Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012 : Walking Dead Goodies!


My parents got me the new Rick and Shane Walking Dead toys, from Series 2 of McFarlane's TV line.  McFarlane has been putting out toys based on both the Walking Dead comic and the TV show, and these mark the first from the TV line in my collection.  Series 2 also includes well zombie, bicycle girl zombie and RV zombie.  They will all be mine, soon enough!

Very tempted to bust these open and have Rick and Shane duke it out as I sit here and blog tonight, but I'm more of an in the package kinda guy, when it comes to toys.  So I'll have to resist.  It is not going to be easy.
I suppose it's a good thing they didn't make a Lori toy, because there's simply no way my immature ass would in a million years be able to resist taking these out of the package, and making them all have an epic apocalyptic three way.  Don't judge me.


My parents also picked up Telltale's Walking Dead video game for me, which I blogged about over the summer.  Telltale released this game in five parts, as five separate episodes, beginning in August of last year.  How it worked was that you could either buy them on an episode by episode basis, when a new one was released each month, or you could buy a season pass, for a bit of a reduced price.
I didn't want to commit to buying the whole game until I could try it out for myself, so I ended up purchasing the first episode back in August, and absolutely loving it.  From there, I proceeded to fall way behind, to the point that I figured I'd just wait until the whole game was released onto disc, and play it that way, rather than trying to catch up.  So when I saw the disc was being released right before Christmas, onto my list it went!

As of right now I'm balls deep into episode 2 of the game, and couldn't possibly be more impressed with it.  As I talked about in my little mini-review after playing through episode one, the game is very much ripped from the same cloth as the TV show and comic series, in that it's more about the characters than it is the zombies.  The coolest thing about the game is that you choose what your character does or says in any given situation, and those choices literally dictate how things play out as the game goes along, giving each gamer their own unique gaming experience.  Kinda like those Choose Your Own Adventure books that I so loved as a child ... only with zombies ... and a whole lot of blood and guts.

Playing the game is essentially like watching an episode of The Walking Dead play out, only one that you are actually able to be a part of, and affect the outcome of.  As I mentioned back in August, if you're looking for fast paced zombie action, you probably want to look elsewhere.  There are big chunks of the game where you're just watching cut scenes of the characters going about their business, which is likely to bore anyone who's looking for this to be the next Dead Rising.  But if you're looking for a game that really evokes the same feeling of watching the show or reading the comic, then you're absolutely going to love this game.  And don't worry, just like the source material, there is still plenty of grotesque zombie action to satiate your undead blood lust.  Hell, just last night I was tasked with removing dead walkers from an electrified safety fence, and at one point I had to hit certain buttons to get my character to chop off a walker's hands, which were literally burnt and fused to the fence!!

Telltale based the game mostly on the comic book, rather than the TV show, but aside from the appearances of a couple familiar faces, the game is its own separate story, which really has nothing directly to do with either the comic or the show.  That said, a lot of the same situations the characters faced in the comic and show present themselves in this one, so it very much feels like The Walking Dead, rather than just some zombie game.  Props to Telltale for that.

This game has popped up on nearly every best video games of 2012 list I've read on the internet, and though I don't know too much about video games, I do for damn sure see why so many gamers have fallen in love with this one.  It's one of the freshest and most engaging video games I've ever had the pleasure of playing, and I'm having a blast hanging out with my fellow apocalypse survivors, and trying to figure out how to keep us alive for as long as possible.  Whether I'm sitting back and watching the action play out, or choosing when and how to dismember walkers, I'm thoroughly enjoying every single second of this interactive and totally awesome experience.  Definitely holding me off until the show returns in February!

If you're a fan of The Walking Dead, I cannot stress enough that you blind buy this immediately, and dig in.  If you don't love it, you're probably already dead!!


Adie Stone said...

I bought the Walking Dead episodes as they came out and with each episode I was blown away.

The choices you have to make get harder, more gut wrenching and pull on your heart strings more and more.

Easily one of the best games for a long time and I hope you enjoy the full game.

inSain9876 said...

If you liked the style of The Walking Dead game I highly recommend Heavy Rain for the PS3. It is as close as you can get to actually playing a murder/detective/suspense movie. It has the same choose-your-fate style as The Walking Dead, but with insane detail. Check out some review videos on YouTube or something. Wanting that game is what pushed me to buy a PS3 even though I already own a Wii and Xbox360. Awesome thing, the game is a few years old now and you can score it from Game Stop for less than $20. Worth every f'n penny. The same company has a new game coming out called Beyond: Two Souls that looks equally impressive.