Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cool Promotional Shit : Amityville Horror Nightlight!

There's no question that the coolest Amityville Horror promotional goodie is that snow globe I won on eBay and posted about last year, which was whipped up to promote the remake back in 2005.  As far as promo items go, it simply does not get much cooler than that.

But I recently stumbled upon a promotional item from the original Amityville Horror that I had never seen before, and which I'm now itching to add to my collection.  Behold ... the Amityville Horror nightlight!!!


Not sure what the story is behind this one, or how fans were able to get them back in the day, but I had never in my life seen one until a random eBay search led me to this one the other day.  Looking at the seller's history, he started trying to sell the thing a couple weeks back, for $100.  After a series of failed auctions at that price, he lowered the price to $80, a price it also failed to sell at.  He hasn't re-listed since that one ended a couple days back, but my hope is that it keeps failing to sell, and he keeps lowering the price, until it's somewhere in a price range that I'd be willing to drop on it.

 photo egg2_zpsb782e638.jpg

If not, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to find one again, so hope hope!


Rabba said...

Awesome find dude, a rarity indeed!!

Do what I do buddy, shoot the guy a PM and send in an offer. Sweeten the pot by offering to deal with a direct paypal transaction to save the seller on fees.

It's worth a shot :)

I've bagged a few treasures doing this, including an awesome and extremely rare Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles press kit (one of my grails!). I posted a link to that above!

joel the gentleman said...

Im still dying to find that Cabin in the Woods promo bong they were giving away last year!