Monday, November 5, 2012

Trailer Thoughts : Silent Night


Been waiting for this trailer for a while now, and I've been excited about the film for just as long.  Why?  For one, I absolutely love me some good old fashioned Christmas horror (the original is one of my all time faves, when it comes to just plain fun horror).  And for two, this remake is directed by Steven C. Miller, a director who's shown me nothing but promise of late, with his last release The Aggression Scale quite impressing me.  So yea.  Nothing about this one that has given me any reason to be anything less than super excited about it!

Check out the just released trailer and then we'll talk more about it!

Awww yeaa!!!  As you can tell, this appears to be a bit of a loose remake to the original Silent Night, Deadly Night, with the whole killer Santa thing really being the only thing that's apparently been carried over.  So if you're a total remake hater, take comfort in that!

I don't know about you, but this looks like an absolute blast to me.  A dude in a creepy ass Santa costume (loving the mask!) going around a small town killing people with increasingly badass weapons, like flame throwers and wood chippers ... count me right the hell in.  The fact that Miller seems to be heavily into practical effects over CGI makes me even more hopeful that this one is going to be as fun as I'm expecting it'll be.  If it's chock full of nods to the original (props on the use of the old man's quote from the original, at the end of the trailer!) and creatively gory practical effects heavy kills, then I'll be one happy little horror fan this Christmas.  Oh and if it pisses Mickey Rooney off, I'll be even happier.
The only thing I can't quite figure out is the tone of the film; is it going to be serious or more comical and over the top?  I'm kinda getting vibes of both from this trailer, and I believe Miller has in interviews stated that it's going to be more of a serious film.  So that kinda remains to be seen.  Just hope it doesn't take itself too seriously, because I'm kinda looking more for fun from this one.

Silent Night hits limited theaters November 30th, followed by a DVD & Blu-ray release on December 2nd.  I asked Miller on his Facebook page a couple weeks back if the film would also be hitting On Demand services, which he himself wasn't yet sure of.  Keep your eyes locked on the Silent Night Facebook page for all the latest info.

And don't forget, the out of print DVD set of the original Silent Night, Deadly Night's 1 & 2 gets a re-release on December 4th, the same day the remake hits home video.  Gonna be one hell of a bloody Christmas for us horror fans!!

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manvshorror said...

This trailer looks amazing. It really reminds me of the "My Bloody Valentine" remake where it is borrowing concepts from the original film but also introducing newer ideas to keep it fresh. The various weapons the killer Santa uses to kill his victims is great, with the best one being the flamethrower.

As for the tone, I got a very serious vibe from it. If the director does sprinkle in a little humor, even better.

Malcolm McDowell should be good in it, as he is in most genre flicks.