Monday, October 1, 2012

If You're Gonna Get The Universal Monsters Essential Blu-ray Collection ... IMPORT IT!!


So today marks the release of the long awaited Universal Classic Monsters Essential Collection on Blu-ray, an 8 disc affair that's comprised of Universal's most popular monster films, in high def, each packaged with a monstrous collection of bonus features (over 12 hours of bonus content alone!!).  I'm not about to list all the features here and now, but you can check out the full rundown by clicking here.  That said, I will mention that one of the highlights of the package is Creature From The Black Lagoon in 3D, as it was originally filmed.  Yea, 3D was around even back in the 50's (gasp!).  Oh, and speaking of 50.  There's also a nearly 50 page book included with the set.  Gadzooks!

While this release may seem like an absolute must buy, I urge you to avoid buying the US release of the set, and instead import it from the UK.  The UK version of the set was released today (October 1st), and is superior in every single way to the US set.  For one, it's a hell of a lot cheaper to import the UK version, than to buy the US one.  Over on Amazon, the US set is currently gonna run you $111.99, while Amazon UK has it for grabs for less than $60!  Yep, nearly half the price for the exact same set.  In fact, the UK set appears to come with some mini posters that the US set does not.  Best of all, the UK set is Region Free, so it can be played on any Blu-ray player/PS3 in the country!


Now here's where things get even better.  Over in the UK, there is a Limited Edition version of the set, housed inside of a snazzy coffin shaped case, and importing that is going to cost you less than $70, still a whole hell of a lot cheaper than the US set, in the regular old boring box.  Sometimes, 'too good to be true', is actually true!

Obviously, armed with this knowledge, which one you should buy is an absolute no brainer.  Which is why I wanted to arm you with this knowledge.  It will take you a bit longer to get either set from the UK than it will to get it from the US, but I think saving nearly half your money more than makes up for the wait.

Don't be an idiot ... IMPORT THIS SHIT!!


GuidanceGhoul said...

Thanks for the tip; I had not heard any of that about the UK version. I still have mixed feelings about this collection, though: It would be a must-have for me, IF it had all of the sequels that were included in the DVD set a few years back. Some may think that THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN is the only one worthy of this treatment, but I disagree -- all of these, even the lesser sequels, are true cinematic history. Plus, I love the way the Wolf-Man's story is told through four films, and actually finds a true resolution in HOUSE OF DRACULA. I wonder if, a few years down the road, another blu-ray collection will be released, with all of this new collection's extras, plus the sequels. That possibility, however remote, makes me want to hold off for a while.

All that said, if I were going to make the investment now, I would be forever grateful for this tip about the UK set -- I'd be really pissed if I bought the US set and found out later about the superior import!

BTW, I was told once at Monster-Mania, by a guy from Diabolik DVD, that, unlike DVD's, ALL blu-rays are actually region free, so no one needs a special player for the imports. The Arrow blu-ray of PHENOMENA I bought from him played just fine at home, so I'm confident he was telling the truth!

Johnny said...

A lot of Blu-rays are region free, but not all of them. I believe all of the Arrow titles are though.

Ken Reid said...

It's not that Blu Rays are region free it's that since they are in HD there is no PAL vs. NTSC issue with the movie itself. Some discs have issues though if your player/TV cannot handle a PAL signal and there is standard definition content (trailers, commercials etc) prior to the menu screen you can't get to the movie. Region free players that play PAL and NTSC DVDs and can switch Blu Ray region codes are pretty readily available though.

Blu Rays are often a lot cheaper to buy from Amazon UK, especially Box Sets (I picked up a box of all the Spider Man Films for less than $15 on Blu, and all the X-Men Films for less than $20, the Aliens Anthology has also been hovering around $20 on the UK site as well on and off)

Matthew F said...

Agreed GuidanceGhoul. A lot of the sequels aren't great, but many are. Just like Universal also had other good horror other than the monsters. I eat this stuff up.

With that said, I don't think we'll see them on blu anytime soon. I'm surprised we're even getting what we're getting. There's a huge lack of B&W films on Blu-ray.

J said...

damn after seeing this kick ass collection makes me wish i had a blue ray player im probable the only person in the usa to not have a hd tv and a blue ray dvd player

Anonymous said...

Great Article. Amazon currently has this great set on sale for 79.99. A must have for horror fans.

Jason said...

I just ordered this on Amazon UK for $42 (including shipping) as a birthday present to myself.

R. Oliver said...

I agree with John, and some of the othefr comments here. I just ordered a Brand New set from Amazon UK for $36.55 (including shipping) as a present to myself as well. I don't know if the UK Edition for this box set has ever been this cheap before or not. But no complaints here. :)