Thursday, December 20, 2012

The 2012 Freddy In Space Christmas Stocking Has Been Stuffed ... Win It Now!!

Last year began an annual tradition here on Freddy In Space, where I jam pack a Christmas stocking with all sorts of awesome little goodies, and give it away to one of you lucky readers.  The tradition continues this year, and tonight's the night!
Happy to say that this year, the stocking has gotten a pretty serious upgrade, courtesy of some very generous folks.  While last year the stocking was filled entirely with stuff I had lying around the house, this year I received many donations from readers, who either had cool stuff lying around their own houses that they sent my way, or who run horror themed businesses, and were awesome enough to donate some of their handmade wares to the cause.  
So I of course must give a huge blanket thank you to all who went out of their way to contribute to this year's stocking giveaway.  Without you guys and gals, this thing wouldn't be nearly as jam packed with awesome as it is.  And let me tell you, it's so jam packed that over 50% of the contents don't even fit inside the damn thing ... now that's how you fill a stocking proper!

So then, would you like to take a look at everything that's stuffed inside, and outside, of the second annual Freddy In Space Christmas stocking?  Well of course you would, so let's take a peek!!

This pillow was handmade and donated by my friend Jennifer Hall, who runs the company Freaky Deekys.  She had previously made a larger size Sam pillow (which I proudly own!), and this is the mini version of that one.  Aint he cute?!


We've got not one but two masks here in the 2012 stocking.  The Maniac Cop one was hand drawn and handmade by artist Patrick Carson Sparrow, while the Leslie Vernon mask was custom made by yours truly, from a cheapo plastic Halloween mask I found at K-Mart.  Can you tell why I'm a writer, and Pat's an artist?


Hey, look!  It's the Army of Darkness and Hellraiser holiday specials!  Just bought these comics on eBay last week, so that I could talk about them on the blog.  Now that I've done that, I'm happy to pass them along and toss them into the stocking!


Now this is something really special.  Artist Bob Burke specializes in glow in the dark paintings, and he whipped up this Silent Night, Deadly Night inspired one exclusively for this giveaway.  The artwork is painted onto an 8"x10" canvas, and the whole thing actually glows in the dark!  How cool is that?!  Check out Bob's Facebook page (linked to above!) to see more of his glow art!


The folks who publish the 'zine Exploitation Retrospect sent me issue #51 to toss into the stocking, which includes a retrospective on the career of Barbara Steele, as well as a look at Ozploitation films.  Believe it or not, Exploitation Retrospect has been running since 1986, the year of my birth!!


Next up we've got Happy Helladays on DVD, the holiday horror classic from 1987.  Okay, so it's really a new movie that was made to look like it's from the '80s, but that doesn't make it any less awesome.  Released by Warlock Home Video, Happy Helladays is about a killer Santa stalking the sexy young ladies of a sorority house.  The blood flows like eggnog in this tribute to shot on video slashers!


S.L.U.G Zombies are one of my favorite new toys of the year, and I picked up a pack to include in the stocking.  Yep, that is indeed a zombified Hulk Hogan knockoff on the left there.  See why I love these things!?


These were sent to me by David Bruno, who worked on the X-Box Live Madballs arcade game.  American Greetings sent over a bunch of Madballs to David to help promote the game, and he was awesome enough to send some my way for the stocking.  Did I ever mention that I have the coolest readers on the internet?  Because I damn sure do!


Nathan Hamilton, who runs the horror blog Son of Celluloid, donated this promotional Holliston hat. I reluctantly included it in the stocking, because I want it for myself!


Here we have a Return of the Living Dead can koozy, courtesy of online horror shop Goblinhaus.  If you dig it, head over there to see some others they've got for sale.  They've also got all sorts of other little goodies, from DVDs to action figures!


Autumn Hawley sent me a couple of these handmade notebooks earlier in the year, and when she heard that I was doing another stocking giveaway, she didn't hesitate to contribute.  Autumn makes these by using old VHS boxes, which pretty much makes them the coolest notebooks you'll ever have the pleasure of writing in.


Speaking of VHS tapes, Jason West of Vultra Video sent over one of Vultra's limited edition VHS re-release tapes of 1997's Necro Files, which is numbered 34/50.  Also included, but not pictured, is a Necro Files poster.  Let's hear it for colored VHS tapes!!


These two books are donations from my personal collection.  The Return Man was an advanced reader copy I was sent earlier this year, which I proceeded to never read, and Shock Value I quite enjoyed and reviewed last Summer.
This is artist Cody Schibi's holiday 2012 print, which is signed, numbered, and limited to 25 pieces.  Cody's selling them in his online shop for 16 bucks a pop, and he's been kind enough to send one over for the stocking, free of charge.  The print measures 17"x11", and is called 'Monstress With a Flower'.  Love it!


These two goodies are the work of artist Robert "Nix" Nixon, whose art you can see over on his Facebook fan page.  The buttons are a limited edition Halloween release, just in case you didn't already think they were cool enough!


