Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trailer Thoughts : Carrie 2013 & Evil Dead 2013!

At this past weekend's New York Comic Con, fans in attendance were treated to the very first looks at two upcoming remakes; a short teaser for Carrie, and a gore laden trailer for Evil Dead.  As expected, it didn't take long for both pieces of footage to surface on the net.  So let's take a look at the goods, shall we?!

The Carrie teaser debuted on the web last night, officially released by Sony.  Though it's a short minute long teaser, without much at all of the actual film shown in it, I can't help but personally be incredibly excited by everything I've heard about this one, and this teaser doesn't reduce that excitement, not in the least.

The cast is absolutely terrific, and I'm particularly a mega fan of Chloe Grace Moretz, who has become a bit of a modern day Scream Queen in recent years.  Though only 15 years old, Moretz has already made a huge impression on the horror scene, with memorable roles in two recent remakes; The Amityville Horror & Let Me In.  The fact that she's playing Carrie in this one excites me even more about the movie, and I love the fact that she's an actual teenage girl, playing a teenage girl, as opposed to the way Carrie has been brought to the screen in the past.  Sissy Spacek was in her late 20s when she played Carrie White in '76, and Angela Bettis even closer to 30 when she had the pigs blood dumped on her for the 2002 TV remake.

And hey, for those who blindly hate all remakes just because, you could say that this is actually just another adaptation of King's book, rather than a real remake.  That logic works for most fans with Carpenter's The Thing, so I don't see why it wouldn't apply here, since this one is supposed to be a lot more based on the book than any previous film adaptation of the tale!

The director, Kimberly Peirce (who directed Boys Don't Cry), seems to be incredibly in love with King's original story, and that makes me feel like we're in good hands on this one.  As she stated during the NYCC panel, the story of Carrie is perhaps even more topical and relevant than ever today, what with all the publicized school bullying and all.  That can only help the effectiveness of this rema....err....new adaptation!

Carrie is set to be released on March 15th of next year, and my prediction is that it's gonna be one of the better box office horror flicks of the year!

Also late last night came the trailer for the Evil Dead remake, though this one hasn't been officially released.  A crafty fan in the audience at the panel over the weekend somehow managed to film the trailer on his phone, no easy feat given how much security was apparently in place to stop the trailer from getting out there.  But come on, this day and age, it's quite frankly impossible to prevent ANYTHING from being captured on film by SOMEONE!

Though I'm sure it won't be long before this clip is officially released, the blurry bootlegged version you see above will likely be taken down real soon, so be sure to watch it while ya can!

I've done enough defending of the Evil Dead remake already, to the point that I'm absolutely exhausted from it, so I'm not even gonna once again get into why I'm excited about it, and why I think all Evil Dead fans should share in that excitement.  Been there, done that, plenty enough already!

This trailer only serves to further justify my excitement about the remake many fans seem to think is downright blasphemous, even before seeing a single frame of it.  Homages aplenty to the first two Evil Dead films in the trailer, everything from the demon POV shots to the tree rape(!), mass amounts of blood hitting a light source to a character even chopping off her infected arm, only this time with a goddamn electric kitchen knife.  Oh, and did I see a chainsaw in there too, because I think I did!

I don't know folks, looks pretty goddamn awesome to me.  And it looks like they're taking the same approach that Raimi and company took back in '81; keep the blood flowing, and the audience will be happy.  That is, if they can only look past the fact that this isn't the Bruce Campbell Evil Dead they hold so near and dear.  GET OVER IT, I says!

Bruce and Sam are on board, I'm on board, and there's no reason you shouldn't be on board too!

Evil Dead is set to possess audiences on April 12th, 2013.

What do you think of these two first looks?  Sound off below!


Hubert Kowalczyk said...

"Carrie" looks nice. I just watched the original for the first time, and it looks... old. It's a fine movie, especially the performance of the actress who plays mother is great, but this movie definetly needs to be refreshed for modern audiences. Also looks like Carrie causes a lot more damage than in the 70's version, and that's totally cool.
As for the "Evil Dead" I'm not so sure. It just looks too serious. For me the franchise is inseparable from 80's/early 90's and the talent behind it. I feel in my bones that this one will suffer from the same condition as the last "Terminator" movies.

Mr. Mike D. said...

That razor blade down the tongue at the end of the Evil Dead trailer freaked me out.... wow!!!

The_Incredible_Mateo said...

I found myself comparing scenes they showed in Evil Dead, I was like oh I remember that part but overall it looks super gnarly. I liked the warning in the book but captain douchebag read it anyway. I cant wait!

And Carrie looked good to

Nik Holmes said...

Thanks man, managed to catch the ED trailer before Henrietta swallowed it. Looks nice and hardcore, and as I just posted on FB I reckon people need to rewatch the original and take note that -

1. It's already been remade once, it was called Evil Dead 2. It was played for laughs, and while a better movie, was hardly the ferocious gorefest that the first movie was. This one looks to be a real love letter to the original Video Nasty.

2. Ash as a character in The Evil Dead did little more than get thrown against shelves and poked with sticks. No 'Groovy', no chainsaw hand, no bravado and no heroics.