Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Top 10 Horror Movies Of 2012 : The Freddy In Space Readers Edition!

I never really like to do end of the year best of lists, for the simple fact that I never feel like I've seen enough new movies throughout the year to warrant doing one.  I watch a whole lot of horror movies every year, this is true, but by the end of each year I always know that I've missed a few movies that likely would be on my best of the year list, if only I had seen them.  So how do you make a best of list, unless you've seen everything there is to see?  I guess I just think about these things too much, so I just prefer to avoid the stress altogether.

But this year, I've decided to get in on the year end festivities, in a fun and thoroughly comprehensive way.  How, you ask?  Well, early this morning, over on the Freddy In Space Facebook page, I asked you fine folks to submit your own personal picks for the best horror movies of the year.  I left the voting open for the entire day, with no restriction on how many picks each reader could submit.
Tonight, I tallied up all the votes (my own included), and from those comments came up with a pretty solid top 10 list, along with more than a few honorable mentions, who didn't quite make the cut.  The list came out looking pretty much like I expected it to look, with one big surprise and a few picks that I personally do not agree with.  But hey, I'm just glad that I've actually seen all ten of the movies that ended up on the list!

Oh and just to clear something up right off the bat, so nobody leaves me hate mail over this list.  There's a lot of debate about what is a horror movie and what isn't a horror movie when it comes to lists like these, and there's perhaps even more debate about when precisely a movie was 'technically' released.  A couple of the movies on here aren't exactly horror movies, per se, but they're on the list because I approved them to be on the list, so that's that.  
As for the whole release date madness, here's the way I see it.  If a particular movie was released to the majority of people this year, then I allowed it to be on this list.  Plain and simple.  A few of the movies on here made their festival debuts either last year or even years prior, but if they weren't released wide on home video or in theaters until this year, then I consider them 2012 movies.  That's just the way I do it, and I can only hope you respect that when looking over this list.
Now then, here are the Top 10 Horror Movies of 2012, according to yours truly, and you wonderful Freddy In Space readers.  Huge thanks to the nearly 150 people who cast their votes for this.  Obviously, could've never done this without you all.  Over 200 votes were cast, and 40+ different movies chosen, in total.  Here are the best of the best!

Prometheus and The Collection tied in 10th place, with five votes a piece.  Interestingly enough, I placed a personal vote for both of these movies, and so I'm very glad to see they made it on the list, even if they barely did so.

Is Prometheus a straight up horror movie?  No, it's not.  But as reader Todd Crawford remarked when someone asked if I'd count it; "if Alien is horror, then so is Prometheus."  I agree 100% with that statement.  If there's a Xenomorph in a movie, it's a horror movie, as far as I'm concerned.  But yea, I am a huge fan of Prometheus, and I still don't understand all the hate it's gotten since it was released.  Hands down one of my favorite movies of 2012, horror or otherwise.

As for The Collection, I was delighted to see it get enough votes to make it on here.  It's certainly not the best horror movie of the year, but it's one of the more fun movies I saw this year, and for that reason alone it deserves to be on the list.  Sometimes, a balls out mindless gore fest is just what the doctor ordered!


Father's Day narrowly escaped a three way 10th place tie, making its way onto the list in the 9th place, with six votes.  I never reviewed this one here on the blog, but I did finally get around to watching it over the summer.  As I had suspected, I hated the movie and saw pretty much zero merit in it.  That whole dick and fart joke childish Troma film humor just doesn't work for me, and Father's Day is actually one of my least favorite movies that I sat through this year.  Hell, I probably would've turned it off before the halfway mark, if I wasn't somewhat being forced to watch it by a friend (sorry, Kristy!!).  Found this one irritating, more than anything else.

8) V/H/S

This is another one that I don't quite understand the love for, and it's in fact my personal pick for the most disappointing horror movie of 2012.  After being incredibly excited about V/H/S for seemingly forever, thanks to the awesome concept and the talent involved, I kinda couldn't believe how shitty it was once I finally sat down and watched it.  Turns out, it was just another crap found footage movie, with small moments of goodness surrounded by large moments of stupidity and boredom.  Yawn.  It fittingly got eight votes, by the way.


With nine votes, the second sequel in the REC franchise placed in the lucky 7th slot.  I'm a big fan of the franchise and this is another one of the ones I cast a vote for.  Is it as good as the first one?  Can't say it is.  But it takes the franchise down a much different path, which I felt was needed after REC 2, which was a bit too familiar feeling.  REC 3 is just plain fun, and I dig it for that.


Remember when I said up above that one of the films on this list quite surprised me? Well this is the one.  Silent Night racked up an impressive 10 votes, which I did not at all expect.  Silent Night was another disappointment for me this year.  Definitely not the worst remake out there, and it's got moments of sheer awesomeness, but all around I felt it wasn't nearly as fun as it could've, and should've, been.  Can't help but feel that the reason it's not only on the list, but so high up on it, is because everyone's in that Christmasy mood right about now.  Then again, I suppose with so few exceptional horror movies in the past year, movies that aren't so great were bound to wind up on many a top 10 list, whether they deserve those spots or not.  Gotta pick something!


