Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Freddy In Space Exclusive Halloween 3 Poster Goes On Sale On The Eve Of Halloween!!


If you follow the blog on Facebook, you know all about this, but for anyone who doesn't, here's the scoop!

I recently came up with the idea of doing a Freddy In Space exclusive art print every month or couple months or so, partnering up with artists I dig to bring to you fine folks one of a kind pieces of art, that you can only get here on Freddy In Space.  Not looking to make any money here, but rather spread the word on artists that I personally am a fan of, put some money into their pockets, to fund future art projects, and in the process, recover the costs to get these things printed and shipped out.  Bottom line being, as long as I don't lose any money by doing these, then I'm a happy man.

The first artist I reached out to was Patrick Carson Sparrow, the man responsible for the insanely awesome cover photo on the Freddy In Space Facebook page.  With Halloween coming up and all, I wanted to see if he'd be up for doing something with a Halloween theme to it, to which he excitedly expressed interest in whipping up a Halloween 3 poster.  Being that I absolutely love that movie, as you well know by now, the process began.

Shortly thereafter, Pat sent over the above image to me, which totally impressed me.  I've seen so many different Halloween 3 posters over the years but his interpretation is so abstract and unique, which is what I love about it.  The true embodiment of the artistic freedom and creativity I'm looking for with these pieces, and thus, the perfect way to kick this whole thing off!

Now being that I have absolutely no experience with any of this sort of stuff, the past couple weeks have been pretty interesting and stressful, to say the least.  But I ended up deciding on a printing company last week, and ordering 18"x24" prints from them, printed on high quality semi gloss HP photo paper.  Got them in the mail today and I've gotta say, I'm highly impressed.  These things look pretty damn glorious, and because of that I'm now comfortable to finally set a date for the prints to go on sale.

Since I'm new to all of this, and didn't want to invest too much money into it before really seeing whether anyone would even be interested or not, I only printed up 10 of these posters, all of which I will be selling.  I assure you this is not some 'limited edition' scam intended to get more money out of you, I just truly can't afford to have too many of these made up.  And again, without knowing how well received this whole idea is going to be, I really didn't want to invest too much into it.  Essentially, how well these prints do will determine how many prints I have printed up for future pieces of Freddy In Space art.  So really, this is a trial run, more than anything.

So how much will they be selling for?  30 bucks a piece, and that's with shipping and handling built into the price (plus a few extra bucks for those outside the US).  That's pretty much as low as I can go, given printing and shipping costs, not to mention the cost of buying the shipping tubes as well.  Believe me, if I could afford to go any lower, I would.

Where will they be on sale?  Exclusively in the Freddy In Space Facebook shop, which you can access by clicking the 'Shop Here' tab, underneath the cover photo.

And finally, when do they go up for sale?  At 8pm EST on Tuesday, October 30th.

Once all 10 prints sell out, that'll be the end of them.

If you've got any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.  And if you're an artist who would like to contribute a future print, please do hit me up with any and all ideas!!

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Caffeinated Joe said...

Beautiful - and an awesome idea, Johnny! Kudos to you for always thinking!