Remember those awesome vintage style Halloween costumes Frank Browning and I whipped up back in October?  Well this is the first series of those, made into magnets.  Devin Connors is the man responsible for magnetizing Frank's art.  Got a set of these stuck to my fridge, and I smile whenever I look at 'em!
Speaking of October.  This is the Freddy In Space exclusive Halloween 3 art print Patrick Carson Sparrow whipped up back in October, which was sold in the Facebook shop.  A couple of the 10 that I printed up did not sell, and I've decided to be generous and include one in the stocking.  We're talking a $30 value here, so don't mind if I pat myself on the back for my generosity!


This Hostel action figure was also in last year's stocking giveaway, and the reason for that is because I bought a whole case of them for super cheap many years back, and still have a bunch sitting in my closet.  Would rather hand them out to people who will appreciate them, than have them collect dust in my room!
 This New Blood poster comes courtesy of Quiltface Studios' Chris Garofalo, an awesome dude who sent one along to help sweeten the pot.  This 18"x24" 'Stagnant Decay Edition' is limited to only 40 prints, and comes signed and numbered by Chris.  Because he's super cool like that.


How about a mini box of Cereal Killers trading cards, with an assortment of cards and an eyeball gumball inside?!  Love these things!


Jen picked me up one of these Bat Boy books for Christmas a couple years back, and when I saw another one on clearance for a couple bucks at Borders, I snatched it up to give away.  And then it proceeded to sit in my closet for over a year.  So how about we give it away now?!


This is but a small piece of a giant print that was sent to me by Roger Barr, who runs one of my favorite sites, I-Mockery.  The 8-bit art was whipped up for Gallery 1988's 'Crazy 4 Cult' show, and was subsequently sold on I-Mockery, as a Halloween special.  To see the highly impressive complete piece, which is pretty damn epic, CLICK HERE!  How many movies can you name?!
*If you're worried about any of the art being stuffed into the stocking and damaged, have no fear.  The posters will all be shipped to you separately, protected in a poster tube!*


And last but most certainly not least is a very special piece of art, hand drawn by yours truly.  If that image looks familiar to you, it's because it's a replica of the drawing young Billy drew in Silent Night, Deadly Night, before he grew up and became a killer Santa Claus.  You won't often find me being artistic, but since my art skills are pretty much akin to that of an 8 year old's, I figured I'd be able to pull such a drawing off.  And if I do say so myself, it came out pretty damn good.  This piece is numbered 1 of 1, and is hand signed by Billy himself.  And when I say Billy, I of course mean me ... channeling my inner 8 year old.  Only for you guys!!
Just like last year, getting in on this one is incredibly simple and won't take you more than a couple minutes.  All you've gotta do is leave me a comment below, and tell me which Freddy In Space blog post from this past year was your favorite.  Also be sure to include your e-mail address, so I can contact you if you win.  Oh and I don't discriminate, so feel free to enter even if you don't celebrate Christmas!

The deadline for entries is at the end of the night on Christmas Eve, so be sure to get your comments in by then.  The winner will be announced on Christmas day, over on the Freddy In Space Facebook page!

Good luck to all, Merry Christmas to all, and again thank you to all who helped overflow this year's stocking with goodies!!  
I'm thinking next year ....



Morphine said...

My favorite this year were the Monster Mania recaps.

Keya M.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway, there's a ton of awesome stuff in it!

Anonymous said...

Its def the June's Freddy in Space-4 years later instalment.I've been a fan for 3 years now.I always enjoy what you say. Chris Garrison/

The Dream Warrior said...

Johnny, it's very hard for me to pick ONE entry. But, if i had to, I'd say the Syracuse Garage Sale, for the selfish reason that it was such a fun time.

I also have to say the friday Fun Fact with Billy from SNDN. So there's two. lol.


Kane said...

i like the post where you dogged v/h/s because i feel the same way... the movie was severely over hyped and horrible... bloodthevirus[at]gmail[dot]com

Devin Connors said...

My favorite thing about your site this year is discovering it for the first time. I have no chance in the world of winning this stocking but I'm happy enough to know I helped to fill it.

Tim Smith said...

My name is Tim Smith. E-mail is

My favorite blog this year was this one.

I really want that mask. That's cool as hell and I'd love to get my hands on one.

Adie Stone said...

My favourite blog post was the one showing you bought the Revoltech Jason Voorhees. That action figure has to be the best Jason figure to ever exist. It's the perfect thing for fans of Friday The 13th.

Anonymous said...

Vincent Renfield

Return of Fright Flicks cards, Shaun of the Dead video game art, the story of Pyrimid Head's asshole girlfriend! Tons of favorites!

pizzajohn07 said...

I really liked your blog post about building the Phantasm car

Anonymous said...

nes dream games friday the 13th anthology

Shape999 said...

Inside Ira's Toys! Great write up of all the amazing toys of Christmas past showcased in Silent Night Deadly Night.
I thought I was the only one that got excited over such things.

Anonymous said...

The Ben Cooper Halloween masks post.

MW said...

My favorite post of the year was "My Latest eBay Win : Goosebumps Shakin' Creature!" because it brought childhood memories rushing back like no other I saw here.

I pine for the good old days, and Goosebumps could single-handedly sum up my childhood. Maybe it was a bad thing that I spent so much time on the couch reading about Monster Blood and ventriloquist dummies, but it shaped my life. I never would've started watching horror movies if not for this incredible (admittedly tame) horror series. And I think reading 150+ of those made me a better writer, reader, speaker.

