Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Entire Silent Night, Deadly Night Franchise Returns To DVD!


Yesterday news broke about the upcoming Silent Night, Deadly Night remake, simply titled Silent Night, in regards to the theatrical and home video releases of the film.  Looks like it's gonna be hitting limited theaters on November 30th, with a DVD & Blu-ray release shortly thereafter, on December 4th.  After hearing the news, I looked on Amazon last night to see if the discs were available for pre-order (which they are!), and I stumbled upon some totally unexpected related news...

Though no cover art has been revealed, it appears as if Anchor Bay will be re-releasing their Silent Night, Deadly Night 1 & 2 double feature DVD, the one from 2003 that went out of print a couple years back and has been fetching collector's prices ever since.  Not sure if it's going to be the same exact release (most likely is), but it's now available for pre-order for a mere $13.48, a fraction of the cost fans have been buying the pack for over the last several years.  Suddenly, I don't feel so bad about parting with the original set when I was in dire need of money, earlier this year!!

Though Blu-ray.com reported earlier in the day that the set would be released onto Blu-ray, it's looking like that information was a blunder on their part.  According to Amazon, only a DVD version will be available.  It'll be released in conjunction with the remake, on December 4th.  Now let's hope this one doesn't go out of print too, the fate that every single home video release of every film in the franchise seems to suffer.

Speaking of which!  The second part of the exciting news I found on Amazon is that the three pack of Silent Night's 3-5 is back in stock over on Amazon, for a mere $13.99.  Last I checked, that set went out of print and wasn't all that easy to come by.  So that's pretty cool to see, and it's a true Christmas miracle that this year, owning the entire SNDN franchise on DVD will be more affordable than ever.  HALLELUJAH!



Also be sure to go 'like' the just launched Silent Night Facebook page, the official page for the remake.  And if you're already on board with the film, trailer unseen, then go pre-order your DVD or Blu-ray copy today, from Amazon!

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