Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Paranormal Activity ... Trading Cards?!


One thing I miss from the 80's & 90's are movie themed trading cards. Be it the multi-movie based Fright Flicks series or whole lines devoted to specific films like Alien, Gremlins & Jaws, the trading card treatment was perhaps the ultimate symbol of love given to hit movies back in the day, a love that is unfortunately just not existent in this day and age. Not only do horror movies no longer get the trading card treatment, but if ya think about it there just really aren't any horror flicks iconic enough these days to even warrant such treatment. Sad, but true.

So imagine my excitement and delight when I recently discovered that a company by the name of Breygent Marketing recently put out a line of Paranormal Activity trading cards. The line consists of 50 regular cards along with special inserts, including director and cast autographs, film cells, and even cards that actually come with pieces of screen worn clothing embedded into them. How cool is that?

At $25 for a single pack of only 9 cards the price is a little steep, but here's what makes the deal exciting. Each pack of 9 cards consists of 5 regular cards, 2 'Chase cards' AND two others that are promised to either be autographs, film cells or pieces of screen worn clothing. Armed with this knowledge, I simply couldn't resist dropping the dough on a pack. Besides, instead of just making a post about the cards, letting you know what you could possibly get if you buy a pack, I thought It'd be much more exciting to actually open up a pack for myself here within the post. No amount of money is too much in the name of a blog post, says I!

So I recently ordered myself a pack of the cards and I'm here tonight to share my findings. Let's open this baby up!!


OK so these are the five basic cards you get per pack. The fronts feature images from the film while the backs essentially just describe the scenes that are depicted on front. Nothing too exciting here but again, just cool to see a current day horror movie get the card treatment.


These are the special 'Chase cards'; 1 'David Desbois Puzzle' card (top) & 1 'Portents of Evil' card (bottom). Each of these come in sets of 9, with all of the puzzle pieces, when collected together, forming an image drawn by artist David Desbois (don't worry, I don't know who the hell he is either!). If the puzzle pieces formed an image of a nude Katie in the Titanic pose I'd totally continue buying packs to complete it but that doesn't appear to be the case so again, nothing really exciting here either. It's really all about the final two cards in the pack ...


Though visions of pieces of Katie's bra danced in my head, I was kinda bummed to discover that my pack came filled with two film cell cards, rather than autographs or clothing pieces. Still cool, and they come nicely packaged in heavy duty card cases, but I can't help but feel a little bummed that I dropped $25 on a couple film cells. These are genuine frames from the film, and the two I got both depict Katie, one of her in bed. So hey, can't really complain there. But goddammit, I really wanted bra pieces. Or at least Micah's underwear or some shit.

If you're wondering what autographs and clothing pieces you can score from these packs, here's a couple images which should help ya out there. As you'll see, there are even cards that have both clothing pieces and autographs on them!



Soooo yea, I kinda got the short end of the stick here. But hey, at least I got a blog post out of it and had fun opening up the pack, right? Such is the nature of the gambling beast!

If you want to test your luck on a pack you can grab one for yourself for $25 from Digital Heroes, with other options available to you including a full set of the 50 standard cards for only 20 bucks. Hope ya have better luck than I did!

The Freddy In Space Facebook Is Going Timeline ... And It Needs Your Help!!


I've always hated change, in all aspects of my life. Ya ya, I know it's the most constant thing in life and can oftentimes bring exciting new things, but I'm the type of guy who enjoys the comfort of stability. Nevertheless, Facebook is demanding all fan pages convert over to the 'Timeline' design, a change that will be mandatory come March 30th of this year. I know I'll get used to it real quick, and it'll probably end up being a change for the better, but again ... me hate change.

In any event, the Timeline design means that I need a cover photo for the Freddy In Space fan page, that long banner-like image that'll be at the top of the page. Being that I lack even basic design skills, this is where I need help from you guys and gals. If anyone feels up to the task and wants to create a Timeline cover photo for the fan page, I would be extremely grateful and would lavish you with some sort of super cool gift. What that gift will be I have no idea, but your work will be repaid in some way, shape or form. If I have to fly out to your house and rub your feet, I'm prepared to do so.

So if you've got mad design skills and want to design the Freddy In Space Facebook Timeline cover photo, send your cool and/or clever designs over to me at MORTIS45@AOL.COM. If I get one I really dig, I'll put it up there for the world to see and will reward you for your troubles.

