Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Don't Wait Till Christmas ... Watch The Holliston Christmas Special NOW!

One of the things I'm most thankful for in this past year is Holliston, the hilarious and totally awesome horror themed sitcom that debuted on FEARnet back in April.  If you feel the same way, and you've been going through Holliston withdrawals since May's season finale, have no fear, because Adam, Joe and the gang are back, for their very own Christmas special!

The Holliston Christmas Special premiered on FEARnet last night, and is already available for free instant streaming over on Hulu.  Better yet, how about I just embed it below for ya!

In this very special episode, a blizzard traps Adam and company in their apartment, with not one, but two mad killers on the loose in Holliston.  Punish!  I mean ... Enjoy!!
Season 2 of Holliston is set to begin airing next Spring.  If you simply can't wait until then, be sure to pick up the complete first season on DVD or Blu-ray, and relive all the fun!!

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