Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekly Walking Dead-scussion : Season 3, Episode 1 (Seed)


So here's my dilemma.  Every time I watch an episode of The Walking Dead, I have a ton of things I want to say and discuss about it afterwards.  And I don't want to do it openly on Facebook for all to see, because I know not everyone watches the show at the same time.  And I certainly don't want to incur anyone's wrath by spoiling things for them. 

My solution to the dilemma?  Beginning this season, which of course began last night, I am going to start up weekly little discussions here on Freddy In Space the Monday after each new episode airs, which I can only hope that you fine folks will interact with.  We can talk spoilers all we want within the comfort of these posts, because they can be easily avoided by anyone who could possibly be spoiled by them.  Needless to say, if you don't want things spoiled, don't read these particular posts until you've seen the episodes in question.  Don't even skim!

Now before we even begin here, I do want to clear something up that I posted on the Facebook page last night, which rubbed some people the wrong way.  I was so excited by the Season 3 premiere that I hopped on Facebook as soon as it was over, and essentially said that anyone who finds stupid little things to hate on the show about should probably shut the fuck up, and should probably start kissing the feet of everyone involved with making such a terrific show. Something to that effect.

I realized after I posted it that what I said could be taken the wrong way, so I'd like to take that all back and do a little re-wording here.  While I do have a hard time understanding how any horror fan could dislike the show, I didn't at all mean to say that anyone who doesn't like it is wrong, or is an idiot for having an opinion that differs from my own.  That's just a total dick thing to say, and a total dick I am not.

What I simply meant was that I'm tired of people finding little things to nitpick about, and hating on the show for stupidity like the unrealistic range and accuracy of guns that is sometimes seen on the show.  I mean, really?  First off, it's a TV show.  Secondly, if you hate the show so much, and so violently can't stand to watch it, then why do you keep watching every week?  Just so you can hop on the internet afterwards and let everyone know how much you think it sucks?  I quite frankly shouldn't be seeing anyone totally hating on the show when I log into Facebook after an episode airs, because those people who don't like it should just STOP WATCHING and thereby, STOP COMPLAINING.  At this point, I think it's safe to say that everyone knows whether they're totally on board with it, or they just plain do not like it.

Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, and I certainly respect those opinions no matter how different they are from my own, I've just grown tired of all the little nitpicking from people who continue to watch the show, and yet never seem to have anything positive to say about it.  That was all I meant by that, and I'm sorry that my passion and excitement ended up resulting in me coming off the wrong way last night.  Don't hate me.

Now that that's out of the way, my idea here with these discussion posts is to essentially talk a bit about each episode, and then put the focus on one major discussion topic for each, which we can then talk about together in the comments section.  So let me talk for a bit and then I'll turn the floor over to you, how's that sound?!

Picking up several months after the events of the last season, Season 3 of The Walking Dead finds Rick and the gang in a slightly different state than we last saw them in.  After surviving a long winter together, under the new 'Ricktatorship', the group is more of a team than ever, with each individual part of that team now pretty much fully adapted to the zombie killing lifestyle.  Including Carl, who finds himself growing wise beyond his years, to the point that the only difference between him and the adults is now physical size and stature.  Childhood ends when you kill daddy's best friend.  Sorry, little dude.


Though we don't actually see what the group has been up to in the time between seasons (we likely will through flashbacks in future episodes), we can surmise that they've been nomadic over the last several months, never staying long in one spot.  That is, until early on in this episode, when they stumble upon perhaps the most iconic location from the Walking Dead comics; the prison.  Sanctuary at last.

The prison's walls provide some brief comfort for the group, who finally for the first time in a long time have actual beds to sleep in.  Sure, they're prison beds, but a prison bed is looking pretty damn good to them right about now.  Of course, it doesn't take long before their comfort is shattered, and with a zombie bite to the leg of Hershel, and the discovery that a bunch of human prisoners are in the prison with them (Adam Banjo included!), the group is thrust right back into Hell.  Did Rick cut Hershel's leg off in time to save him from becoming a zombie?  For that matter, is that even an effective way to control zombie-ism?  And what impact will the group of prisoners have on Rick and his group?  Those are the questions we're left hanging on at the end of the episode.

