Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Specials - Freddy's Nightmares : Freddy's Tricks & Treats!


Planned on getting a whole lot more of these up throughout the month, but god damn is October a busy time for a horror blogger, which always results in many blogging plans inevitably not going exactly as planned.  But if there's one Halloween Special I wanted to get up, it was this one, so let's do it before Halloween is over, shall we?!

After three mega successful Elm Street movies, the spin-off series Freddy's Nightmares was launched in October of 1988, the same year Dream Master was released.  Though the pilot episode served as a pretty awesome prequel to the Elm Street films, the show quickly strayed away from Freddy storylines and essentially became a Tales From The Crypt style show, with Robert Englund (as Freddy, of course) merely presenting original stories to the audience, as a Cryptkeeper, of sorts.

The series ran for two seasons, ending in 1990 after 44 episodes.  Though many episodes were released onto VHS, the series has still never been released on DVD in the states, aside from two episodes being included on a special feature DVD disc as part of the recent Best Buy exclusive Blu-ray release of the entire Elm Street film franchise.  Total travesty that we never got and perhaps never will get a full series DVD release.  For shame.  For damn shame.

The fourth episode of the show, which aired on October 29th of 1988, was a Halloween themed episode titled Freddy's Tricks and Treats.  Rare for the series, the episode actually featured Freddy Krueger as a character in the story itself, making it one of the more memorable episodes.  Directed by Return of the Living Dead 2 director Ken Wiederhorn, the episode starred a young Mariska Hargitay as a med student who wants to study rather than party at Springwood College on Halloween, and who just so happens to not believe in the town's horrifying legend; Freddy Krueger.  Freddy don't like that.  And he's gonna make that SVU bitch believe in him before Halloween is over, with a little help from her dead abusive grandma.  Oh Freddy, you such a prankster.

Enjoy this oddball little treat, which essentially plays out like a short Elm Street film that takes place on Halloween (at least the first 20 minutes), thereby making it one of the coolest things ever.  Oh and keep your eyes peeled for an awesome Halloween 3 homage that may or may not actually be an intended Halloween 3 homage.  I prefer to believe it is.  So let's go with that.

Happy Halloween, and expect many more Halloween TV specials to get the spotlight shined on them next year!  Is it shined or shone?  Too tired to look it up.  And they both sound alright to me.

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