Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vintage Video(s) Of The Week : Vincent Price TV Commercials!


Got a special little treat for ya tonight.  Rather than one Vintage Video this week, I've got a whole gallery of Vintage Videos for ya, documenting the many TV commercial appearances of the late, great Vincent Price.

What?!  Vincent Price appeared in commercials?  Why yes, many of them, in fact!!

While I prefer to imagine that Price sold his soul to the devil in his early years, with the promise that after a long career of being a horror icon, he'd have to hawk all kinds of different products on TV, the truth of the matter is that everyone has a Price...even Vincent... Price.  After establishing himself as a Hollywood movie star, Price backed off on doing films a bit and began using his established brand to launch all kinds of side careers in the 1970's, including writing a series of cook books(!) and lending his voice to various radio programs.  Around this time, he also embarked on a lengthy career in the TV commercial business, a career that likely nabbed him more money than even his movie career did.  That's pure speculation, but I do know that once you're an established star, commercial gigs pay pretty damn well, which is likely the reason Price decided to go down that path.  Nevertheless, even when it came to commercials, the horror element that made the name Vincent Price a household name was almost always heavily present, so Price always stayed true to himself, and catered to his fans.
So here then are just some of the many commercials Price appeared in, beginning in the 70's, several of which he appeared in alongside Coral Browne, who was his wife from 1974 to the time of her death in 1991.  Price of course passed away a couple years later, in 1993.

Enjoy, and long live Vincent Price!!





bagman974 said...

You missed one and it's a classic,Vincent Price for the board game,ironically enough,named Stay Alive. Here's the link

Johnny said...

I know man, really wanted to include that, but the only videos of it I found on YouTube had embedding disabled (like the one you linked to). That's the only reason it's not up there!

Sarah Queen said...

Oh man, that polar bear suit! Lol.

Caffeinated Joe said...

Love these. Miss his great voice! Thanks Johnny.