Friday, November 23, 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Guide : Chainsaw Scarf!


Right around this time last year, I held a giveaway for a Human Centipede scarf, which was generously donated to me by its creator, Amanda Lane (the lovely woman you see above).  Amanda runs an Etsy shop called Knottyfingers, wherein she crochets all sorts of awesome goodies, everything from Cthulhu ski masks to cheeseburger earrings.  Not only is she still making and selling the Human Centipede scarves over there, but she even recently added a handmade Human Centipede doll to the mix, which pretty much seals the deal that she's the most delightfully twisted chick to ever wield a crochet hook.

Amanda's latest creation?  The badass scarf you see above, a six foot long wearable chainsaw that provides ample amounts of both warmth and protection.  Handmade from vegan friendly super soft acrylic yarn, from an original pattern that Amanda designed, the chainsaw scarf sells for $115, and can be made in any color you want it made in, whether you're looking for a Leatherface yellow chainsaw or an Ash Williams red, as pictured.
 Now here's where things get even better.  Amanda is running a Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale over at Knottyfingers, where every item in the shop is selling for 40% off the regular price.  All you've gotta do is enter the code GOBBLE40 at checkout, from now through this coming Monday, and nearly half will be slashed off of the listed price.  If I'm doing the math correctly, that means you can score this chainsaw scarf, for yourself or for a loved one, for around $70, instead of $115.  I'm pretty sure you'll never again be able to pick one of these up for that cheap, so get on it while ya can!


Nix said...

Boooo! I clicked the chainsaw scarf link to buy it, clicked, followed through and entered the coupon code, and according to the etsy page, "Sorry, but that's not a valid redeem code". Sadness.

Amanda Lane said...

Thanks, Freddy in Space for sharing my shop! I got a message saying my code "GOBBLE" wasn't be accepted so I went ahead and entered a new code "GOBBLE40" to fix that problem. If there's any issues that's most likely on Etsy's side and I'd be happy to adjust the prices on any orders. I'll be extending my sale due to this error for anyone who isn't able to get their price change in time. :)
Thanks again!