Sunday, November 11, 2012

Vintage Video Of The Week : Vincent The Vegetable Vampire!

Whoa, that was a lot of V's.

Ya know what would be the greatest thing ever?  Morgan Freeman, playing Dracula.  Oh shit wait, Morgan Freeman did play Dracula, Very Very VERY early on his career!!

One of Morgan Freeman's very first acting gigs, way back in 1971, was on the PBS children's television show The Electric Company.  Much like Sesame Street, though for a bit of an older audience, the show used entertaining sketches and loveable recurring characters as a way of educating children, in a way that would above all else, be fun for them.  Freeman stayed with the show through its last and final year, in 1977, and played many characters during the show's six year run, including hippie Easy Reader and jive ass mawfuckin' turkey, Mel Mounds.

Freeman also had a recurring role as Dracula, doing things like taking a bath in a casket, and talking about some of his favorite words, which all begin with the letters DR.  Only difference between the Dracula we all know and love and Freeman's kid friendly version was that the character, named Vincent The Vegetable Vampire, was not interested in drinking human blood, but rather feasting on vegetables.  Yes,  Morgan Freeman at one point in his career played a vegan vampire.
Enjoy this week's Vintage Video Of The Week, which features Vincent The Vegetable Vampire singing, dancing, and of course, devouring boatloads of delicious vegetables.  They're just as tasty as human blood, kids, I swear!!

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