This is probably the most controversial pick on the list, which I expect to get some flack for.  The Loved Ones, which garnered 14 votes, was made way back in 2009, but didn't make its way off the festival circuit and into most homes until earlier this year.  So again, it's eligible for the list, according to the way I do these.  Deal with it!
The Loved Ones was one of my favorite horror movies I saw this year.  This is the kind of boldly original horror flick we need more of in this world.  Love me some Aussie horror!


Hammer's old school haunted house film barely beat out The Loved Ones, with 15 votes.  Kinda wish it were the other way around, personally.  The Woman In Black is rich with an awesome haunted house atmosphere that I totally dug, but I was all around fairly unimpressed with it.  As I mentioned in my review, it's a run of the mill haunted house affair, but it's nevertheless a pretty damn well done run of the mill haunted house affair.  Can't argue with it being on the list, but I am kinda surprised to see it rank so high.


Excision is another 2012 favorite of mine, and I was incredibly happy to see it pull in 16 votes, and come in so high up on the list.  Totally deserving.  AnnaLynne McCord's Pauline is one of the more riveting female characters in recent years, and her incredible performance was my hands down favorite of the year.  Hate to compare Excision to any other movie, since it's so unique and original, but calling it "this year's May" isn't exactly off base.  Love this movie, and I love that it's getting so much love here at the end of the year!


With a whopping 20 votes, Sinister is hereby named the second best horror film of 2012, according to you guys and gals.  And guess what?  I totally agree with all who voted it up to that spot!
Though not a perfect film, Sinister is nevertheless one of the rare movies that actually managed to scare the dickens out of me, a sense of terror that I brought home with me after seeing it in the theater.  Gotta give huge amounts of respect to any movie that I can say that about.  The latter half isn't as good as the first half, but this is one seriously effective fright flick.  Those moments where Ethan Hawke's character was watching the home videos of families getting murdered?  Some of the most bone chilling in many years.

Not surprising in the least, Cabin In The Woods is the winner of the best horror film of the year award, a result of a massive outpouring of support, in the form of 51 votes.  No, not 50 ... FIFTY ONE!!

If this list were made up by me, and me alone, Cabin would rank in the exact same spot as it does on this list, so that makes me happy.  I don't know how much more there is to be said about the movie that hasn't already been said, by the entirety of the horror community and by me in my review and subsequently all over Facebook.  It's a totally game changing horror movie, and I can't think of a single movie more deserving of being in this spot than it.  It's the best damn horror movie of the year, and that's really all there is to it.
Do want to mention that The Innkeepers would've appeared 'round about the middle of the list, according to the votes that came in for it, but I had to cut it off considering the movie hit On Demand services here in the states at the very end of last year, making it a 2011 release.  It was a tough call, since it hit On Demand platforms so close to 2012 (on December 30th!), but it was a call I had to make.  But check that movie out anyway, if ya haven't yet!

Also want to give a shout out to Darren Bousman's awesome Mother's Day remake, which I count as a 2012 release, since it didn't come out until this year, despite the fact that it was made in 2010.  Didn't make it on the list, because nobody but myself voted for it.  But yea.  Watch that one too.  At least watch it instead of Father's Day, if you're ever torn between the two.  Promise me that.

Just to give you even more movies to catch up on that you may have missed, here are some honorable mentions, which all received more than one vote (in no particular order); The Theatre Bizarre, The Divide, Chained, Sleep Tight, The Possession, Paranorman, Beyond The Black Rainbow, Sleeper, Livide, Revenant, Inbred, Dear God No!, Lovely Molly, Detention, Frankenweenie, Bait, The Bay, ATM, Absentia, The Pact & Juan of the Dead.  Not all of these apply to my 'released wide' way of doing this, but there's no need to be strict about honorable mentions, I figure!

Again, big time thanks to all the awesome Freddy In Space readers who made this list possible.  Yes, even the ones who voted for Father's Day.  And V/H/S.  You all rock, and I hope to see each and every one of you around these parts next year, and in the years to come.  Let's do it again in 2013!!


Anonymous said...

There are no dick and/or fart jokes in FATHER'S DAY.

Johnny said...

I say "dick and fart joke humor" as a representation of immature and stupid humor, which Troma films, and Father's Day, possess. Not my bag, that's what I meant by that. Honestly don't even remember if Father's Day had actual dick and/or fart jokes in it, since I pretty well forgot about it the minute I was done watching it.

Thanks for the comment!

Michele (TheGirlWhoLovesHorror) said...

Oh, The Loved Ones was far better than number 4! It and Cabin in the Woods are my top two, of the ones that I've actually been able to see this year. I'm thinking that I'll like Excision a lot, too, with all the awesome reviews for it. Waiting on Netflix to send it to me!

John Tatarelli Jr. said...

What a terrible year for horror. My favorite movie on this list is Prometheus (and it wasn't a horror movie). Besides me and Mary I don't know anyone else that even liked Prometheus.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I agree with you, "Mother's Day" is a great remake. Thanks for the list.