This type of writing is my favorite to read on here. Keep up the great work buddy - I don't bother with other horror blogs.


Chris Roberts said...


Loved the NES Dream Games piece!

Hilbily666 said...

I would say the one you did about the Rosanne Halloween special simply because I love that episode, that and most people to have the balls to admit they ever used to watch that show!

Tyler Turner said...

Oh man. Do we really have to just pick one?!? I can think of several blog posts that I loved, including the Madballs, Yard Sale Finds, and the Halloween short "Driving Lessons", but I have to say, as a kid who grew up on Goosebumps, I really loved The Haunted Mask find. Ever since I saw that post, I've been on the lookout for my own! Thanks for running one of the best Horror related sites around man.

Guts and Grog Reviews said...

Definitely full of amazing stuff. It of course is hard to pick. I loved your piece you did for my Horror with Training Wheels week, but that is not here. So many great ones this year. While I loved all the stuff you did with Frank Browning, I would have to say Return of the Fright Flix trading cards were epic.

Eric Martin

Tony Hicks said...

one of my favorites was the woman creeping in the dark post i thought it was really interesting.

Shit Movie Fest said...

I love just about everything but major props for the post about modern "Fright Flicks" cards you and frank did.


Hayley said...

Oh man so many awesome posts. Been a fan for about a year now. Just figured out today how to subscribe via google. So just been a stalker via bookmarks.

I think my favorite would have to be the police sketches of the famous horror characters from July. Was interesting to see a different perspective!

Good luck everyone. And thanks for the awesome posts and super sick giveaway!


Jim said...

I love all of them, but in recent memory, I've really enjoyed the recaps on the Hellraiser & Army of Darkness Christmas Special comics!

Anonymous said...

I would also have to say the Nes dream games Friday the 13th anthology. The things I would do to have that game.

-Matt Prime

B-Roc said...

I loved your review of SINISTER. Not only because I loved the movie, but I loved your story of being home and hearing the noise in your basement. The movie was that unnerving and I had trouble sleeping for 2 nights because of it, so I can relate.

Mantis Toboggan said...

My favorite of the year was the Senior Citizen Horror Icons post. I had the picture of michael myers with the walker as my desktop picture for months.

That stocking is amazing.

Kody Smith said...

I honestly only stumbled across this site a few weeks ago. So being a "newbie" I can't really say what my favorite blog of the year is, as I'm still catching up on all of the old posts. All I can say is that I'm thankful for finding this page, as it covers everything I love about movies and entertainment. Thank you very much, and Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Definently the Hellraiser Christmas Special. Never heard of it before and thought it was awesome coverage!

Jon Correia:

Anonymous said...

toys that never saw the light of day is pretty awesome. i just like all the cool horror toys in general :P


Spencer said...

I've loved all the Trailer Thoughts posts! They always keep me updated on upcoming movies and I love hearing your thoughts.

Ryan Teske said...

One of my favorite was probably the vintage Halloween costumes you posted in October. I need that Tom Atkins mask! haha

puffboy said...

All of your posts are great but one that still stands out for me is your Jan 25 post about 'Megan is Missing'. After watching it a while back, I felt like I was only person who'd ever seen it. It was "recommended" to me after I complained about how disturbing 'A Serbian Film' was. I still don't which one is worse. I definitely had the same reaction to 'Megan is Missing' that you did, as in not being able to sleep.


Dr. Jimmy Terror said...

The mask series you did with Frank were absolutely amazing and showed true genius on both your parts. I can't believe that immediately following that post I found a pile of similarly aged masks at a local antique shop and then told the lady behind the counter all about the blog... she didn't get it, but she offered me $5 off ($45 is still high). Love ya brochacho! - Dr. Jimmy

e said...

The Holiday Gift Guides are clutch cause where else am I gonna find twisted stuff for twisted people?

Anonymous said...

Michael Jordan

That is one full stocking!

I really liked the All American Massacre blog and the Revoltech Jason Voorhees one.

brandon_2385 said...

My favorite blog had to be "The Sequels You've Never Seen" back in April this year.

Love it when you cover sequels or films we haven't seen that we should watch!

Anonymous said...

I love the subspecies reviews got ne into the series and the review of the new crappy hellraiser jeff sample

Rob said...

My favorite post of 2012 is "Too Good For This World" - your memorial post for Buddha.

While it's likely the most depressing post to ever grace this blog, it's also dripping with raw emotion and a beautiful tribute to a lost friend. Not often a blog makes me teary eyed.


Anonymous said...

I love to see all the different ways people are inspired by horror films. That is why I chose the Fan Made Posters blogs. Cheers!

Dan Clausen said...

Your article about the director of Friday the 13th Part 5.. It's nice to see such an influential yet unappreciated face in the horror community being honored in some way.


Mike Schneider said...

Loomis's spare time was the most fun. I'm a sucker for that sort of thing.

- Mike
( )

Specter said...

