Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Latest eBay Win : Silent Night, Hebrew Night!

I have a sort of strange obsession with Silent Night, Deadly Night, and I honestly can't even really explain it.  Not even to myself.  I just love the movie so much, and I for whatever reason seem to have a desire to own every single release of it that's ever been put out.  Don't bother trying to figure it out.  It's probably some deep seated childhood shit or something.

So, naturally, it was a no brainer that when I did a random eBay search recently for the movie, and stumbled upon a Hebrew VHS release that I had never seen before, there was simply no way I wasn't going to be the guy who ended up winning it.  Not that I had any competition on that front, but yea.  You get the idea.


The seller was selling the tape for 30 bucks, with a 'Make An Offer' feature attached to the auction.  So I offered 20 bucks and he took the offer, and I ended up scoring it for $25 total, shipping (from Israel!) included.  I'm honestly not even sure if it's worth that much*, but I love it.  And I had to have it.  And I'm a happier man now that I do have it.


I must admit that I was hoping that when I popped the tape into my VCR I would be treated to a Hebrew version of Silent Night, Deadly Night, but alas, all I got were squiggly lines and an audio track that was sped up, Chipmunks style.  Based on the audio I could tell that it was indeed Silent Night on there, but absolutely no visuals came through.  Maybe it's because the tape isn't in the proper format to be watched on a US VCR.  Who knows.

And honestly, who cares.  I bought the tape mostly for the box itself, and to use it as a nice display piece, so I'm happy with my purchase.  If I can't spend 25 bucks on a clamshell VHS box of the Hebrew edition of Silent Night, Deadly Night, then what the hell can I spend it on!?

Hebrew Silent Night now joins US Silent Night and UK Silent Night in my collection.  And suddenly, all seems right with the world!

*Don't mistake my current tiredness for apathy.  This wasn't a drunk eBay purchase that I'm now regretting.  I swear. 



unrealbe said...

Damian said...

Those action figures were so great I don't know what to do with myself. I want them. I need that Hooper.

I am with ya, for the most part on your Sinister review.
This about sums it up for me with it: If you're sitting there, after falling through the floor, watching accidental video of yourself falling through the floor, and you see that little hands were pulling you down... See ya. Out of the house. Your next move is going to sleep? No. NO.
The rest of it plays out that way for me. No immediacy.

Damian said...

My action figure comments AND Sinister comments were condensed and forced-pasted into that small window while I was about to type something else. And unlike Ellison... I can take a hint. I'm moving.

Johnny said...

Damian - In regards to Sinister, I felt that they really spent a lot of time getting the idea across that Ellison desperately wanted to regain former writing glories, and provide for his family, even at the risk of hurting himself or them in the process. So I totally bought into the fact that he would've stayed in that house investigating, well past the point he should have. In a lot movies I'd totally agree with ya on the whole 'why don't they just leave?!' thing, but not on this one. His reasons to stay more than worked for me personally.