Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vintage Video Of The Week : Jamie Lee Curtis On SNL!


On December 13th, 1980, fresh off of cementing herself as the Scream Queen of all Scream Queens, with roles in Halloween, The Fog, Prom Night & Terror Train, Jamie Lee Curtis hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time (she hosted again in '84), on the fourth episode of the sixth season.  This week, we head back to that night.

Enjoy Jamie Lee's opening monologue from the December 1980 episode of SNL, where she essentially dressed as a sexy version of her on screen nemesis, Michael Myers!

As a special added bonus, I wanted to include video of one of Curtis' skits from the episode, but was very bummed to discover that no such clips exist on the internet.  And then I remembered that Netflix currently has most of SNL's old school episodes available for instant streaming, including this one.  Though for some reason they left out the one skit I wanted to share with you tonight, a horror spoof about killer clothespins called Attack of the Terrible Snapping Creatures (wherein a clothespin clamps onto Jamie Lee's luscious boobies!), there's another pretty funny and decidedly morbid one that I filmed off my computer screen, for your viewing pleasure.

But first, another awesome bumper image from the episode, featuring Michael Myers!


 The skit I'm including below is called Dying To Be Heard, and in it Curtis plays a depressed poet, who kills herself on the air so that her latest poem can be read to the world.  It's no Attack of the Terrible Snapping Creatures, but it'll have to do!

Once again I say, ENJOY!!


timothy loss said...

Is that the dude from Basket Case in that skit? Kinda looks like him

Dan said...

LMAO! I am pretty sure that is Joe Picopo... but I will be damned if he does not look like Kevin Van Hentenryck from Basket Case.


I don't see the Jamie Lee Curtis opening monologue video...I don't think it posted...unless it's just my computer!

Johnny said...

=/ It's there on my end

ZOMBIE HAYES said...'s just a blank black spot where the video should be. The DYING TO BE HEARD video is there, but not the monologue video. Anyone else getting that?

Johnny said...

What browser are you using?


Internet Explorer 9.0...if no one else is having the issue, must just be my computer!

Johnny said...

Tried it on Explorer on my computer, same issue as you describe. Time to switch over to Firefox, methinks! ;)