Thanks so much in advance to anyone who tackles this!

Syfy Set To Finally Deliver Us A Pot Of Gold?

As much fun as I oftentimes have watching big CGI hybrid monsters terrorizing hot chicks and terrible actors, the fact remains that the phrase 'Syfy Original Picture' very rarely precedes anything worth a shit. Nevertheless, the premiere date of Syfy's latest Original Picture has just been announced and, wouldn't ya know it, I'm incredibly goddamn excited about it. And you should be too.

Before you go and ask me what the hell kinda sherm my ass has been smoking tonight, allow me to elaborate ...


On Saturday night March 17th at 9/8c (yep, that's St. Patty's Day!), Syfy will be following up an all day marathon of the first three films in the Leprechaun franchise with the premiere of a new original picture, titled Leprechaun's Revenge. Though the title kinda sorta dictates otherwise, the film will have nothing to do with the Warwick Davis series, instead telling a brand new story about a pint sized monster taking revenge on the Irish immigrants who imprisoned him years prior.

Sounds like your typical run of the mill Syfy fare, I know. But here's the thing with this one that separates it from the pack, the reason you should for once be excited about a Syfy Original Picture. Leprechaun's Revenge, formerly titled Red Clover, marks the feature length horror film debut of Drew Daywalt, a serious horror fan who for the past several years has been creating some of the better short genre films out there. I have blogged about Daywalt's shorts several times in the past, as I am a huge fan of his work, and I am truly so very excited that someone with his talent and love for the genre has been handed the reigns of a Syfy Original. I have no doubt in my mind that he's going to elevate the Syfy Original to a whole new level, something that particular breed of trash has been in serious need of for the past I can't even remember how long. To this I say, it's about damn time.

You can check out all of Daywalt's shorts over on his YouTube channel. I've embedded one of my favorites below, titled The Closet. Enjoy!

Starring Billy Zane & William Devane and written by The Dentist's special makeup effects supervisor Anthony C. Ferrante (don't worry, he's written a bunch of stuff too!), Leprechaun's Revenge has been described as a tribute to rubber suit B monster movies from the past, with Daywalt himself saying that it's reflective of the film the Coen Brothers would deliver if they got their hands on a Syfy script. Lest you have any doubts about us being in the right hands with this one, here are some further comments from Daywalt about the holiday horror flick!

"We took a very meta approach to making this film. My team and I wanted to do a different kind of Syfy film - one that had tongue firmly planted in cheek, one that was self conscious and knew what it was - a fun, sometimes scary, sometimes funny, often quirky creature-feature; but never stupid; never insulting to the audience. You're smart fans and you deserve to be treated as such."

creature concept art!

If I wasn't already sold by the name Drew Daywalt alone, I'd be totally sold after reading that. My issue with Syfy Originals has always been that the filmmakers seem to be taking the movies a bit too seriously, and with someone like Daywalt at the helm who knows exactly what us fans want from a movie of this sort, I think we're gonna have a really fun Saturday night creature feature on our hands with this one.

Now one of the reasons I wanted to make this post tonight was because I wanted to run something by you folks. I've been thinking of having a live chat-along with the movie on March 17th, over on the Freddy In Space Facebook page, where we essentially all gather in there with beers by our side, watch the movie together and chat about it as we do. I think that'd be really fun and I just kinda wanna see who would be interested in such a thing, before I make any commitments to do it. So if that sounds like something you'd be into, and you think you'd be free that night to hang out in the chat and watch Leprechaun's Revenge together, please just leave me a quick comment below and let me know. If I get interest from at least a few people on this, it's likely that I'll go ahead with it!

Set your DVR's and mark your calendars ... Leprechaun's Revenge premieres at 9/8c on St. Patrick's night over on Syfy!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cool Shit : Necronomicon Pillows!

Remember those Trick 'r Treat pillows I posted about last year, made in the likeness of the loveable pumpkin boy Sam? Well Jennifer Hall, owner of handmade shop Freaky Deekys, is at it again, this time with a line of pillows inspired by The Evil Dead's infamous Book of The Dead, the only book on the planet inked in blood and bound in human skin. Could there possibly be anything more comfortable to lay your head on than a book covered in your fellow man's flesh? I thought not.

