Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vintage Video Of The Week : Terror In The Aisles!


Back in 1984, Universal Pictures released a documentary about horror films called Terror In The Aisles, which was directed by the late Andrew J. Kuehn, a man who made a name for himself in Hollywood by cutting together highly praised and revolutionary trailers for films like Jaws, E.T. and Aliens.  Running around an hour and a half long, the documentary was hosted by Donald Pleasence and Nancy Allen, and was mostly comprised of various clips from nearly a hundred different horror films.  Amongst other things, the clip compilation documentary explored what it is about horror films that is so appealing, and so effective in shattering our nerves, and featured several glorious moments of Donald Pleasence being super creepy in a crowded movie theater.

In October of that year, Terror In The Aisles was released in theaters, where it grossed around 10 million bucks.  It hit VHS the following year and remained unreleased on subsequent formats until last year, when Universal included it, in full, as a special feature on their 30th Anniversary Blu-ray release of Halloween 2.  The fact that the documentary was in 1080p only served to make that release even more of a must buy.

This little vintage documentary is a true must see treat for horror fans, so enjoy the documentary in full below.  When you click play, you will be directed over to YouTube to watch it, since for some reason it's not allowed to be watched outside of there.  So don't fret when you see that the video won't play on here!


bagman974 said...

There is a 13 volume documentary that is a must have for horror fans as well,it's called "100 Years Of Horror" and is hosted and narrated by none other than Sir Christopher Lee himself. I have the original VHS box set(which has kick-ass art,even the individual tape sleeves when placed side by side form a beautiful mural) which I long ago converted to dvd and it is extremely enjoyable. You can find it very cheaply on Ebay in DVD form.

Cat said...

I actually saw Terror in the Aisles on HBOGo because they had it on demand. Which was kind of awesome.

Caffeinated Joe said...

Haven't seen this since back in the 80s, so thanks for the heads up, Johnny. Just spent a great night watching it once again. Awesome.

Eric Flapjack Ashley said...

I remember as a little kid being somewhat fascinated and maybe a bit confused at "that Halloween guy" hosting a clipshow in which clips from his movie were featured.

I was delighted to see this on Blu-ray... really the only reason to pick up Universal's very disappointing "30th Anniversary Edition" of HALLOWEEN II.