I think it's a wee bit cheap, but I honestly think the two Christmas comic posts were my favorites. I had no idea those books existed and I'm running around in circles trying to get a hold of the Hellraiser one. The Barker fan in me is just creaming over the idea of a soda-masochistic Christmas. It's like a pillar of souls with some twinkly lights and a Leviathan on top.

Specter said...

Oh, by the way, my email address...

Don Willhite,Jr said...

Vintage Videos Of The Week:Vincent Price,'cause I can never get enough of one of the all time great horror icons.

Stereo Stations said...

When you got the mummy back.


James said...

Your Pet Peeves: Lame New Cover Arts for Old Films was one that I always agree with. When I saw the Twilight-ized Near Dark artwork, it made me angry. Then made me realize I'll never get rid of my 2 disc DVD, no matter how good a Blu-ray with that cover might be. And that Killer Klowns one... oooh boy, that's awful.

unrealbe said...

It really showes you passion for silent night deadly night, a movie I like as well. Never seen that hebrew tape before ;-)

I have read your blog way more consistently then last year. here's to a great blogging 2013.

jimnuts said...

The Beetlejuice Halloween Special was my favorite!


anthony smylie said...

Totally loved th fan made posters blog..great to see different versions of classic horror art!!

Anthony Smylie

anthony smylie said...

Totally loved the fan made posters...great to see different versions of our favourites

Chris Langley said...

I enjoyed all of the silent night info. One of the few remakes done correctly.

Dan said...

Definitely the Ira's Toy Shop post. That one made me smile from ear to ear and I'm glad somebody took the time to do that. I always found myself inching up to the TV whenever they would be inside the store so I could see what the hell was on the shelves.

Thanks for including ER #51 but BOY do I feel old knowing our first issue came out the year you were born! --

Maggie Maggot said...

If I had to choose one post, I'd say this was my favorite:
Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Bust Out The PBR & Ghost Hunting Equipment : My Valentine's Weekend Getaway Is Booked!

It was really fun to read about your adventure and made you feel like you were along for the ride, so to speak.

It was great to meet you guys in person this year too :)

Here's to a Frightfully Fantastic 2013!


Tracy F said...

What an awesome giveaway! So much good stuff!

I'd have to say I most enjoyed the June post that kicked off the Halloween buying season. It was the first post that got me officially hyped for Halloween and inspired me to try to track down that tabletop animated Sam (which I never did find :( ).

Thanks for another great year of Freddy in Space!


Ryan Chinn said...

My favorite article of the year would have to be "NES Dream Games - Friday the 13th Anthology".

I loved the idea of breaking the game into segments based on each movie. Plus, the idea of being able to pit characters from across the series against each other is awesome (pit Final Chapter Jason against Jason Lives Tommy Jarvis ... I bet he doesn't leave a square inch of Jason intact).

In short, it'd be a hell of a game in my eyes ... and even though we'll never get anything that cool in the real world, both you and artist Frank Browning made it seem as though it really happened.

I always felt like the original Friday the 13th NES game was highly underrated anyways.

Keep up the good work, your interests in horror and the Alien franchise match mine to a 'T', so I've got my eyes glued to your blog.

Ryan Chinn

Katherine said...

Well, it is hard to pick JUST one. I try to methodically go through your blog every week - I even have the last post I read bookmarked so I don't lose track HaHa!

But, I will say two that stood out for me were the Reader's Halloween costumes from this year - I loved that you compiled all those pics bc it was fun seeing what people came up with.

Also, I loved the story about Jenn winning you the Dolph Lundgren He-Man action figure on ebay for two reasons - 1.) I can relate to ebay bidding stress and 2.) It was super cute.

Great work putting this stocking together - it is much coveted! Have a Happy Holiday!

Psychosylum said...

Way to many great post to pinpoint just one.


Matthew Baxter said...

i'm new to the awesomeness that is Freddy In Space. Freddy was listed as one of the top 5 horror blogs (on dread central i think) and for good reason. so i dug right in. and i immediately learned of a movie called The Loved Ones, which subsequently is now my favorite horror movie of 2012 (and really one of the best of the decade, to be honest). so thank you for that, Freddy In Space, and keep doing what you do, because you do it GOOOOOD!!

kristin. said...

My name's Kristin.

I loved the blog posting about the David Lynch vs. Rob Zombie coffee. :)

brad haglage said...

omg to win this would make this weird, long, uncomfortable year okay again. i couldnt even pick what id want the most. the pillow or the handdrawn picture r both amazing. i just started following freddy in space about a month ago, but i already look at their posts more then bloody disgustings!

kristin. said...

I'm Kristin. I loved a lot of the posts, but I especially liked the David Lynch vs. Rob Zombie coffee.

Mary Bastian said...

I love all the movies you watched posts - I always enjoy hearing about what other fans are watching. Of course I loved all the monster mania posts, because I was there but again its awesome to hear about another persons experience and see all the goodies you picked up. And I loved all your vintage halloween posts because I am a HUGE halloweenie. One more, your marriage announcement I loved most!!!

mary bastian

Chris Tanski said...

My favorite posts are the Virtual Trading Cards posts. I am a huge fan of trading cards. They still do them today but it just doesnt feel the same as it did in the 80's when everything came out in trading card form.