Check out Freaky Deekys' Necromonicon pillows, one based on the original Evil Dead 1 & 2 design and the other based on the upgraded look the book took (see what I did there?) in Army of Darkness!



Both pillows will be for sale at this March's Monster Mania. If you're not gonna be there, head over to the Freaky Deekys Facebook page and let Jen know Freddy In Space sent ya and you want one!!

Trailer Of The Week : Inbred

Though backwoods hillbilly horror is a sub-genre that is home to more pieces of shit than the average college campus, there's just something about it that I can't get enough of. It is for that reason that I simply cannot help but choose the latest foray into inbred terror as my favorite trailer from last week. Enjoy the first official trailer for Inbred!

I'm not sure exactly what's going on here but it looks like some sort of deliciously gory hybrid of Two Thousand Maniacs! & Wrong Turn ... count me right the fuck in! #practicaleffects

No official release date has been announced, but Inbred will be released sometime this year. Head over to the official website to learn more!

I've Been Bitten ...


That's yours truly. As a zombie. Done up by my buddy Nik Holmes, a seriously talented illustrator whose work I have become a huge fan of in recent years. Why did Nik turn me into a zombie? To help promote an upcoming t-shirt design of his that'll be selling this Friday and this Friday only over at t-shirt a day site Tee Fury, of course!


That's the graphic Nick whipped up to generate excitement for the Return of the Living Dead inspired t-shirt, featuring several of his friends as zombies (including Rondal from Strange Kids Club, pictured in front with the glasses and beanie!). The shirt itself will feature only the Trioxin graphic/warning, with the crowd of Nik's undead friends just being created for the teaser graphic. That said, the graphic is not only a teaser for the design but also for a super cool giveaway Nik will be hosting this coming Friday, to tie-in with the release of the shirt. More on that later in the week!

It's truly been a lifelong dream of mine to be a zombie, so thank you so much for including me, Nik!!

Again, the shirt will be available this coming Friday over at Tee Fury, so be sure to head over there Friday if ya want one. It'll be selling for a mere $10, for 24 hours only!

The Walking Dead Death Pool Roster!


Mere minutes after posting the announcement for the Walking Dead death pool last night, all 13 spots available were filled up. So thank you so much to everyone who is taking part and to everyone who wanted to take part but didn't make it in time. I really wish there was a way I could include all who e-mailed me, but there were unfortunately only 13 spots to go around, so I had to go with the first 13 who e-mailed me and cut it off after there. Just the nature of the beast.

For those who made the cut, tonight I present to you your character picks, which were randomly plucked out of my kickass 8-Bit Zombie Little Monsters hat last night. Remember, if your chosen character dies within the next three episodes of The Walking Dead, you win not only Season 1 of the show on either Special Edition Blu-ray or DVD (your choice) but also a McFarlane Toys Walking Dead zombie action figure (with real biting action!). Brush up on the full details by heading back over to last night's post.

Without further adieu, here is the full lineup!














Good luck to all of you. Don't miss the third to last episode of Walking Dead's second season, this Sunday night at 9/8c on AMC, to find out if your character bites the big one!

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Freddy In Space Walking Dead Season 2 Death Pool!


With only three episodes left in the thus far totally kickass second season of The Walking Dead, and with the shit beginning to hit the fan in a big way, it's only a matter of time before we say goodbye to the next major character to succumb to the zombie apocalypse. Is someone in the group going to eradicate the growing Shane problem? Is Hershel's old age going to make him easy pickings for a hungry walker? Only time will tell. But while we wait to find out who, if anyone, bites the big one before this season comes to a close, I thought it'd be fun to spice things up by having ourselves a little Walking Dead Death Pool. So read on for everything you need to know in order to win prizes for characters dying, in this FREE TO ENTER game of death!

OK so here's how it's gonna work. I've got 13 spots open for the Death Pool, corresponding to 13 current central characters on the show. To throw your hat into the pool, all you've gotta do is drop me an e-mail at MORTIS45@AOL.COM, with the subject "WALKING DEAD POOL" and your full name included in the body of the e-mail, and I will randomly draw one of those 13 character names from a hat for you. That character will be your character. If he/she dies within the final three episodes of this season, you win the pool. Simple as that. And when I say 'dies', I mean is 100% confirmed dead, no cliffhanger type mumbo jumbo shit here. Whether you get an unlikely to die pick like Rick or a much more likely to die pick such as Randall is entirely up to random fate, to keep things fair.

