Thursday, November 8, 2012

Trailer Thoughts : Maniac & World War Z!

This week has proven to be a pretty big one on the trailer front.  First we got our very first look at Silent Night, and now in the past couple days we've been hit with trailers for the Maniac remake and World War Z, the big budget adaptation of Max Brooks' mega popular book of the same name.  First, let's spend some time with that little Maniac, Elijah Wood!

This international trailer, which hit the net Monday, is basically the same as the trailer we saw back in May.  But since I never posted my thoughts on that one, let's act as if this trailer is totally new, as most of the news sites seem to be doing.

As I mentioned back when I posted some French behind the scenes footage I found earlier this year, this is one remake I'm very much looking forward to, and I personally feel that Maniac is one horror film that could definitely benefit from a remake.  I appreciate and love the original, for its own reasons, but let's face it, it's not like it's some amazing classic that shouldn't be touched.  In the hands of writer/producer Alex Aja, I've got high hopes for this one.

But that's how I felt before I saw the trailer.  How do I feel now that I've seen some real footage?

Well, I'm even more on board!

This looks like it's going to be a very nasty and gory little movie, the way Maniac should be.  Is it going to be as downright icky as the original, and is Wood as genuinely sleazy as Joe Spinell?  No, perhaps not.  But for those worried that their beloved down and dirty Maniac was going to be given the slick Hollywood treatment, I think it's safe to say those fears have been put to rest.  Alex Aja is as much of a fan as you and I, and though he didn't direct this one, I have complete faith in the fact that he did everything in his power to help make this the best possible remake of Maniac one could make.  And this looks to be a nice expansion on the original, with a similarly visceral tone, but also a style all its own.  I approve!
And holy shit ... who else got chills when they saw the above shot in the trailer, which recreates the badass original Maniac poster, a shot that never actually appeared in the original film itself?!  So cool!!

No official widespread US release date has been announced for Maniac, as of the time of writing this.

And now, let's talk World War Z, which hit the net today and has already been the subject of a whooole lot of conversation ...

Just to clear this up right off the bat, I have never read the book, and I really haven't even been following the production of this movie.  I know a bit about all the controversy surrounding it, the re-shoots and all that other madness, and I understand the whole production has been a complete nightmare, but that's pretty much all I know about the movie, going into this trailer.  From what I gather based on complaints that have been popping up all over my Facebook feed today, this movie is looking like it's going to be a total departure from the book, but this is again an opinion of someone who can't get pissed off about that, since he hasn't read the book.  So yea, take that into consideration!

Based only on this trailer, and not on all the turmoil of the production, this looks like it could be a whole lot of fun ... or a complete disaster.  It's really hard to tell which way it's gonna go, and I guess that all depends on how seriously the movie takes itself.  As a big dumb action movie with thousands upon thousands of CGI zombies falling over each other, it could be a total blast.  But as a movie that's supposed to be taken seriously, an unintentionally laughable joke.  I'm kinda fearing that we're dealing with the latter here.

You could make the argument that Brad Pitt wouldn't star in a piece of shit, but he seems to not exactly be happy with how this film turned out, so that gives ya some idea of what we can expect here.  Then again, he did say something about it being the kind of movie his young kids will enjoy, so who knows, maybe it is that big dumb action movie I'd totally be OK with it being.  Kinda looks like a Schwarzenegger flick ... with "zombies" .... which kinda sorta makes me wish Arnie was the star of the show, rather than Pitt.

Only time will tell, I suppose.  But I'll definitely give it a chance, I can say that much.  World War Z is set to be released on June 21st of next year, though that could always get pushed back ... AGAIN!!

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Matthew F said...

The plot of Maniac has always been pretty uninspired. It's Joe Spinell that made it work, so Elijah Wood will have to do the same thing. I do think he has the chops to pull it off, so I'm interested to see this.

Doubt he can outdo Joe Spinell though, which in my opinion is probably one of the better horror performances of all time.