Thursday, October 4, 2012

Trailer Thoughts : The Lords Of Salem


The first footage from Rob Zombie's next film, The Lords Of Salem, made its way onto the net yesterday, in the form of an official teaser trailer.  Well, actually, the teaser is the very same one that Rob showed at a concert of his over the summer, which was bootlegged onto YouTube shortly thereafter, but the quality of that one wasn't so great.  Surprised its taken this long for us to finally get a high quality version of that trailer, but nevertheless here it is.  Give it a watch and then let's talk about it!

When I first heard about Lords Of Salem, I was head over heels excited about the project.  I know I rag on Zombie a lot for his Halloween films, which I'm not a fan of (particularly didn't dig the 2nd), but I actually still have complete faith in him as a filmmaker.  I absolutely love both House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects, and I've come to the conclusion over the years that Zombie is at his best when he's making his own movies, entirely from his own brain.  He's a true artist, and something about him imparting his incredibly unique vision onto an established property just doesn't quite work, which is why I personally feel he never should've tried his hand at a remake.  He's better than that, quite frankly, a fact that he seemed to be aware of a couple years prior to remaking Halloween, when he said he would never direct a remake.  Kinda wish he had stuck with that thought, and spent these last several years doing more of his own stuff.

So that brings us to Lords Of Salem, Rob's return to full creative freedom.  In a nutshell, the basic idea of the film is that a female radio DJ (guess who plays her?!) receives a mysterious vinyl record at the station, which begins to play backwards, unleashing scary ass witches and shit.  Something to that effect.

After seeing this trailer, I gotta say, I'm a little bit worried right now about the film.  I realize it's more of a moody and atmospheric teaser, intended to creep us out (which it kinda does!), rather than a full trailer, but at the moment this film is to me reeking of that same artsy fartsy style that made Halloween 2 such a flop, right down to Rob's wife riding a creepy white animal.  True, that style may work a whole lot better in material plucked directly from Rob's brain, rather than in the confines of a Halloween film, but I still can't help but worry that this is going to be another bizarre artistic vision that feels less like a movie, and more like some sort of weird ass painting come to life on an acid trip.  Or, in simple terms, more like a music video.  I generally prefer movies that are more straight up movies, like House and Devil's Rejects, which is why I'm a little concerned at the moment.

That said, I must again state that I still have complete faith in Zombie as a filmmaker, and I'm gonna go ahead and remain excited about this film, even if I'm a little bit more cautiously excited than I was before this two minutes of footage entered my life.  Got a feeling this one is either going to be totally brilliant and super creepy, sort of like the bear blowjob scene from The Shining expanded into a feature length film, or a complete mess, like H2 was.  Only time will tell, but I shall remain optimistic.

The Lords Of Salem will rise up in theaters sometime next year, though no official date has been set in stone.

What say you?!


Nix said...

I have to completely agree with you. I love his original works and completely loathe his attempts at a remake. But, like you, I still have complete faith in his abilities as a film maker. I and excited for Lords of Salem to say the least and I wait with baited breath.

Ridley said...

Rob Zombie seems to have this attitude where he's going to do whatever he wants, and not really care whether anyone likes it or not. And as much as I might appreciate that attitude, I can't say that it produces good movies. I've only seen his Halloween films and didn't care for them. And although I thought the premise of LOS was awesome, this trailer - like you said - makes me think it will just be yet another "artsy," indulgent mess. But I'll reserve final judgment for when I see it!

Splatter Punkette said...

I actually really like Rob Zombie as a director as well (and agree with you about H2 though think the remake was tolerable) and I look forward to seeing this since I thought House was a great throw-back to the 1970s and Rejects was an awesome, in-your-face WTF ride.

inSain9876 said...

I have read some reviews that popped up after this movie made it's first appearance...and the things you are worried about are confirmed. Pretty much said it is less a coherent movie and more of a creepy, moody, atmospheric art film. They said that anyone coming in expecting something along the lines of Corpses or Rejects is most likely gonna be highly disappointed. The reviews are positive, but just kinda warning the average fan that they aren't getting the Rob Zombie film they will most likely be expecting. I still plan on seeing it, but the trailer instantly made me less excited about a new original Rob Zombie piece. Corpses/Rejects prequel please!!

J said...

i always hated his movies love his music but hate his films didn't find anything entering about any of his films what so ever