Now obviously being that there are only 13 characters up for grabs here, and that only one of you can have each one, the spots in the pool are by the nature of the game very limited. So if you want in, drop me that e-mail as soon as you possibly can, because I will pick characters for you guys in the orders that your e-mails are received. In other words, if you're the 14th person to e-mail me, you're unfortunately outta luck on this one. So hurry, hurry, hurry and please, only take part in this if you're truly a fan of the show, not just cause you want some free shit! This is meant to be a fun little thing for fans of the show.

I need all spots filled by this coming Sunday, in time for the third to last episode of the season, which airs at 9/8c on AMC. So again, if you want in, get in NOW!

Here's the listing of the 13 characters up for random grabs, and then we'll talk about the prize situation!














Though this is ultimately just for fun, here's the prize package that will be bestowed upon the winner, which will be purchased directly out of funds from my own pocket. Because I'm cool like that.



If you do end up winning and you don't have a Blu-ray player, just let me know and I'll get ya the Special Edition DVD set instead!



From Series 1 of McFarlane's Walking Dead TV series line (they also have a comic book line), this bad boy is from Season 1 of the show and features real biting action. So be careful with him!!

Now what if two of the 13 characters end up dying by the end of the season? Well then, we'll of course have two winners on our hands. So in the event that happens, the prize pack will be split into two parts, with the person who had the character who died first getting the Blu-ray or DVD set, and the second winner getting the action figure. In the event that three of the 13 characters end up dying, well, I'll figure something out if that time comes. Though I doubt it will. Obviously, if none of these characters die, nobody wins. But don't worry, I'm pretty damn sure at least one of them will!

Remember this is really just for fun, to help make watching these next few episodes even more exciting, so let's just have some fun here. Again, if you want in, drop me an e-mail at MORTIS45@AOL.COM with the subject "WALKING DEAD POOL" along with your full name, and I'll message you back with your randomly chosen pick, in the event that you're one of the lucky first 13!

I'll make a post with who has which character once all 13 spots are filled. So get to it!!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vintage Video Of The Week : Horror Hall Of Fame 3!

With the Academy Awards airing tonight, it seems only fitting that this week we take a look back at the 1992 Horror Hall Of Fame show, the third of only three Oscar style awards shows that paid tribute to all things horror. Hosted by Robert Englund, Horror Hall Of Fame aired between 1990 & 1992 and though a fourth show was announced at the end of the third one, it never came to fruition and the awards show forever dropped off the face of the earth. A true televised year end love letter to the horror genre would never return again.

Filmed at Universal Studios Hollywood, the third annual Horror Hall of Fame awards show inducted Alien, Tales From The Crypt & The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, among others, into the Hall of Fame, with nominees for film of the year including Pet Sematary Two, Child's Play 3 & Freddy's Dead. The show also featured makeup artist Steve Johnson and then wife Linnea Quigley hosting a few goofy DIY effects segments, a live performance of the Monster Mash and much much more early 90's awesomeness!

Enjoy the full 2 hour broadcast of Horror Hall of Fame 3 below (complete with old school commercials!!), which aired way back in 1992!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Alex Pardee's Favorite Monsters ... Now Available On T-Shirts!

I've blogged a few times in the past about a series called 'My Favorite Monsters' that one of my favorite artists, Alex Pardee, has been adding to the last couple years. To refresh your memory, Pardee basically draws up little images of his favorite horror movie characters, everyone from Brundle Fly to the toilet dwelling Ghoulies, in his own highly unique and whacky style. Up until recently, the drawings have been only available as mini art prints, but it's just come to my attention that they're now available on t-shirts. Check out the first batch of wearable monsters below!








The shirts are selling for $20 a piece, exclusively over at Zero Friends!

Shit I Want : The Prop Store Edition!


This past Christmas, my brother got me a screen worn blood soaked bath robe from the film Quarantine, hands down one of the most unique gifts I've ever been given. It came from The Prop Store, an online movie memorabilia shop that I have become absolutely obsessed with in the last couple months. They've got endless amounts of awesome screen used shit up for grabs over there, and it's truly the first place I'd hit up if I ever won the lottery. Forget buying a house. I want me some damn movie props!

