Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cool Promotional Shit : Rubber Chucky Head!

Here we have a pretty awesome rubber Chucky head, which MGM sent out to video stores in 1988, for the promotion of the VHS release of Child's Play.  Essentially a Chucky Madball, the head was made of a very high quality rubber and measured 3" high.
I've only ever seen one of these selling on eBay, so it's pretty damn rare in the world of cool promotional shit.  I'm thinking only individual pieces were sent out to video shops, for display on their counter tops, which would account for why there are so few still out there, these days.  Just a hunch though!


Liz R. said...

Wowzers, that really is cool!
Are the eyes painted, a sticker, acrylic? It looks so well detailed. Kind of a random piece for display only. I'm totally envious that you've scored one. Child's Play was my first Horror on VHS and I purchased mine from Blockbuster. :D

Water In The Desert said...

If you have this I would like to buy