Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Fun Fact - 12/14/12

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Writer/director Fred Dekker's original choice to play Dracula in 1987's Monster Squad?  The then relatively unknown Liam Neeson, who at the time only had a handful of roles under his belt, in films such as Krull and The Mission.  Neeson so impressed Dekker and the producer with his audition that they were pretty certain he was going to be the guy to bring their version of Dracula to life.  But when actor Duncan Regehr came in for his audition, and they witnessed his more frightening take on the character, their minds were changed.  Regehr was given the part, and Neeson of course went on to Hollywood super-stardom shortly thereafter.

Interestingly enough, Neeson was later considered for a role in Bram Stoker's Dracula, back in 1992.  The role?  Dracula's arch nemesis, Van Helsing!

Though I love Regehr's portrayal of Dracula, I simply can't help but imagine what Monster Squad would've been like had Neeson been given the role.  Think about it!!

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