Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vintage Video Of The Week : Silent Night, Evil Night Trailer!


While Silent Night, Deadly Night is my favorite of the many Christmas themed horror movies, it is hands down the original Black Christmas that is the best.  Simply put, Black Christmas is the Halloween (the movie) of the Christmas season, and in fact Black Christmas actually predates Carpenter's film by a few years, which is something it never quite gets enough credit for.  In my opinion, Black Christmas is as good as, if not better than Halloween, and it's kind of a bummer that Halloween is the film that gets all the credit for being the first and best slasher film.  Actually, ya know what.  I do prefer Black Christmas over Halloween.  There, I said it!
 Ambassador Film Distributors released Black Christmas in Canada in October of 1974, and the film was then picked up for US distribution by Warner Brothers, right before Christmas.  Worried that the title of the film would cause confusion with audiences, who perhaps might think it a blacksploitation flick, Warner Bros. changed the title of the film not once but twice, releasing it under the titles Stranger In The House and Silent Night, Evil Night.  Ya know, because Americans are dumb, and movies coming from other countries into America have to undergo title changes, for the simple minded American audiences.  Happens all too often, and unfortunately still to this day.

Anyway, I did some digging and I was able to find a very old trailer for Black Christmas, where it was marketed under the title Silent Night, Evil Night.  Thought it was pretty cool, and I hope you do too!

Thankfully, Warner Brothers eventually changed the movie's title back to Black Christmas.  And all was right with the world!

I've yet to find any marketing materials where the movie was titled Stranger In The House, so if anyone ever comes across any, please do send them my way.  I'm talking posters, trailers or anything of the sort!


Quanthor said...

How dare you prefer Black Christmas to Halloween! You outta be ashamed of yourself!

Honestly, I think I do too. :D It's more realistic than a beastly masked stalker who had just escaped from a mental institution to kill his kin. I think the fact that it could be anybody with zero motives is about as fucking scary as it gets.

Caffeinated Joe said...

I prefer Halloween over Black Christmas, but Black Christmas has become a very, VERY close second. I have fallen in such love with that movie.

I have a question. Upon watching it the other night, all the way through the credits, I have to ask everyone what they think:

Do you think Jess is killed at the end? I am starting to think she is. She is left alone, the cop went downstairs and possibly out on the porch. We see a cop there, so she may be alone in the house. We know the killed open the attic hatch, so he was heading into the house. He calls to "Agnes" and then, a few moments later, we hear the phone ringing in the house. Did he kill Jess, then call the house again, waiting to rant and rave?

What do YOU think?

Dorian Gray said...

I can't really pick a favorite between Halloween & Black Christmas because I like them both, but I can say that Black Christmas still manages to creep me the hell out while Halloween does not have the same effect anymore. I think that it's because I've seen Halloween so many times whereas I only watch BC maybe once a year so the creepiness is still pretty potent. Plus being a female myself, the idea of getting scary, obscene phone calls from some psycho who is also lurking inside your home is a very frightning scenario!

And to answer the question that Caffeinated Joe posed, my answer is this: Yes, I feel that Jess is most likely killed at the end of the movie. She is pretty much set up as a goner once the cops leave the room seeing as she'd been sedated after her ordeal in the basement, leaving her utterly defenseless against "Billy".