Do You Think Hershel Is Going To Turn Into A Zombie? free polls 
Oh yea, and Lori is as pregnant as ever, with the belly button poking through her shirt to prove it.  Eeekk.

Oh and then there's Michonne and Andrea, who are fending for themselves in a separate location.  Andrea doesn't seem to be doing too well, but Michonne is having a blast slicing zombies heads off, sometimes entirely and sometimes only half of them ... sometimes both at the same time.  Goddamn, is she totally badass or what?!?!


Last night's episode of the show was absolutely terrific, as evidenced by the fact that even those who expressed much disinterest in the last season seemed to have enjoyed it quite a bit.  The great thing about internet trolling is that the writers of shows like this can really learn what people like and don't like through it, and plan out future seasons accordingly.  That seems to be what's gone on here, with the writers taking all the complaints of there being too much talking and human drama on the show, and replacing much of it in this episode with hardcore nonstop human on zombie violence.  The human drama is still all there, but there was a clear focus on delivering as many zombies and zombie killing as is possible in an hour, and the episode was absolutely loaded with head shots, head removals, and all the gory goodness a zombie fan could ask for.  I personally think the dramatic elements are the strong suit of the show, and would still be watching it even if there were no zombies, but it was nice to see them shut up all the haters by coming out strong on the zombie gore, right out of the gate.  Bravo!

The writers also seem to have beefed up T-Dog's role on the show, which is another thing many have complained about.  In this episode, he not only speaks, but he actually kills some zombies and does some things.  GASP!

I personally loved the jump ahead in time with this season, even if I would've loved to have seen some snowy zombie action on ice (again, hopefully we get some flashbacks soon!).  Then again, it really doesn't even snow much in Georgia anyway, does it?  The jump in time allows for us to see how much the group has grown, as a group, and it also speeds up the pregnancy of Lori, whose pregnancy is now a much more big time issue than it was in Season 2.  That belly is about to burst, and that baby is about to be born, and that is totally frightening, given the current state of the world.




Being that the pregnancy is such a big issue dealt with in the episode, to the point that the episode seems to have been named after it, Lori's pregnancy is the main topic I want to discuss here tonight.  Would love to get your opinions on how you think this whole thing is going to play out, going forward this season.  Is the baby going to die inside of Lori and then become a zombie, and gnaw its way out of her?  Is she going to try and abort it?  Will Lori die in childbirth, and then eat her newborn?  Or will all work out for the best, with the new life giving new found hope to the group?  Let's talk about it!

My thoughts?  I personally don't see Lori, or the baby, surviving this season.  I think this season is the perfect time to dispatch her character, and I really don't see the group carrying around a baby with them.  Though I'd love to see something as extremely outrageous as a belly bursting zombie baby or a zombified Lori feasting on her own child's soft little baby head, I think that's the kinda stuff you'd see in something like a B horror flick, rather than on a serious show like The Walking Dead.  So what option does that leave?  Here's how I see it playing out.

My prediction for the finale of this season is that Lori finally gives birth to the baby, and all seems to be going well.  She's holding the baby in her arms and it looks like the season is going to end on a positive note.  And then, suddenly, either a zombie or another human being kills the both of them, at which point they both re-animate, leaving the season off on that horrific note.

Now I doubt it'll play out exactly as I envision it, but I've got a strong feeling it's going to go at least something like that.  Again, I don't see the baby surviving the season, and I really can't see Lori surviving either.  It's gonna be a grim season, folks.  Then again, isn't it always?!

As for whether the baby belongs to Shane or Rick, that's really not something that's even worth discussing, being that they really would never have any way to figure that out, short of them stumbling upon Maury Povich and his baby daddy DNA team.  That's just one of those questions that both the characters and ourselves will never know the answer to.  Unless, as Chris Hardwick pointed out on last night's Talking Dead, the baby crawls out of Lori and into Andrea.  Then, and only then, will we have any inkling as to who the father is!

So then, feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts on last night's episode, and what you feel is going to happen with Lori and her baby.  Would love to hear what ya have to say!


Hey by the way!  To everyone who participates in this discussion, be sure to leave your e-mail within your comment.  As a thank you for taking part, I will randomly pick one commenter out of a hat this coming Sunday, who I will send Funko's upcoming Rick Grimes vinyl toy to (seen above).  The toy isn't out yet, but as soon as I have it in hand, it'll go out to the winner.  How's that for kicking these discussions off proper?!