Chris Tanski

Mary Bastian said...

Lets try this a 2nd time - doesnt seem to want to post my comments

1. I loved all your posts on what you were watching. I always love hearing about what other fans are watching. Sometimes it introduces me to new stuff
2. I loved all your monstermania recaps - partly because I was there. And as crowded as it gets and its getting harder and harder to meet up with people there - I love hearing about your weekend experience and seeing all the goodies you picked up
3. Vintage halloween posts! I am huge halloweenie so no need to day more
4. Lastly but most imporantly, I loved your marriage announcement post.
mary bastian

B. Bennett said...

Amazing giveaway!

Would have to say my favorite post was on the vintage/retro Halloween costumes. My parents had several of their old masks up until a few years ago when they were ruined due to a flood in their basement. A few of mine from when I was a kid growing up in the early 80's survived. I'll always cherish them.

Thanks for always being true and having so much respect to all of us horror fans!

UncleRandy said...

13 More Stunning Horror Movie Posters From Ghana!

Anonymous said...

My favorite was the Vintage Halloween Costumes series 4.

mike said...

I'm not going to lie, never heard of this shit before, got sent here through fright-rags facebook, but I've been spending some time looking at a lot of the page, and I have to say I like it. Plus, winning that stocking stuffer would be awsome.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the fan made posters!

Anonymous said...

I like Freddy In space vintage halloween costumes series 4. I really dig seeing the fan fiction mask. really cool. Jon Fassnacht II

Drew said...

Because it would be far too stressful on my tiny brain to pick my favorite post of the past year, I will choose this post. In fact, it just might truly be, take a look at all that cool sh@t.

Unknown said...

oddly enough, your last one. i'm pretty jazzed to see a new take on Freddy.

Anonymous said...

I cant help it but the RZFX Slither piece is my favorite one
Keep up the great work!


Vinnie said...

My favorite would be the recap of the weekend you and Jen spent at the Yankee Pedlar Inn. As a huge fan of the Innkeepers, this was an very interesting read, as is all your work. Looking forward to what you have in store for us in 2013.

Vinnie Romano

Celluloid Terror (Seth Poulin) said...

Awesome giveaway! I loved your post about meeting and buying a drink for danny steinmann.

oldgentlovecraft said...


Since there's a ton of horror variety on the blog, I think I actually enjoyed your review of Telltale's The Walking Dead. I am a huge survival horror fan, and it was awesome to see such an innovative game get the Freddy in Space treatment. Keep up the good work! \m/

Corey Bailey said...

The horror style G.I. Joe's from the Kickass custom post has to be some of the Coolest action figures I've seen all year. Favorite one of the bunch is The Evil Dead Ashley J Williams figure with his little chainsaw hand.

Anonymous said...

I liked the one about finding the guy that sole your Mummy


JediRob said...

Rob Zombie vs. David Lynch Coffee.

This to me is the most prime example of why I love this site. I live and breathe horror stuff, so I crave it in any small way I can. So 2 horror directors having brands of coffee is the kind of thing that is so utterly ridiculous, that I drink up(no pun intended) like a maniac.

And there's never any phoning in on this site. It's not just a little link and mention that these 2 brands of coffee exist, which is what most blogs do. No, it's a full on review/taste test. Peppered with great puns, observations, pics and a very informative review. Done by someone who obviously shares the same passion that I do. It's the kind of thing that makes my otherwise monotonous day entertaining, and the reason I come to the site everyday.

Thanks for another great year.

Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

My favorite article was on the S.L.U.G. Zombies! Awesome!

My email is

Zombie fingers crossed!

Rod Chavez said...

my fav post was the S.L.U.G. Zombies review, when I read it I had to buy some because they look gret

Rod Chavez

The Crib Keeper said...

My favorite post was your "11 Horror Performances Worthy of an Oscar Nomination." AKA the ONLY OSCAR Coverage I read this year.

PS: The photo in it of Shaw brandishing a knife is pretty much the greatest picture of the year too.

M Cole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

My email is

My favorite Freddy in Space post was about the fan posters. I love looking at those things. There are a ton of posts here that I love but that just sticks out in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Fan made poster: Part 8!


Stacy said...

I loved your post on the vintage toys from store in Silent Night Deadly Night. I love whenever somebody has a good eye for detail like that!

Happy holidays and I fucking died at the Jaws poster at the end.

Stacy -

Anthony Rapino said...

My favorite post was by far the Vintage Toy Box: The Trash Bag Bunch. That one really brought back memories of my borderline-obsessive dunking of trash bag bunch figures. I'd crave a new one at least once a week so I could watch that nasty bag dissolve in scummy bubbles as a new figure would emerge. Now *that's* Christmas morning!

Anthony Rapino said...

And of course I forgot to leave my e-mail address: onipar AT yahoo DOT com

Happy holidays!

Travis G said...

I like most everything that you post but the year end awards made me feel good inside. I was so happy to see that so many had seen and appreciated the Loved Ones and especially Excision.

Awkward Posture said...

I would have to say The Deviant Art Adventures post with the cereal monsters. Takes me back to my youth. Getting up early so I could watch Tales from the Cryptkeeper, Bobby's World, Bump in the Night, and Garfield and Friends (amongst several others). There's just something about those iconic cereal fiends that adds fuel to my nostalgia machine. Loved it!