Tonight, I wanted to share just a few of the items currently for sale over there that would be mine in the event that I did someday hit that jackpot. With new items being added to The Prop Store all the time, it's likely I'll be doing more of these posts in the future, so you can always count on me to keep you abreast of all the cool shit they're offering that you can't afford!

Get ready to get droolin' ....


Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes Complete Costume - $7,319

A complete monster suit worn in Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes. This huge monster costume can be seen throughout the film as the creature reaps revenge for the ones who summoned him, and it's heavy stands attached to the feet denote it as more of a 'fighting' suit, used when the actor was required to fight from one position on the set. This stunning full body costume is crafted from foam rubber and has been expertly painted a mottled brown skin color, horned toes and unnaturally long fingers with sharp nails. The long tail is attached separately, put on first, then slid through a hole in the back of the suit. The head has a mouth full of vicious pointed teeth and bulbous pale unseeing eyes, and the shoulders feature some large horns ‘growing’ up from them. The legs have been built up like stilts, with the feet sitting at the second ‘knee’, causing the person wearing the suit to stand at an imposing 7 ½ – 8 foot tall!


An American Werewolf In London Nazi Demon Helmet Display - $3,995

This is an original production made Nazi demon helmet from John Landis’ An American Werewolf in London. The helmet is made from thick fiberglass and is a custom design, though based loosely on German WW2 helmets. It was originally conceived that all of the Nazi demons would wear helmets, so four were created. This is one of the original four, though it was never seen on screen. The helmet is finished with a camo paint job, and a leather chinstrap. The prop is presented in a custom-made acrylic display case, with a removable lid that features beveled edges. The display is finished with a custom laser-cut mat board at the base, featuring the film's logo and stills depicting the helmet.


Piranha 3D Wet T-Shirt Host (Eli Roth) Upper Torso Puppet - $1,995

This item is the wet t-shirt host's (Eli Roth) upper torso puppet used in the 2010 horror film Piranha 3D. The puppet can be seen when Roth's character is smashed in between two boats as the piranha chew through Lake Victoria’s spring break party population. This half torso puppet is made out of poly foam with a silicon skin cover, and features a metal rod support structure, which extends 11" below the torso and runs all the way up through the head. The piece features brown hand punched hair throughout the head, as well as a thick mane across the upper chest. There is a clear rubber tube, which extends 15ft, runs up the spine of the puppet and into the back of the head. This tube was used during production to fill the head with fake blood so when it was squished blood would shoot out from the hole located at the top of the skull.


Pet Sematary Zelda Hair Appliance - $495

This is an original Zelda Hair Appliance from the 1989 horror film Pet Sematary. Rachel was traumatized by the early death of her sister, Zelda, from spinal meningitis and worries about how her daughter will be affected by death and their backyard cemetery. The appliance was created for Andrew Hubatsek's character Zelda as he is transitioned into a fragile dying woman. This full head hair appliance features woven strands of blonde hair attached to a very thin, shear cap, which connects to a thick strip of white fabric. The fabric strap has been carefully pinned around the edges to hold the entire appliance securely on the foam cast.


The Serpent and the Rainbow Dead Woman SFX Head - $1,295

This is a SFX head from the 1987 Wes Craven horror picture, The Serpent and The Rainbow. Commander of the Tonton Macoute, Captain Dargent Peytraud, warns Alan (Bill Pullman) to leave Haiti but when he refuses, Alan is framed for murder. This head can be seen after Alan awakes from another nightmare and finds himself in bed with a decapitated female. The head is made out of urethane over a foam core and has been painted and detailed to appear as if it were the real actor. The head features a full head of black curly hair, as well as eyebrows and eyelashes. Additionally, the bottom of the jagged severed head has been distressed with fake blood and still features remnants of fake blood coming out of the nose.


Tremors 3 - Back to Perfection "Burt Gummer Monster Hunter" Prop VHS - $125

This is a Burt Gummer Monster Hunter prop VHS from the 2001 comedic monster movie, Tremors 3: Back to Perfection. These prop movies can be seen throughout the film for sale in Walter Chang's Market. The case features an image of a gun toting Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) outdoors, alongside thick black text that reads "Burt Gummer Monster Hunter."