I leave you with a sneak peek of next Sunday night's episode, which airs at 9pm EST on AMC!


Megan said...

I thought the episode was pretty amazing. I loved that they showed more Zombies in this episode. I think Hershel is pretty fucked. As for Lori, she is just annoying. Am I the only one who pictured Daryl biting the cord when the baby is born? Either way, I doubt Lori/Baby will make it to the next season.


inSain9876 said...

I personally think the season is off to a great start. Kills are amazing and the characters have grown a bit. Not sure if you've read the comics, but they are doing a fantastic job keeping it true to the book but changing up enough things to keep the comic fans guessing. I'm really curious to see if the Lori/baby storyline plays out anything like the comic. If it does, AMC has huge swingin balls.

Have you had a chance to read the comics??? I don't wanna spoil anything, but it's really hard to tell if talking about something will ruin it or not since they keep straying from the comics. Keeping with past characters from previous seasons, in the books Shane dies a few issues in, Dale makes it much much longer, and Sophia is still kickin in the issue that came out last week.

Also, I know you've stated that you aren't much of a reader, but you must read Rise Of The Governor. The actor playing him said that reading that book was the only research he did on the roll and it gives the character much more depth than the comic did. Makes you understand and maybe even sympathize with him and his insane behavior. One of the few times a book had a twist that completely caught me off guard. I literally had to keep re-reading pages to make sure I was understanding what happened. Hell, I will mail you my copy to borrow if you are interested in reading it.

Johnny said...

Always hate to admit this, but I haven't actually read a lick of the comics. I know the show's writers change up a lot of things to keep it fresh, but I kinda like not ever knowing what to expect from the show. Don't know how much longer I can resist getting into the comics though!

Would love to give Rise of the Governor a read, maybe I'll just snatch up a real cheap used copy on Amazon, so you're not inconvenienced at all!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed last night's episode. I would love to see new faces join the group that are trustworthy & can become a key part of the group as they try to adjust to life in the prison. I am very interested as to what the group says/thinks when they finally meet up with Andrea & our new samurai warrior with her 2 zombie "pets". Also...if Herschel survives, will he slow the group down or learn to adapt to his new legless life.


Matt said...

This is such an awesome idea Johnny. Before I discuss the episode, I totally agree with you about viewers nitpicking at little details and then bitching about them the next day, blowing them all out of proportion. IT'S A TV SHOW ABOUT ZOMBIES THAT CAME FROM A COMIC BOOK!!!! Are these same people going to complain when the S.H.I.E.L.D. show comes out on ABC that "the laser beams from Iron Man's armor can't travel that fast...."

Anyway, back to the show. Last night's episode was pretty amazing given the slow season we had to deal with last year. The old school practical effects took me back to my days as a kid watching Savini's effects in Day of the Dead. And the inclusion of zombies in SWAT gear was a nice touch too because they weren't in the comics.

So far, this season is following the comics pretty accurately and if that's the case, Lori and that baby's future are pretty grim. I don't want to give anything away but the inclusion of the Governor, who was shown in the preview for next week's episode, will be important for the future of the Walking Dead universe. If AMC has the balls to follow the comics, they would be geniuses and I would never doubt them again with this show.

Johnny said...

Clark - I really don't see Hershel surviving, at least not for long. There's no way he's gonna be able to do much with only one leg. Though who knows, I guess he could just hang out in a cell or something. Maybe he can bond with Merle over their lost limbs!

Matt - From what I understand, the practical effects are gonna be beefed up a bit this season, which I'm very excited about. I'd imagine a majority of the stuff will always be CG, but I've personally never had any problem with the CG on the show.

Those SWAT zombies were totally awesome, and the excitement Maggie had on her face when she figured out how to dispatch of one was one of my favorite moments of the episode. Definitely a nice gory and almost even fun calm before the storm for the season!

Tlieso said...

After all the drama that has been caused by Lori being an idiot I'm really, really, really hoping that this season is the end for her. As unlikely as it is to happen I did smile with glee when she was worrying about the baby eating it's way out of her. That would be glorious & gory.
I'm definitely not looking forward to seeing a baby killed but realistically I don't see how they could successfully raise one without it causing the death of others with it's crying & needs. Unless they never leave the prison which I don't see happening.