Anonymous said...

My favorite blog would have to be either the vintage Halloween costumes in Oct or the Fright Flicks cards blog.
Thanks for all the great reading and introducing me to things I may not have found out about.

Michelle said...

Weird. Mine didn't go through! Good thing I checked today! HAHA ANyway, the stocking looks awesome and however wins it is very lucky! I would have to say that my favourite blogs you did this year were the ones about the sequels you never watched. It got me to watch a few. Also, the easter egg challenge (which I took part in) was alot of fun to do! Loved that idea!


AxSylum said...

Vintage Toy Box: Sungold's Monster Toys is definitely a favorite! I'm a huge toy fan; especially of monster toys!

saposonic said...

Well... you had me with the Chicago Tylenol murders! I had a copy of 13 great ways to celebrate Halloween when I was a kid. It brought back some memories! This blog is awesome keep it up! I love it Thank you!

inSain9876 said...

As often as I read this page (pretty much daily) I have a hard time picking out just 1 article I enjoyed the I am going to pick the one that touched me the most. The tribute article "Too Good For This World" that you did for Buddha sticks with me. I had messaged you and knew what had happened, but reading that article and hearing the story of Jenn getting Buddha all the way through what had happened was extremely heartfelt and heart wrenching at the same time. Writing something that personal I would imagine was one of the hardest things you ever had to write and I appreciate you sharing that with us.

Jeanette J said...

I loved the Partying with George Romero & The Cenobites. I would love to party with George Romero....and even the Cenobites.

Jeanette J said...

I didn't include my email on the comment I just made because I am commenting on my Google account so you should be able to get it.
But if not....
lindahl at rogers dot com

Matt said...

My fav would have to be the articals about the fan made posters. I like knowing artists and seeing great artwork.

Randyflagg said...

The one blog posts of yours that really stands out for me was the one you wrote in support of the Evil Dead remake, on January 31st (Yes! I looked it up! lol). I know you've since written on the subject with the release of the trailer & poster, but this particular post felt like you really throwing your sword down in the sand during what seemed like a war among the horror community on whether or not the film would be any good.

After reading this article of yours, I found myself talking to my monitor in agreeance. Most of the points you made throughout felt as though you ripped them straight from my mind.

I've enjoyed your blog significantly over the past year or so and there are simply too many great posts to name, but if I had to choose one, off the top of my head, it would be that.

Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest. Best of luck to everyone and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

- Ray (

crueshopofhorrors said...

I've never won anything before, but this is something I will hope for, everything here is AMAZING!

My favorite blog post of this past year, since I have to pick just 1, would be your "11 Horror Performances Worthy of an Oscar Nomination". I agreed with everything said here, awesome post! Not sure how many times I have read it.

Thank you SO much for this contest, and for this blog. You have introduced me to so many horriffic things, and I love it!!!

C.W. Ward

MikeE1111 said...

My email is

My favorite post of the last year! GOOD STUFF:

Joe DiGristine said...

My favorite was the vintage ads for the Piranha films that never happened. I love that kind of stuff along with the many many unproduced screenplays floating around out there. Great job on a great subject !
- Joe D.

Anonymous said...

my email is
I really dug the Inside Iras toys peice. Looking at old toys makes me feel the same way as watching a horror movie that I seen when I was little. Thank You for making me feel like a little kid again!
I also liked the tale of your lost and found mummy quite a bit.

Caitie said...

This is the most recent one, but I love all of your entries about fan made posters and memorabilia! Some of the most amazing stuff I've seen is handmade and it's amazing to look in one place and find everything you would ever want that is horror movie related.

Billy Effner said...

My name is Billy Effner and my e-mail address is My favorite blog entry is the recent one about Return Of The Living Dead and how it was originally supposed to be. Wouldn't mind seeing how it would've turned out that way

M Cole said...

My favorite article is the NES Dream Games: Friday the 13th Anthology. I'd love to see that become a real game somehow.

Accidently deleted my original post, lol. My email is

Mr. Mike D. said...

101 comments before me... holy shit brother! You are doing your thing over her! Great work Johnny...

The thing I love best about your site is what makes it so unique, and that is all the original content and opinions you choose to feature on your site. You don't just regurgitate the stuff from the big horror blog sites, you give it your own spin. You make your opinion, your expertise, and your shortcomings as a horror fan (You never seen Nightbreed... c'mon man!!!) the focus of your features, and that makes them so much better.

If I had to pick one thing it would be your countless collaborations with Frank Browning you have had. So creative and original.

Keep up the good work brother!!!!

Mike D
CCD Baby!!!!

Mr. Mike D. said...

PS - My email is,

Mike D

Cat Scares said...

It's really hard to choose a favorite post this year, but I'm going to go with these Ghanese Movie Posters posts, because those freakin' posters are rad!

Looking forward to more crazy shit in 2013!

Sean Byron

sean at seanbyron(dot)com

Alex said...

It's hard to choose, but my favorite Freddy in Space posts from this year are the vintage Halloween costumes you did with Frank Browning. Very cool and original.

