Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Order The First Ever Freddy In Space Art Print!

 If you follow the blog on the Facebook, then you're familiar with this image, which has been the cover photo of the Facebook page for the last several months.  This was a piece that I commissioned Patrick Carson Sparrow to whip up for me, with the intention at the time of just using it as a marketing postcard, which I could include in giveaway prize packages and hand out at conventions and such.  But I was so blown away by the finished product (which was inspired by the old Fright Flicks wrappers!), that I just knew I at some point had to print up the image, and make it available for sale here on the blog.  I've gotten many requests over the years to make a Freddy In Space t-shirt or poster, and I couldn't possibly think of any image more badass than this one to do so with.
The other day I found my way over to a site called Society6, where artists can upload images of their art, and make those images available for sale through the site, on everything from posters to pillows.  The thing that immediately won me over about the site is that anytime a sale is made, they take care of the printing, on an on demand basis, as well as the shipping, neither at any cost to the artist.  Essentially, the artist gets to be an artist, and create art, and they take care of all the rest.  Of course, they also take the majority of the profits, and only a small portion of those profits go to the artist, but since I'm not in any of this for the money, I knew this was the perfect place for me.  It was very stressful and costly getting those recent Halloween 3 posters printed up and shipped out, and it looks like Society6 is the perfect solution to all that.  This is likely the way I'll be doing all future Freddy In Space exclusive art prints, in the event that everything works out as smoothly as it seems like it's going to.
How it works is they have a base price for each product that they can print any given image on, and the artist gets to raise the price however high they want from there, and pocket the difference between the base price and their price (minus a small fee).  So for example an 8"x10" print of any given piece has a base price of $12.  If you want to sell it in your shop for $15, you make $3 from each sale, minus that aforementioned small fee.  You can go as high or as low as you want, as long as it's above the base price.
Again, since I'm not in this for the money, I've cut back the prices on these as low as possible, and I won't be making more than a couple bucks per each sale.  Basically, that money will go to repaying myself for the cost of the commission of this piece.  The idea is more to get some cool art on your wall, than put money in my pocket.  And hey, it doesn't hurt that the art that'll be on your wall is promotional material for my blog!
So head over to my Society6 shop, where you can pick up the print in sizes as small as 7"x10", starting at a mere 15 bucks.  It makes a great holiday gift, or a terrific final pre-holiday splurge for yourself!
Annnnnd .... as a special added bonus, I've just dropped another little treat in the Freddy In Space Society6 shop, courtesy of artist and friend Frank Browning.  Frank and I are currently hard at work on a faux Silent Night, Deadly Night NES game, for that just launched NES Dream Games feature here on the blog, and he took some time away from that to whip up a super badass 8-Bit SNDN poster, which is now being sold over in the shop!

All proceeds go to the restoration of Ira's Toys!!

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Zombob said...

I'd love a poster of some of Frank's other 8-bit artworks!