Wednesday, December 5, 2012

All American Massacre : The (Almost) Return Of Chop Top!

So the first few images of Bill Moseley from the upcoming film Texas Chainsaw 3D hit the net earlier this week, courtesy of someone scanning them from the latest issue of Fangoria.  Incredibly cool to see Moseley back in the Chainsaw universe, even if he's playing Drayton Sawyer, and not Chop Top.  Speaking of which.

Looking at the pictures reminded me that Moseley actually did reprise the role of Chop Top, several years back, for a Chainsaw 2 prequel called All American Massacre, a short film which was directed by Tobe Hooper's son, William Hooper.  Don't believe me?  Well then check out the two trailers for the short film below!!

Why the hell have you never heard of this, or seen the finished product?  Well, because the film still has never seen the light of day, even though it began filming way back in 1998.  From the research I've conducted, it seems that production on the short was completed in 2000, and then Hooper ran into various post-production issues, which resulted in the project being dead in the water for many years. 
In 2011, Hooper re-animated the film and took to Kickstarter, in an effort to raise the $8,000 needed to finish the post-production process.  The plan was to premiere the short on the internet in July of last year, if the funding was successful.  However, by the June 13th deadline, only about $1,000 was raised, once again bringing about a temporary end to All American Massacre.
After the Kickstarter drive failed, a Paypal donate button was added to the official website for the project, though the website hasn't been updated since last year.
Over on the All American Massacre Facebook fan page, however, there has been some activity this year, with this status update being made back in September ...


The only other recent activity from the page was this reply to a comment someone posted on the wall, which indicates that the project is not quite dead, just yet ...

Not that the fact that help is being solicited from random people on Facebook is a good sign, but hey, at least the wheels are still somewhat moving on this train!
So what does Bill Moseley have to say about all this?  I reached out to him on Facebook recently, and got an incredibly brief reply which says to me that he's completely lost interest in the project, and that we will likely never see the finished short ...
I can't for the life of me figure out how the hell this short film has been in the works for well over 10 years, and still hasn't seen the light of the day, and it kinda bums me out that Moseley reprised his most iconic role, and we're probably never even going to get to see it.  Granted it's probably not the greatest thing ever, but still.  It's Moseley as Chop Top again, and I need to see it goddammit!
I'm going to try to get in touch with William Hooper, to see what the hell is going on with All American Massacre, and find out if there's any way we can help get it out there.  So give me some time, and I'll likely report back in the near future with an update on all of this.
For now, provided you in fact do want to see the return of Chop Top, I encourage you to head over to the All American Massacre Facebook fan page and give it a like, so Hooper knows there's still interest.  Maybe a spike in fan page numbers will be the motivation he needs to FINALLY get this shit out there.  We will help fund this project if you want us to, William.  Methinks the only reason the Kickstarter fund failed so miserably is because no one even knew about this film's existence.  So let's get the word out there, and get this bad boy in front of the eyes of the fans who want to see it!!
And if you're listening, Mr. Hooper, I'd totally love to debut the short exclusively here on Freddy In Space.  Just sayin...