Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The 'Day In The Life Of Dr. Loomis' Challenge : Win Trick Or Treat Studios' Michael Myers Mask!!


I've raved about Trick or Treat Studios' new Michael Myers masks (above) several times already this year, so I'll keep the raving to a minimum here and try to get to the giveaway as soon as possible.  In quick summation, Trick or Treat Studios' partnered up with Universal to mass produce two Michael Myers masks this year, both based on his look in Halloween 2; the blood tears version, and the regular pre-gun shot to the head version.

Many companies have made Myers masks over the years, so why is this such awesome news, you ask?  Well, because every mass produced Myers mask prior to these ones has been pure and utter shit, that's why.  A high quality good looking Myers mask has always cost at least $150, and Trick or Treat Studios has taken that high quality good looking mask, mass produced it, and made it available for a mere $60.  Need I say more?

While I already picked up my own regular version of the mask a couple months back, the reason I'm here talking about these beauties again tonight is because myself and Trick or Treat Studios have partnered up today, to bring one of their masks to one of you lucky readers who hasn't yet snatched one up (or even those who've gotten one, but not the other).  That's right, Trick or Treat Studios has supplied me with one of their Michael Myers masks, in either the regular or bloody variety, to give away to one of you dear readers, today, on Halloween!

The catch?  Since this is such an awesome prize, with a retail value of $60, you're gonna have to do more than just leave the usual comment to enter to win this bad boy.  Allow me to elaborate!

While I was revisiting all the Halloween films over the course of the last week, I was struck with a simple thought that entered my mind with each passing installment ....

What the hell does Dr. Loomis do with his time when he's not hunting down Michael Myers?!?!

I've always had this feeling that Loomis is pretty damn bored without Myers in his life, and I can't help but picture him sitting around every Halloween, almost even hoping that Myers would return, to give him something to do, and give his life purpose again.  It seems like Loomis only exists whenever Michael is around, popping up only when he pops up, and he never seems to try all that hard to end him forever.  After all, what the hell would he do if Myers were to forever go away?  Sort of a sad thought, isn't it?!

Bottom line being, the thought of Loomis carrying out his daily life, buying groceries and saying weird shit to people, puts a big ole goofy smile on my face.  And that thought was the genesis for this giveaway.

So here's what I want you to do.  I want you to draw me a picture of Dr. Loomis carrying out a completely ordinary day of his life, whether he's folding laundry or lounging on the beach.  Basically, your goal is to make me laugh.  And the image that gets the biggest laugh from me will be the winner.  Oh and don't worry about art skills here.  This is more about creativity.  If your picture is crudely drawn in MS Paint, I certainly won't hold it against ya.  Hell, if you'd like to sculpt your vision out of Play Doh, be my guest, as long as you visually convey to me your concept of a day in the life of Dr. Loomis.  Above all else, be clever, and make me laugh.

You've got through next Wednesday, November 7th, to e-mail your images to me at MORTIS45@AOL.COM.  Also be sure to include which of the two masks you'd like to receive in the event that you win.  That'll be all!

Show your thanks to Trick or Treat Studios for not only making these awesome masks, but for supplying one for this contest, by 'liking' their page over on Facebook!!


Ingo-Hellford667 Movie Reviews said...

Already have two ideas, hmm, which one is funnier...tough one...expect something soon.

Chris Gaskey said...

Can you use Photoshop to edit a picture together using photos of Dr. Loomis and other imagery to make your picture?

Johnny said...

Absolutely Chris, you can do this any way you wish!

Anonymous said...

When is the contest winner announced? Im dieing to know!