Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cool Shirts : Nowhere Bad's Evolution Of The Xenomorph!


Before Prometheus made the evolution of a Xenomorph a little bit confusing (Fifield zombie, anyone?!), things were fairly simple.  A Face Hugger latches onto one's face, a Chest Burster bursts through their chest, and the tiny little Chest Burster eventually becomes a full grown badass motherfucking acid bleeding Xenomorph.  Cut and dry, the way I like it!

Over at Nowhere Bad, one of the many limited edition shirt websites out there, which sells each design for four days only, you can pick up the above Xenomorph evolution tee, whipped up by artist 'Bleee'.  The shirt is selling for a mere $12, and you've still got a couple days to snag one.

So head over to Nowhere Bad and get yours while ya can!

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