Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bottleneck Gallery's 'Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em' Zombie Art Exhibit!

Got some more awesome art for ya tonight, courtesy of NY's Bottleneck Gallery, which is located in Brooklyn.  Last month, as a way of celebrating Halloween, the gallery ran an all zombie themed art show, which many artists I'm both familiar with and friendly with contributed to.  All of the pieces are online for viewing over on Bottleneck's website, where many of them can even be purchased.  
Check out some of my personal faves!!

'My Pet Zombie', by Issac Bidwell (part of his Night of the Living Toys set)

'Zombie Virgin and Child', by Hillary White

'The Return of Dr. Hill', by Greg Bunbury

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'Nude Ghoul', by Gary Pullin (part of his Night of the Living Dead set)

'Zombie Gizmo', by Cuyler Smith'
'Return of the Living Dead', by Godmachine

You can see all of the art from the show, and purchase prints and original pieces, over at Bottleneck Gallery.

Up next from Bottleneck?  'The Gang Is All Here' exhibit, dedicated to pop culture's greatest teams, which launches this weekend!

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