Entrails from the Squared Circle said...

Loved the NES Dream Games!

Mike Koopmans

bnchile said...

the yard sale finds was a good one for me... i have a problem of not being able to drive by a garage sale for fear of missing that "one" item.

Clint said...

I am partial to the Syracuse Horror Garage Sale and Halloween at Rosie's blogs, but also enjoy hearing your Walking Dead opionions and comments!!
Clint Erardi

Mike Dobrzelecki said...

its hard to pick just one but I always dig your Monster Mania recaps. Recently I've dug the Friday facts and I really enjoyed the exclusives like the Season of The Witch print and the interview with the folks behind the new Nightmare fan film. Good stuff man, keep up the good work.

kaiyn said...

Your posts could be compared to a can of Pringles in a way...I can't pick just one! I've managed to limit it to three.
1) Reader Halloween Costumes 2012. It was awesome to see what everyone came up with!
2) Too Good For This World. It may not have been horror related, but it is a reminder that behind every blogger there is a human face with a family, be they a human one or one of the four legged and furry variety. That was a beautiful post and tribute, Johnny.
3) Telltale's New Walking Dead Video Game: Quick Thoughts! - I'll admit that it it had me intrigued when I originally read the post, but I never did get around to giving it a shot. I hope they still have these up on the Playstation store, because now I really want to try these! It'll give me something to do until Walking Dead comes back in February. ;)

GREGGER said...

I loved the Ben Cooper masks blog entry.

I'm is


Phil R. said...

My favourite was the Test Tube Alien post which persuaded me to go and buy my own little flasjing heart buddy. :)

GREGGER said...

I loved the Ben Cooper masks blog entry.

I'm is



Holy cow! Great giveaway!!

My favorite post was the
Toys That Never Saw The Light Of Day : Part 2!


Anonymous said...

My favorite post of the past year is 'I Love the Smell of Hate Mail in the Morning...' The complete ignorance and misunderstanding that lady showed you and your response to her was priceless, I was laughing my ass off at the situation. I found your blog about a year ago and have checked it daily ever since, it's the only horror blog I read. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Cheers to a horror filled 2013.

Veshango said...

If I had to choose my fav post it would be either you finding your stolen mummy again one year after it was stolen or the trip to the dentist.

I had a tooth taken out around that time and I too watched the Dentist films in preparation for the operation! In closing, I love mummies and hate the dentist, but I love stockings filled with goodness.


kaiyn said...

*facepalm* Forgot to throw my email in there. That's what I get for commenting before I had any coffee.
hwhiteshark at

Sockmonkey13 said...

I gotta go with the post about the Roseanne Halloween specials. I like knowing there are other people out there that love them as much as I do.

email is mrdurden 21 @

Xiangzi Li said...

My favorite was "Deviant Art Adventures : The Cereal Monsters Edition!", I really love the cereal monsters.

Xiangzi Li

April A. Taylor said...

My favorite was "Silent Night, Deadly Night: Inside Ira's Toys."

April A. Taylor

Creepy Glowbugg said...

My favorite post was your September 30th post:
Breakfast Cereals Dress Up For Halloween : A Pictorial History!
I loves me some Hallowe'en themed breakfast cereals and that Bride of Frankenberry print is immense as well.
Even if I don't win the stocking, that print is mine!!
Thanks for the chance to win such a wicked assortment of booty!!

Eric Taylor said...

That stocking is so rad John..
That Silent Night, Deadly Night poster must be mine ahahaha...

Have a good Christmas man,

dinahcancer said...

Roseannnne all the way.
Happy Hellidays!

Celeste King

Mikey Venture said...

I have to say I really enjoyed

how you got your mummy back

The hate mail with pyramid heads GF,

and the homemade Tommy Jarvis Halloween costume.

Sean Tiedeman said...

I LOVE your site, but my wallet does not! As a reader over the past few years I must say I really appreciate your entries that introduce me to horror-related products I never knew existed. Thanks to you I am now the proud owner of a baby Selwyn figure from Peter Jackson's Dead Alive! The article on Gabe's work over at Homemade Horror was awesome! I also greatly appreciate being introduced to Death Waltz Records. I just had to have the vinyl score from Halloween II. I am thankful that your blog exists and I will look forward to continuing to read it daily from now until the end of time! Happy holidays and thank you.


Anonymous said...

I'd have to pick the '10 Directors I'd Like to See Make More Movies' post. Some great picks in there (especially Fred Dekker).


Brandon said...

I truely love any of the posts aboiut 80s-90s pop culture nostalgia. i love seeingthe snacks, toys, and other promo items that take me back and make me say "I remember THAT!!!!" but i would have to say my favorite posting would have to be the MAXx FX toyline retrospective.

I loved seeing the "what could have been", just as much as i loved being reminded of the toys of my childhood and this article had both!


SonOfCelluloid said...
My favorite post was "Evil Woman Creeping From Dark : The Latest Stock Photo Scream Queen" where you documented just how many covers use that "crawling girl" stock photo. I thought I was the only one who had noticed that.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is James Olsen and my email is my favorite blog post was about the revoltech Jason vorhees action figure. My brother brought me one of these back from Japan while he was on leave and i love it. I was happy to see someone else liked it as much as i do. Thank u and looking forward to another year of great blog posts!
Merry Christmas

Cait said...