Mike said...

I think the TV series is reassigning plot points to different characters to keep people who have read the comics guessing. Keeping the plot points keeps it true to the source material... reassigning those plot points to new characters keeps it fresh.

If I'm right, comic readers will have a good idea of 'what' will happen... the question is 'who' it will happen to... which is fucking awesome.

Hershel is bit in the leg by a lurker while they stretching out into new areas of the prison.

In the comic, the same thing happened to Allen ( ). Rick cut off his leg but Allen kept getting sicker and never recovered. Way back when that issue came out, Kirkman mentioned that he originally planned to have it happen to Hershel but changed his mind because Hershel had just lost Rachel and Susie ( 2 Daughters he has in the Comic that are killed by Thomas [one of the prisoners found in the cafeteria].)

With Beth around and those girls not existing, Hershel's loss is a little less.. and the next episode is titled 'Sick'.

Now, will Hershel die like Allen.
The teaser gives a nod to the comics ( ) where Rick is standing over Allen's grave.

It seems obvious... a little too obvious. I mean you cut from a man at deaths door to them standing at a grave. I have a different opinion. I think Sick is going to play on multiple levels: Hershel's physical sickness, one of the prisoner's mental sickness, and the sickness of the group when they start blaming each other for the actions of the mentally sick prisoner.

Any way you slice it, I'm guessing Hershel isn't the one in that grave despite all evidence to the contrary. Perhaps it's Hershel's leg.. or perhaps a murder victim?

The evidence is so strong and so direct that I believe it's a red herring rather then a spoiler. We'll see next Sunday.

Johnny said...

Again, haven't read the comics yet, but I think it's incredibly smart how they switch things up like that. And yet, of course, people constantly bitch about the show going in a far different direction at times than the comics did. There was damn near outrage for many fans when Dale died last season, simply because that wasn't how it went down for him in the comics.

That's what makes the show fresh and surprising though, even for the fan who has read every page of every comic. If everything played out note for note the way it did in the comic, fans of the comic would be pissed off at that too, so I guess ya can't win!

Richard said...

I think the next episode is going to deal more with Andrea and Michonne and set up the Gov. Actually, the rise of the governor audio book is really good, I like books but sometimes if they are done well (like world war Z) they are well worth the price. I am tired of defending this show to all the "but its too slow and boring" people. The pace is what makes it perfect, you never know when shit is about to go down, even having read most of the comics it is still fresh. People have bitched about that with other things as well, I admit I prefer the resident evil books to the movies but they are completely different beasts. If someone does nto like the show they can just pick up the comic book. I really hope some of the things that happened in the comics don't happen in the show. And Daryl is a total wild card, not even introduced in the comics past issue 100 so anything could happen with him, hopefully he does not leave anytime soon though.

I don't think that lori will be offed just yet, maybe early next season. There are a whole lot of things that go down at the prison and in woodbury and shows like to stay fresh so I don't know if they will be shooting for a new location by next season or keeping things the same, hopefully the same. I think the end of 3 will be the showdown with the Gov and company after many grisley events unfold, and then its going to get REAL messy.

Richard said...

Forgot my email address damn it. - Richard

Johnny said...

Richard - I hope you're right about them delving more into Andrea and Michonne next episode. Loving that we're already seeing Michonne's softer side, and I hope the two of them spend a bit more time on their own, before they meet up with the others. I'd say something about them making out at some point, but I don't want to be immature. So I won't. Or did I just do that?

As for Daryl, everyone loves Reedus so much that I think he's as safe as Rick is on the show!

Mike said...

For me, Dale dieing early was a major blow because I loved how Dale died in the comics.

[Potential Spoiler for anyone who hasn't read the Comics] I really hope we still see cannibals... because I fucking love the idea of living humans becoming cannibals during a zombie apocalyptic. The fact that he was already sick at the time 'Tainted Meat!' was just icing. [Spoiler Over]

The fact that they are reassigning plot points makes me a lot more hopeful that our favorite scenes aren't going to die with the characters who experienced them in the comics. I think that alone should help bring the comic fans back on board.

Mike said...

If you haven't seen this... watch it now. Enjoy.

Johnny said...

haha, that's pretty funny, Mike. Thanks!