Sunday, December 9, 2012

Vintage Video Of The Week : Clive Barker's VHS Introduction To Nightbreed!


If you're wondering why I've never before mentioned Nightbreed here on Freddy In Space, it's because I have never actually seen the film.  I've owned the DVD for years, but alas, it has never once made its way inside my Playstation 3, or any other DVD player I've ever owned.

Nevertheless, I've got something special for you Nightbreed fans tonight, which was sent over to me by my good friend Zach Shildwachter, who is the biggest Nightbreed fan I know.  So thank you for supplying this week's Vintage Video, Zach, because lord knows my own YouTube searches would've never led me to this!
Enjoy Clive Barker's video introduction to Nightbreed, which was pulled from the original 1990 VHS release of the film!

If you're a Nightbreed fan and you haven't joined the Occupy Midian movement yet, I'd encourage you to do so ... even if I myself have yet to travel to Midian.  I should probably get around to that, eh?


J said...

i remember renting that movie as a teenager and not liking it but then again i was never the biggest Clive barker fan

Brian Pitt said...

Watch it asap man!

Mr. Mike D. said...


This was one of my favorite movies as a teen. I loved this flick. The doctor (David Croneberg) is super creepy, the monsters are insane, and the story is pretty bad ass. You gotta give this one the hour and a half it deserves... if you got time for MegaFerret vs DinoDuck, you gotta make time for this one.

On another note I will be re-blogging the shit out of this intro video over at CCD. With links to my favorite horror blog of course....

Spooky Sean said...

Thanks dude, this is awesome!
I have the link on my site to sign the petition for the Cabal Cut!
Come to think of it, I haven't really checked in on the status of that...