80's icons ranging from Mr. T to My Pet Monster.  The limited edition package sold out incredibly fast, so my apologies if you were thinking you still had a chance of snatching one up.

That said, I do have good news for ya.  In fact, it's even better news than you being able to own that first lunchbox, believe it or not!

The great news is that 8-Bit Zombie is releasing their second Kids Club Package tomorrow (Saturday), which, fittingly for the time of the year, has a Halloween theme to it.  The Halloween edition of the 8BZ Kids Club Package will have the patch and shirt from the first one, along with a new patch and a brand new lunchbox, this one paying homage to The Real Ghostbusters.  As you can see above, Matthew Skiff's art has the characters from that cartoon series dressed up as other 80's icons; Winston as Freddy Krueger, Peter as Teen Wolf, Ray as Beetlejuice, Egon as Herbert West & Slimer as Raphael.  Also included in the background are Real Ghostbusters villains Samhain and the Boogeyman.  You don't need me to tell you that this is one of the coolest pieces of art ever created by man, so I won't even bother.

Now here's the skinny on all this.  The package will be going up for sale over on the 8-Bit Zombie website at noon MST tomorrow, and will be even more limited than the summer package was.  I haven't seen any mention from the company as to how many pieces we're talking here, or how much the package is going to be selling for, but the summer one went for $45, and I can only assume this one will be the same price.

If you're not in the MST zone, click here to convert that time to your local time, so you don't miss out on this package.  Trust me, it will go real damn fast, so try to be by your computer and logged into 8-Bit Zombie at the time they go on sale, for your best chance of scoring yourself one!


J said...

damn it's sold out

Johnny said...

The one from the summer is sold out, the new Halloween one hasn't gone on sale yet!