Hostel Burned Makeup Test Head - $1,195

This is a test makeup head created for the production of the 2005 Eli Roth horror film Hostel. The head was crafted for the makeup artists working on the production as a concept to resemble the gruesome effect of a woman whose face is savagely burnt by a blow torch, which can be seen near the film’s climax. The head has been impressively sculpted from biscuit foam and includes fully formed ears, a nose, lips, even long light brown hair. The left side of the face and neck has been made to resemble severely burned skin, and even features the right eye partially hanging out of its socket.


From Dusk Till Dawn Seth Gecko (George Clooney) Prop Vampire Killing Jack Hammer - $5,319

The working jack hammer used by Seth Gecko (George Clooney) in the 1996 horror thriller From Dusk Till Dawn. This prop jack hammer can be seen near the end of the film when Seth, Jacob and Kate gather together in the stock room of the Titty Twister Bar and prepare to kill off the vampires using a variety of weapons including this jack hammer. Made mostly of fiberglass, the prop has a real petrol engine (which isn’t operational), the handles are made of aluminum, the ‘stake’ tip is made of rubber and moves in a jack hammer motion. Comes with a remote control which operates the prop.

New Release Review : The Dead



After crashing off the coast, Lt. Brian Murphy battles for survival across the vast terrains of Africa in search for a way to get back to his beloved family. Joined by local military man Daniel Dembele, who is also searching for his son, both men join forces, all the while battling against the ever-present threat of the living dead.

Before George Romero came along and forever made the term 'zombie' synonymous with brain hungry beasts, zombies were more akin to slaves, with the whole idea of the dead coming back to life originating from Haitian and African culture. White Zombie, the first zombie movie ever made, came out in 1932, and both it and most of the subsequent pre-Romero zombie movies used the undead as a sort of allegory for colonial slavery. There wasn't flesh hanging from their skin and they weren't out to feed on the living, but rather the zombies of the early zombie films were fairly human looking African Americans who were being used to do the bidding of the white man.

In 1968, George Romero presented the world with Night Of The Living Dead, forever changing the landscape of the zombie film. Through Romero's eyes, zombies became flesh hungry animals, a new breed of modern movie monster to keep us all up at night. Gone was the slavery aspect of the zombie, with Romero even bringing in a black actor as the hero who battled the hordes of shambling undead. The rest, is of course history.

Now since Romero's original trilogy of the dead, there have sprung up literally thousands of wanna-be Romero's over the years, some totally aping his ideas and others lampooning them. As a result, the market has become absolutely flooded with zombie cinema in the past few decades, so much so that the zombie movie as a whole has effectively become stripped of its teeth. Zombies are no longer scary and zombie movies have become less about story & meaning and more about filmmakers just wanting to get their name out there by slapping some liquid latex on their friends and having them chomp on each others guts, saturating the landscape of the genre with gory films that are as mindless as the zombies that inhabit them. The whole sub-genre has just become an easy go-to for low budget filmmakers and aside from a few gems here and there, zombies just aint what they used to be of late. Sad, but true.

Enter brothers Howard & Jonathan Ford. A few years back they decided to bring zombies back to their African roots, only this time with the Romero inspired taste for human meat in tow. Fusing together the past and more modern day depictions of the undead, the brothers Ford came out of Africa with what they simply titled The Dead, the latest in zombie cinema which just this past Valentine's Day saw home video release here in the states. The result? A true old-school zombie flick that stands high above the majority of zombie movies made in the last several decades, a refreshing piece of zombie cinema that breathes new life into the sub-genre as a whole. Bringing true artistry back to the zombie movie, The Dead is one big ole slice of bleak undead awesomeness that reminds us why we started loving those hungry walkers in the first place. The dead are back, baby!

The Ford Brothers waste absolutely no time in getting to the good stuff here, as we're immediately thrust into an African wasteland populated by the living dead from the minute the film begins, never getting the comfort of experiencing life before the dead began coming back to life. For a solid 30 minutes at the start of the film, it's nothing but zombie carnage and head shots, with very little dialogue spoken and very little happening aside from a man doing his best to avoid becoming a hot lunch. Beautifully shot against the beautiful West African landscape, this 30 minutes of dramatic intensity and Fulci levels of gore is one of the strongest openings to a horror movie I've seen in some time, immediately grabbing your attention and letting you know that you're in store for something really special. And boy are you ever.

