Thursday, January 17, 2013

Before You See Mama This Weekend, Watch The Original Short Film!

This weekend sees the release of Mama, the Guillermo Del Toro produced creep-show that you folks chose as the third most anticipated horror film of this year.  Mama actually began its life as a three minute short film, directed by man named Andres Muschietti.  Del Toro was so impressed with the short that based on it alone, he decided to produce a feature length expansion on it, with Muschietti at the helm.  And thus, Mama was born.

So before you go see the feature length Mama this weekend, head back to the beginning and check out the super creepy original short film, which was made back in 2008.  Oh and be sure to crank up the volume!!

For the feature length version of the tale, the concept of the two young girls being terrified of the return of their 'mama' has of course been heavily expanded upon.  In the film, two young feral girls are rescued from the forest, and raised by their uncle and his lady friend.  Though their mother is supposedly dead, something strange is lurking about the house, after they're taken in.  It seems Mama just wants her girls back...
Hey by the way, little fun fact for ya.  The character of the titular Mama, both in the short and the feature film, was played by Javier Botet, the same guy who played the Medeiros girl in REC, which I personally consider to be the most terrifying creature in horror history.  So yea, expect to be creeped right the hell out by that character!!


veggiemacabre said...

Shit. That is creepy. No two ways about it.

I love del Toro. He has a great style. I also love listen to the guy.

Jenny Goregasm said...

Wow, that was amazing. That's the scariest thing I've seen in a long time, even scarier than most feature length horror movies out there! Thank you for sharing that!

Creepy Glowbugg said...

That Mama is scary as fuck! Makes sense if the REC guy is playing Mama.
Thanks for sharing this gem! Looking forward to seeing the full length film this weekend.