It's a toss up between March 13th's Monster Mania costumes and August 15th's hate mail post, but if I have to choose, I'd have to go with August 15th. Too funny!

Thanks for another year of great posts!


Entrails from the Squared Circle said...

NES Dream Games have been my favorite posts of the year.

Michael Koopmans

Jinpayne said...

I like all of your posts, but the ones where you create your own things based on movies, such as never made NES games based on horror movies and trading cards of Halloween III and SNDN.
Jordan Payne

*Krys* said...

When I first read this, I immediately thought of my all-time favorite Freddy in Space post: the "A Bit of a Strange Confession" from 2010 (I still have it bookmarked!). That post, for me, summed up why I love this blog. You capture the same quirky, ridiculous, and interesting factoids and observations that I do... and recommend the most unbelievably relevant items, movies, and articles.

Since then, my husband and I have married and are now expecting a next generation of Freddy in Space fan. We're totally hoping to receive some gator chucks of our own!

As for the best post of 2012? "Freddy In Space: Four Years Later"
I've been following your blog since the beginning, when my husband and I first met. To follow not only your impeccable horror reviews, but also your incredible relationship with Jen has been an unbelievable pleasure. Finding out you two had tied the knot was so exciting, and reading about it as you reflected on your life felt like one of those flashback season finale episodes of a favorite show... only this was just the beginning for you.

Happy Holidays, Freddy in Space family. Our growing family looks forward to many more years of following your adventures!


Matt said...

Big fan of your posts but the one that stood out this year was
"Relics From My Childhood : The Nightmare On Elm Street Collector Card Set!" As a kid I used to love to collect cards, whether they were baseball cards or the old school Topps Xmen cards, I had them all. Seeing this article brought back a lost memory I had of owning a pack or two of these forgotten cards. I love cards and if I win, those cereal killer cards would be the cream of the crop. Thanks and keep writing those great articles into 2013.
Matthew De Luna

Anonymous said...

Your behind the scenes photos was my favorite, especially the one you found from THE WOMAN. There's something about a bloody Pollyanna eating a cookie that is equally disturbing and adorable! Thanks for another great year!

Anonymous said...

I loved the "Candy Corn Oreos : The Freddy In Space Taste Test!" article as it set me on an unsuccessful quest to find some. I later heard that each Target location only received 5 boxes of the Candy Corn Oreos and never received any beyond that. I'll be ready next year!

Daniel Moore said...

I've just discovered your website the last few days and it's ruined my productivity at work! My favorite post is def the mockup of the NES Silent Night game.

Anthony M. said...

Favorite post of the year has to be the return of fright flicks. Wish i could go down and buy a box.

Flip138 said...

I think I would jizz myself for this O.o

Flip138 said...

My favorite was the smack talking on the very deserving v/h/s.

This giveaway is awesome, I would jizz myself O.o

Leif Fuller said...

Hey Freddy in Space, I fucking love this blog!

My favorite post this year was the dissection of Ira's Toy Store in Silent Night Deadly Night.

Very cool.

My email address is


Chungnuts said...

The main one that comes to mind is your Halloween II Mask from Trick or Treat Studios. I pre ordered one after I saw it in your blog. Probably would have never seen one if it was not for Freddy in Space.

Danny Conrad

Chris Rohlman said...

My favorite post was the "Son Of A Hundred Maniacs : New Freddy Fan Film Shows Promise!" because it brought a new Elm Street film to my attention.

justin said...

I really enjoyed the Ben Cooper-esque horror costume mock-ups. Now, if only they were real and came in adult sizes ;)

Capt. Michael E. Stephenson said...

While there were hundreds of articles I could claim were the best, like the cereal monsters from deviant art or the list of best VHS covers (I still long for that Fright Night 2 coffin case), the one article that stuck out this year was your tribute to Buddha.

I know what it’s like to enter a relationship that comes with pets, my girlfriend was the owner of a pug named Chipper that she had for twelve years. I had always lived with dogs but never a pug and never one this old. Eventually it came the time that she went out of town for a week and it would be just me and Chipper. Alone.

I was scared to death that he would get sick on my watch or something equally as horrible but one day, while just hanging out on the couch, Chipper jumped up and nestled his head on my chest. From then on we were blood brothers. We ate together, watched movies together (Chipper not the biggest fan of Killer Klowns for some reason), and even drank together.

Time eventually got the best of my pal Chipper and we had to say good-bye. I really felt your love for Buddha and how it had affected you cause I had been there. It opened up a old wound but felt good to have a shared experience with another human being.

On a side note, if I could mention a close second runner, it would have to be your review of the Halloween III blu-ray. I was on the fence until I read your descriptions and saw you photos.

Thanks for keeping us all up-to-date on all the latest and greatest in the horror-verse.

Mike E

Warren Gow said...

Hey John ! It's Warren . It's certainly not a easy choice to make just one favorite, but I really enjoyed the "'10 Directors I'd Like to See Make More Movies'" post. hopefully shipping to Canada is cool?
my email is