After that 30 minutes, The Dead slows down quite a bit (but never bores) and takes the focus a bit off the bloodshed and more onto the story of two fathers trying to make it back to their loved ones in one living piece. It's this juxtaposition of story and gory that makes The Dead so compelling, rife with both the meaning and the blood & guts that Romero's best films provided. If the master taught us anything, it's that an effective zombie movie needs ample amounts of both to leave any kind of impression. In that regard, The Dead is truly one zombie movie that should please all who pray to the altar of Romero.

Let's talk about that gore for a second. There's plenty of it in this movie and it's all really well done, a highly impressive mix of practical FX and CG work. Whether zombies are munching on humans or humans are blowing zombies' heads off, it all looks and feels totally real and visceral, which is a lot more than can be said about the majority of zombie movies of late. So big check in the gore department.

Now the most exciting thing here for fans of the Romero brand of zombie cinema is that there's not a single fast moving zombie in sight in The Dead. This movie is old-school all the way and the zombies are of the shambling slow moving Fulci variety, less like the rage infected super zombies of the current times and more like actual dead people. In keeping them realistically dead and threatening more because of their numbers than their strength or speed, the Ford Brothers have once again made zombies scary, as they by all means should be. In fact, the zombies in this one are some of the scariest I've ever seen on screen, ever present and truly dangerous. I'm not a guy who's totally opposed to fast moving zombies, as I feel there's a place in movies for both varieties of the undead, but this movie reminded me that it's the slow moving silent types that really get under my skin. Zombies man, they creep me the fuck out.

I found very little to not like about The Dead. In fact, I really didn't find anything to not like about it (OK so the lead actor isn't the greatest actor ever, but he's totally serviceable and likeable regardless). Like a true zombie, The Dead is a quiet slow moving beast that packs a serious bite and it's for my money not only one of the best zombie films in years but one of the better horror films in recent years as well. Just like how Stake Land perked up my interest in the up until that point tired vampire movie, The Dead does the same for zombie cinema, showing that in the right hands even the most tired of conventions can be made fresh and exciting again. As far as I'm concerned, The Dead is the first truly great horror film to see release in 2012, one all fans of the living dead absolutely need in their lives.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fright Rags Masters Your Dreams ... This March!

Though Dream Warriors is my favorite film in the Elm Street franchise, it's Dream Master that conjures up the most memories of childhood for me. From the brilliant use of Dramarama's uber catchy song 'Anything' to the bug arms butch chick to Ken Sagoes battling Freddy in a fully stocked junkyard, it's that movie more than any other in the franchise that I remember watching as a youngin'. I love it so.

And I'm kinda drunk right now so I really can't come up with a good way to segue this into what I'm getting to here, so let's just leave it at this. In March, Fright Rags will pay tribute to the master of all our of (see? totally drunk) dreams with a limited edition t-shirt, previewed below!


Oh Tuesday Knight, you so cute when you're in danger.

More details impending!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

London 1888 : Freddy In Space Exclusive Coupon Code & New Shit!


If I've properly done my job about spreading the good word on shit I like, then you by now are already quite familiar with London 1888, the mostly horror themed art company run by my buddy Christopher Ott. So I'll spare the introductions and just get right to the good stuff here!

Chris recently approached me about offering up an exclusive coupon code to my readers, allowing you guys and gals to get 10% off anything and everything in his shop simply by entering a code at checkout that you can only find here on Freddy In Space. Chris has got a plethora of both wearable and hangable art up for grabs over there, everything from Evil Dead 2 t-shirts to Critters art prints, with most prints going for a mere 10 bucks and shirts priced at 20. To get an additional 10% off those already low prices, all you've gotta do is enter the coupon code FREDDYINSPACE at checkout. While you're placing your order, thank Chris for his generosity!

Now the real exciting thing here is that this offer truly couldn't have come around at a better time. Why, you ask? Because this week a few new items have made their way into the shop, including two versions of a new piece based on one of my favorite movies of all time, Elm Street 3 : The Dream Warriors. Both 18"x24" prints are available in very limited numbers, so pay close attention!


Regular Edition - $30 - Limited To 200 Pieces


Special Glow In The Dark Variant Edition - $70 - Limited To 75 Pieces & Signed By Robert Englund!!

Are those shits rockin' like Dokken or what?! Remember, enter the code FREDDYINSPACE at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase of them or anything else in the London 1888 shop. Head over there now to check out more new stuff, including Frankenhooker & Exorcist 3 art prints!